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Divine Imagination

Soul Connection

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Native American’s call God "The Great Imagination." Therefore, as extensions of Source, each of us is the embodiment of Divine Imagination. But how many of us really honor our imagination? How often do we consciously employ it to unfold our lives? Our scientific, mechanized world leaves little room for the poetry of imagination that feeds and nourishes our mysticism. Whatever comes through the imaginal pipeline is immediately scrutinized for its credibility within the linear framework expected to be our life compass. Shy from being shot down by nay sayers who are threatened by the imagination’s flights of fancy, we swallow precious images of delight, possibility, spiritual connection and hold them deep inside the psyche where no one’s iron-fisted logic can crush these delicate impressions.

The imagination’s spiritual essence may be our greatest Divine instinct. Source’s powerful imagination shaped our planet, human race, galaxy and Great Beyond. This mighty Cosmic Vision allows everyone to feed at the watering hole of inspiration through the imagination’s boundless gifts of visualization, fantasy, creativity. Imagination is the ultimate portal to our evolution. Through its innate inventiveness we "make up" what already exists on the etheric plane that holds our destination of enlightenment.
So, why don’t we apply the imagination more often? Children are permitted to live in fantasy land through kindergarten. Then "real life" takes over. We’re required to develop the intellect by filling the mind with volumes of data to be memorized and applied. The realm of the imagination is curtailed into small academic arenas like writing or visualizing history. But these are side dishes rather than the main meal.
Societal disregard for the imagination imprints us with a disdain for any realm that lies beyond the straight and narrow domain of reason. Fearful of dodging reality, we become ashamed of our imagination’s rich fantasies. Academic development primarily centers around information. This contributes to negative thought patterns stemming from an empirical version of reality that denies the exquisite interplay between imagination (what could be) and information (what already is.) Thankfully, artists bring us back to our Divine Senses. Our imaginations are stimulated at museums, theaters, concerts but then quickly repressed — enough phantasia for one day!

The imagination atrophies from lack of exercise. Although everyone agrees we should achieve physical fitness through daily workouts, our minds are weak from neglecting the imaginal muscles that power vision, establish intention and unfold our essence into form. Mentally lazy, we don’t focus mind-power to harness the rich soil of the imagination.

Everyday we awake to a blank canvas just waiting for our creative initiative. Are we willing to spend five minutes to use the imagination to set the tone of the day? What would it be like to project images of an optimal unfoldment of the day vs. automatically linking into negative thought patterns that sustain our usual limited expectations? Why do we resist this great opportunity to power our day on the imaginal juices that link us to the Realm of Wonder we so enjoyed as children?

More invested in reasons not to use our imagination than in acknowledging its incredible impact on our lives, we continually censor the imaginal flow. We believe it only leads us to undisciplined aimless divergence into la la land. But Divine Imagination is a BESTOWAL just begging to be tapped. Just as angels, unemployed by our reluctance to call on their help, become dispirited by our neglect, so too does imagination’s immense gift languish when we minimize its importance. No wonder life becomes a colorless, lackluster journey into rote predictability.

Often when clients can’t remember details from childhood, I encourage them to use their imagination to make up a story about what might have happened. Invariably the utilization of their imagination activates basement levels of the psyche to open up a pathway of "remembering" that then fills the "story" with deep emotional truth. The imagination sidesteps the ego’s censorship and goes right to the heart of our being. This also applies to past life recall. Once we release the rigidity that judges the imagination as implausible, we can relax about the "truth" of the story and let it surprise us. The imagination, a powerful link to the causal plane that holds the soul’s history, is a great tool for integration.

First attempts at channeling brought concerns that I was just spouting fluff. So I pushed away the imagination, fearful that it might distort the channeled material. This only resulted in receiving nothing from the Tibetan! Once I engaged my imagination the Tibetan quickly joined me in a dance of visualization that relaxed my lower mind and opened the throttle to the Tibetan’s flow. I had to unlearn the notion that imagination just produces idle headed meanderings of the mind vs. being the ultimate portal to Truth. Now, whenever I want to accomplish something, I beeline it to the imagination as the primary source of creativity and initiative.

