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Excerpt from "2012: A Clarion Call"

Chapter 7: For the Highest Good of All

by Nicolya Christi

As we move forward from the year 2012, the unknown future, our ongoing commitment to an era of peace on Earth is essential to enable the divine blueprint of the New Earth to begin activation. It is vital that you understand what you are here to contribute and how to do this, even if it is impossible for you to grasp the bigger picture in terms of prophecy, quantum physics, astronomical events, or the existence of the limitless multidimensional beings who guide and help us each step of the way. It is not imperative that you understand any of this. What is required is the willingness to open your heart to all sentient beings and forgive those who have trespassed against you.

Activating the Energy of Forgiveness

A beautifully simple technique to help you to work on forgiveness is a modern version of an ancient Hawaiian Huna healing method known as Ho’oponopono. In this practice four short sentences are repeated with feeling: “I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” This can be done with specific individuals in mind. Or the phrases can be said without focusing on anyone in particular. This enables the healing of deep unconscious soul wounds that may go back lifetimes.

By being conscious in thoughts, words, and deeds, you will serve the higher good. It does not matter who you have hurt or how you have been hurt. This is a time of redemption. You have an extraordinary opportunity to be free of pain and suffering. Ultimately, the single most important requirement is your willingness to act with love toward everyone and everything. The laws of the universe ensure that your soul will be rewarded in equal measure to your contribution and your ability to remain heart-centered, loving, and kind toward yourself and others. The energy of forgiveness, together with your willingness to raise your consciousness, will bring many unexpected and beautiful gifts into your life.

Acting as If

Acting as if is a powerfully effective practice to foster a new way of expressing yourself. In order to act as if, first think of one person who is an exceptional example of unconditional love and acceptance. This will be someone you experience as an inspiration, a person who conducts himself or herself in an exemplary and refined manner and who is kind and forgiving. You may or may not know this person. It may be a spiritual figure, family or community member, or someone whose life story guides you.

To act as if entails emulating the individual who inspires you in certain situations. At first it may feel uncomfortable, yet it will be of enormous benefit to the world. If practiced over a period of time, acting as if will lead you to your true Self, for what you found so inspirational about your role model was really a reflection of yourself. By aligning your consciousness with the image, conduct, or experience of the person, by asking yourself when challenged by life, “What would this person do in the same situation?” “How would he or she respond?” “What would he or she say?” and then emulating this behavior, you will connect to the wisdom already held within you, as well as help humanity by your willingness to change.

Acting as if re-informs every cell of your body, alters brain chemistry, and reprograms conditioned behavior. Acting as if, in a positive and loving way, closes old negative neural pathways and opens positive new ones. It sends powerful signals and new messages to the unconscious mind. Acting as if is a preliminary to the profoundly transformative lost mode of prayer discussed in chapter 12.

Master in the Heart Reflection/Future Self

This beautifully simple exercise is a profound method of absorbing the vibration of a great master and integrating his or her influence into your way of being.

1. Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Follow your breath as it leads you to your heart. Allow yourself to rest in the stillness of your heart.

2. Slowly begin to create a picture of a perfect being. This may be someone you aspire to emulate or it could be your future Self. Begin to intensify the image or feeling of that being until you can see or feel him or her as vibrant and alive in your imagination or felt sense.

3. Place the energy and the image of this perfect being in your heart. Deepen your connection by inviting his or her energetic presence into every cell in your body.

4. Set an intention to be guided by the grace of the master’s presence. Ask this being to walk with you as a role model in all endeavors and encounters. Choose to respond emotionally and mentally as you imagine this person would. Love in the way he or she would love. Allow your thoughts to reflect those of the master in your heart.

5. Invite the energy of this beautiful being to envelop your light-body and to permeate your physical body, bringing the gift of self-healing and an enhanced ability to heal others. By inviting the energy of this highly developed being into your heart, you heal your heart, attain a higher vibratory field, and can radiate loving-kindness out to the world.

6. When you are ready, open your eyes.

If you practice this every day, over a period of time you will absorb the vibration of the master in your heart and integrate his or her influence. You will increasingly resemble the being of great wisdom who resides in your heart.

Carry this energy in your heart as if it were a precious jewel. Express gratitude for the gift of something so exquisite and perfect.

Nicolya Christi is a conscious evolutionist, writer, spiritual teacher and mentor, global activist, and workshop facilitator. The founder of the WorldShift Movement, she lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.

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Excerpt from 2012: A Clarion Call by Nicolya Christi © 2011 Bear & Co. Books. Reprinted with permission of the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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