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Unleash Your Freedoms with the Power of Your Breath

by Dr. Judith Kravitz

Many places in the world are crying out for freedom, basic freedoms that we, in our culture, have pretty much taken for granted all our lives. Freedom to do and say what we want. Freedom to choose our leaders. Freedom to achieve our goals. There are numerous types of inherent freedoms that we all yearn for that may not be apparent to us, but which we need and want as well.

For example, freedom to express who we really are. Freedom to feel and express our true feelings. Freeing our bodies from pain, tensions, and disease. Freedom to follow our hearts and inner guidance. The capacity to achieve these freedoms lie within each of us, not within a political system or government. So how do we access and realize these states of freedom?

One of the most effective and profound ways I have shared and experienced to unleash these important freedoms is with the power and use of The Breath … yes, our very own Breath!

When we recognize that our breath is really our connection to the Life-force moving through us then it becomes important to open up that flow and maximize our ability to breathe using our full breathing capacity.

In developing an integrative breathing system that focuses initially on completely opening the respiratory system, I have seen many physical changes take place in peoples bodies; release of tension, restoration of health, elimination of pain, plus more energy with which to move through life and do what we came here to do.

In this system that we share we also use the Breath to access and resolve past emotions and memories stored in the subconscious and the cellular memory. You ask, how can breathing accomplish this? By using a specific guided breathing pattern that creates a high vibrational energy within our electromagnetic field. This high vibration begins to access low vibrational patterns which have been stored not only in the subconscious but also in the closed areas of our respiratory system. As a result, the vibrational quality of the suppressed material changes. This change occurs based on a principle of physics called entrainment or energetic relationships.

When a high vibrational energy pattern comes in contact with a lower vibrational energy the higher one will always raise the energy of the lower so when we practice this breathing pattern we are permanently transforming the energy of our suppressed mental and emotional bodies. This leads us to the ability to not only access higher emotions and states of consciousness, but creates the energetic opening to express them more freely as well.

We also get in touch with our heart’s true desires and, since the fears prohibiting our allegiance to those desires have been integrated, we can now express and follow our hearts with more freedom and joy.

I believe after 35 years in the field of integrative breathing that our Breath is the greatest gift and tool we have to access and express our most important freedoms. I invite you to explore the limitless world of you fueled through your Breath.

Judith Kravitz is a Doctor of Metaphysics, and mother of eight. She is the founder and director of the Transformational Breath Foundation, the largest breath training school in the world. She has been leading training programs and workshops globally for the past 35 years and has worked with hundreds of thousands of people. Inspired by healing a cancerous tumor on her throat with breathing, she is empowered with her vision to see everyone breathing their way to freedom. Judith is also author of the book, Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, the ultimate breather’s guide. More information about the Transformational Breath Foundation and their programs can be found at www.breath2000.com.

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