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Excerpt from "The Practical Psychic"

Introduction: Why Psychic Abilities Matter

by Noreen Renier

Awareness. Knowing. Insight. Foresight. These are gifts your intuitive senses offer if you learn how to use your brain in a different way, and to explore its vast areas of untapped potential. If you don’t, these exciting gifts could go unrecognized for a lifetime.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) means obtaining information or knowledge not with the five human senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), but with the mind.

My main purpose in writing this book is to answer the question, “If psychic ability exists, how can we use it?” I don’t address the technical nature of ESP here, but instead want to share its practical applications. We don’t need to understand how our intricate computers, microwaves, or vehicles work to use them. It’s the same with ESP.

Throughout this book, I will show you how to extend the capabilities of your five basic senses and empower you to find new ways of perceiving information. Some of the concepts presented are simple and astonishingly easy. Others are more difficult to understand and master. Practice is essential. So is commitment. But wonderful discoveries await you as you develop your own psychic abilities. The universe will forever offer up new resources, gifts, and adventures for you to discover, develop, and put to meaningful use.

Mysteries Revealed

Not very long ago, we knew little about electricity. Today it’s used worldwide and taken for granted, not because everyone understands what it is and how it works, but because we’re eager to harness its gifts. Electricity powers our towns and cities, our hospitals, homes, shopping malls, and workplaces. We couldn’t function without it. For most of us, electricity will remain a mysterious force but one for which we are thankful.

Your psychic intuition is another unknown, another resource with enormous promise, a promise that you can bring to light. Like electricity, it’s a force of nature, but one that usually remains untapped and hidden. I would like to help you tap this resource, tame it, and tune it so it becomes as much a part of who you are as your other five senses.

Why Listen to Me?

Who am I? I am a psychic detective. It has been said publicly, many times, that I’m a good one. I believe I am. In fact, I know I am. I embrace my avocation with enthusiasm, and I practice it with integrity.

I’ve been called “the most credible psychic out there” by Court TV online. I’ve worked with law enforcement agencies in thirty-eight states and six foreign countries, and provided information in more than 600 criminal cases, which helped lead law enforcement authorities, crime victims, and distressed individuals and families to answers.

I have taught at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia. I’ve worked primarily on missing persons and homicide cases. Some of the cases I’m involved in make newspaper headlines, radio broadcast reports, television, and Internet news. Far more do not. Although I am immensely gratified when my work leads to breakthroughs in unsolved crimes––some of them horrendous––I don’t seek recognition and praise. I’m appreciative and grateful when it is accurately extended, but that’s not why I do the work.

Most law enforcement authorities prefer that I remain behind the scenes and avoid media attention during the investigations. That’s okay with me. The truth is, it’s easier for me that way. When putting my psychic abilities to work, the fewer distractions, the better. My reward is seeing a case solved, justice served, and people who have been hurt afforded some peace, some closure.

During my career as a psychic detective I have held bloodstained earrings, wallets, watches, shirts, shoes, and other possessions of murder victims. I have psychically sensed the images, feelings, and sensations that reside in such items. My mind taps into the turbulent energy left behind, the energy that lingers from a moment of explosive violence. I have relived the brutal events––their emotions, sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.

How My Work Helps

Psychic detectives like me use their developed awareness, their caring instinct for others, and a sensitive part of their minds to assimilate information and visual impressions about unsolved crimes. This information and these impressions often prove highly valuable to investigators.

Noreen Renier is a psychic detective and one of the few psychics to ever lecture at the FBI Academy. She appeared on Good Morning America and Fox’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren in conjunction with her work on the Laci Peterson case. She lives in Wilmington, NC. Visit her website at www.noreenrenier.com.

For more information, please contact Bethany Carland-Adams at 508/427-6726 or


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