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Ask Your Pet

by Jennifer Dickman

Dear Jennifer,

My father, who lives hundreds of miles from me, recently collapsed in cardiac arrest. At the precise moment he collapsed my cat Huckleberry, who was critically ill and unable to climb the stairs, suddenly ran up the stairs and made a beeline for me. He seemed very desperate to get my attention. Since this incident happened, Huckleberry’s health has improved dramatically. He wasn’t expected to live much longer, but now he’s even gained a little weight. (My father is recovering, too.) Will you please ask Huckleberry what happened? - Stefanie H.

Dear Stefanie,

I began by asking Huckleberry why he ran up the stairs, and if he was aware of what had happened to his grandpa. Huckleberry replied, "He fell down and his light went out of him." Huckleberry said he knew something was terribly wrong and felt an urgent need to get to you. He didn’t think about it; he just did it. Afterwards, he was quite amazed at what he’d done and also very tired!

Next, I spoke to Huckleberry about the improvement in his health. He said that the turn-around actually began at Thanksgiving, and was related to your father. Huckleberry had seen him during the holiday and could tell that something was not right with his energy field. He described it to me as a dark, heavy area that just felt wrong to him. He knew "something bad" was going to happen. Also, during the same visit, your father had a talk with Huckleberry and told him that you needed him to stick around, and asked him not to cross over yet. Huckleberry emphasized that he trusts and respects his grandpa, so he took what he said very seriously. Additionally, he wanted to be there for you when the "bad thing" happened to your dad.

So, Huckleberry changed his plans and decided to extend his life. His condition isn’t gone, just "on hold" for now. When he told me about this decision, Huckleberry stressed that it wasn’t his alone to make. Rather, he believes that he was given permission to stay by a Higher Power. Huckleberry feels that based purely on the physical he would have crossed over months ago, but his Spirit and willpower have taken over.

It is my belief that Huckleberry is being kept alive by both his own sheer determination and Divine Will. However, I don’t want anyone to read this and question why their own animal companion didn’t stay with them longer. Each soul has its own unique path, and crosses over at the precise moment it is meant to do so. In this case, both Huckleberry and the Divine were in agreement that he should extend his current incarnation. Perhaps this was to show us all what a powerful force love can be.

I hope all my readers will join me in praying for a complete recovery for Stefanie’s father, and for happiness and health for Huckleberry, for as long as he so chooses.

Many Blessings, Jennifer Dickman

Send your question along with your pet’s name, age, and a photo or brief description to Jennifer_Dickman@ymail.com  or Jennifer Dickman, PO Box 782, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. Jennifer Dickman is an Animal Communicator, Pet Reiki Specialist, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Intuitive Counselor. She is available for phone sessions worldwide, and teaches private Reiki certification students locally & through distance learning. Jennifer can be reached at 215.817.0833 or Jennifer_Dickman@ ymail.com. To receive a free copy of Jennifer’s "Five Things Your Dog or Cat Wants You to Know" please subscribe to her newsletter by emailing Newsletter@BoundlessSpiritReiki.com . More information is available on Jennifer’s web site: www.JenniferDickman.com.  

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