Divine Imagination links us to the Mystery — the Unseen. It’s the foundation for creativity and change. How would we treat the imagination if we realized that it was a powerful tool for ensoulment? We would trust it to be the most sacred guide to our authenticity and take responsibility for allowing it to unfold world evolution beyond all expectation.

The Tibetan’s field of imagination swirls around in my higher mind, flooding me with impressions of heaven on earth. He teaches:

"All creation stems from the Great Sea of Imagination. The imaginal flow places humankind on the Rainbow Bridge, the connector to the soul’s essence and lineage as well as the nexus between the lower and higher mind. The lower mind, controlled by the ego/personality, judges the imagination to be irrelevant to acceptable perceptual parameters. This allows humankind to "forget" about the greater reality that can only be experienced through the higher mind.

"Divine imagination is not confined to the limitations of ‘normal’ reality. The imagination holds the interface between all strata of the mental plane. It’s the lubricant that softens the unbending lower mind (ego control) and makes the brain permeable. This activates cranial Light Centers to increases the magnetism and availability of the higher mind which naturally draws self’s attention to an expansive sphere of understanding and wisdom. Finally humankind begins to claim its birthright of genius through use of the entire brain made available by the opened free flow of the imaginal valve. High intelligence, barely contained by the lower mind, is a powerful expression of imagination interfaced with the far-reaching nature of the higher mind.

"Humankind’s engagement with the higher mind through imagination automatically thins the veils that separate the dimensions. The imagination energetically pierces humanity’s third dimensional density of assumption to afford heightened awareness of departed loved ones and access to the great archetypal planes that birth music, art, inventions, knowledge. Doors are opened to the higher astral plane — a dimension of pure imagination where all thoughts immediately become "reality" through the etheric flows of Light and Mind.

"Vision is the organizing principle for self’s pathway. Without vision, there’s no place to focus one’s energies. Imagination is the key to a healthy, vibrant, active, dependable vision. It dissolves all encrustations that blind humankind to its Divine Essence by opening, lubricating, expanding, nourishing, stimulating and grounding the spiritual flow of the third eye chakra. This is crucial for humankind to envision the emerging paradigm. The imaginal link from the third to fifth dimension inspires humankind to build a New World Order.

"The imagination floods the unconscious with a sea of images that out-picture self’s process at the deepest level. Just as Spirit permeates all that is, the imagination fills the psyche with its presence. Self has the choice to exercise the imagination at a conscious level, yielding spectacular results. Otherwise, the unconscious imagination takes over to bring convoluted, negative, frightening images that tyrannize the psyche. The disowned imagination takes on a dark power of manifestation that creates unnecessary suffering.
"Either way the imagination is a powerful force in the psyche. Conscious application of the imagination diminishes the impact of its unconscious underworld counterpart. In alignment with the Divine Will, self can employ the imagination to paint a picture of life that exists beyond one’s wildest dreams — launched through imaginal fantasy so rich and fertile that complete manifestation follows.

"Free the imagination that is imprisoned by the ego’s "no." Give it full reign to delight in the playground of possibility, creativity, healing and expanded awareness. For all undertakings, dare to consult with the imagination FIRST before all other faculties. Don’t assume that true guidance is separate from the imagination’s domain. Allow the angels to carry their messages through the imagination.

"Become an Olympic athlete of the the imagination. Play its games of exploration and imagery with the expectation of excellence. Daily take the time to soak in the imagination’s flow of nourishment to the soul as a basis for all healing. The imagination is self’s friend, teacher, advisor, coach and muse. To live in a daily conscious embrace with Divine Imagination floods self with a gamut of riches on every level that ripple forth from Source’s Cosmic Smile to demonstrate the wealth of vision in the third eye that ultimately sees in all directions at once."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@ comcast.net. www.transformationaltimes .com.

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