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Your Horoscope for April 11-17, 2011

by Whitney McClough

The Sun and Mercury retrograde are still running along beside each other this week, keeping our ideas sputtering and our energy high.  With Jupiter and Mars conjunct as well the pace of life is going to be extra busy and demanding.  If it seems as though you have been shot out of a cannnon, well then, create the circus that surrounds it,  It won't take much to build your new world this week, but just keep things moving at a very brisk pace. 
Uranus keeps imagination stirred, but it is still conjunct Mars in Aries as well.  This fulcrum of energy is that same difficult energy that brought in the Japanese meltdown, and can cause earthquakes.  This we need to just be aware of, and keep the peace as best we can.  Use the higher side of this energy which is so wonderfully creative.
The lovely line up of Venus, Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune, all in Pisces, brings in a need, and a desire to help heal the world around us.  And, we need to think of how we can help someone else this week.  A good time to adopt a pet, or donate time or money to your local shelters. 
With Venus making a Quintile aspect (72 degrees) this is one of the best weeks for putting your most creative brush, string, or thought form forward.  This aspect is extremely important in showing the world just how talented you really are.  This is creativity and magic at its best, so be aware of this energy, and put something forth so that others hear or become aware of you.  Whatever your gift is, let others know about it.
Venus is also Vigintile allowing us to see that open window of opportunity.  Look to heaven this week, and see who looks back.  And, with Venus also Vigintile Mars, we definitely need an outlet for our anger, and what better way than to do something creative?
And, lastly, with Pallas Athene (an asteroid), in the sign of Aquarius, you will find your mind becoming very much oriented to the future.  Allow your own form of creativity to sparkle, whether it be in art, sciene, or music.  Overall, this is an amazing week for all of us, but for those who are the creators and wish to make things happen, this is the week to start!
ARIES:  Mars your ruler has your reved up and ready to go this week!  With lucky Jupiter, the Sun, and Uranus beside it, you simply can't go wrong.  This is your week to name your game, and purchase some lottery tickets,   There is a hidden get away that is romantic and sensual, so don't miss it.  Your job is just to say yes!
TAURUS:  Venus, your ruler, in sweet Pisces alongside Neptune brings in a wonderful opportunity to fall in love.  Whomever this person is, hold on with your heart, and enjoy your time together, and wait until Mercury is direct (April 23rd) before you make any decisions.  This may be a keeper.
GEMINI:  Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until the 23rd, so things may not be a crystal clear as you would like.  However, it just might be that your dance card is very full and you are just not sure who is next in line.  Your social world is sure to keep you entertained, while your career offers you a raise, and some delightful steps up.
CANCER:  Congratulations on your career move, and no need to wait either.  This week bless you with new direction, as well as high volume sales, and/or opportunities.  I see Venus and Neptune in your 9th house of long distance travel, offering a divinely inspired vacation.
LEO:  Your ruler, the Sun, shakes it up with Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Mercury too in your 9th house. of long distance get aways, and sensuality, and your North Node in Sagittarius sends you on a long distance trip to enjoy, it's time to do so.  Clear your mind and play some numbers too.
VIRGO:  Mercury, your ruler, may have your head in the clouds, or it may feel that way, but clarity is right on your heels.  A delightful shared get away, will wow you, and the chemistry is powerful.  Take your time to enjoy this special time and person.  People might ask why you are smiling.
LIBRA:  Venus, your ruler, is conjunct Neptune and Chiron, so your week is going to amaze you as you heal and blaze through anything.  Romance is extra special, sensitive and compelling this week, so don't spend too much time working, unless it's body painting.
SCORPIO:  While extreme good luck in the workplace may keep you thrilled and busy, don't forget the delight in wrapping someone lovingly in your arms, and blending hearts.  Focus your ideas with that special person, and let it carry you into tomorrow, because it will. 
SAGITTARIUS:  Your ruler, Jupiter, in your 5th house of love, children, and creativity, will give you the best week you have seen in awhile.  With Mercury still retrograde, it may not be a sure thing yet, but love is starting to fill your heart, her heart, and bring you to your knees in laughter...enjoy!
CAPRICORN:  Your ruler, Saturn, in your 9th house alongside Juno, the marriage asteroid, suggests that someone long term has just entered your life, or will this week.  WIth the Moon and part of Fortune in Cancer in your 7th house of partnership this shows a tender hearted mate who wants a home with you.
AQUARIUS:  This week you are still processing lots of ideas that are highly creative, and which will bring you the attention you seek.  If you harness your brilliant side to Neptune, and allow the sublime energies to heal, entertain, and bless those around you, music may come to you now from those on the other side, and bring a healing to earth.
PISCES:  A brave new world awaits, if you open up to the Chiron, Venus, and Neptune stellium.  You will find that your highest creative energies will light the walkway of love into your life.  Let your talents be seen, because something you produce this week is bound to be seen, and sold.  It will make you happy to make some cash on something so lovely.  It will heal your heart too.
Whitney McClough, can be reach at VisionsByWhitney@aol.com, or 603-205-2001.  She also works at Scallops storefront in Portsmouth, N.H. offering psychic readings.  Whitney is a professional Astrologer as well as a medium and psychic.  A half hour reading is $65.00, and an hour is $125.00

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