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Whitney's Whirl: Your Weekly Horoscope for October 3-9, 2011

by Whitney Boyd

MONTHLY OVERVIEW: The Stellium of planets (more then 3 planets, all conjunct) brings the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and Juno, the marriage asteroid, all in Libra offering us a sweet time as Libra is ruled by Venus, and rules balance, love and harmony. With Uranus in Aries in opposition to this stellium there is another side to all that we are considering so think carefully before you jump. Uranus in Aries brings in a very fiery spirit to oppose all of the well balanced energy that the stellium brings, so keeping the peace may not be all that easy this week.

Mars in Leo Sextiles the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Juno, all in Libra so whatever our desires are, the energy flows and we can easily manifest our wishes. Mars in Leo also Trines Jupiter in Taurus, helping us enjoy our creative energies, and to make some cash by using our talents.

Uranus in Aries is Square to Pluto in Capricorn, and this one aspect can bring some major transformation to our lives. This interesting transit could easily see us changing our identities and find that we meet up with some extraterrestrial life form. Even though this may be a fantasy, the energy of this aspect does indeed bring in this kind of advanced and unique meeting of minds.

ARIES: The Stellium (group of planets) including the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Juno and Venus lines up in your 7th house of partnerships. This much energy opposite Uranus in Aries brings a rather wild ride and hopefully all will be fairly smooth. But, the opposition is there to remind us that we need to pay attention to others points of view. We can be somewhat radical, but with this much Libra energy, hopefully you will balance your life and relationships.

TAURUS: With the Stellium (group of planets) falling in your 6th house, you will need to remain vigilant so that something from the past does not catch you unprepared. With Jupiter, your ruling planet in your 1st house, you ability to expand yourself and your ideas is excellent. Mars in Leo is Square to Jupiter giving you the drive to do make some personal changes, either make up, hair style or clothing. Creating a painting would be an excellent way to use this weeks energy.

GEMINI: The Stellium (group of planets), including your ruler, Mercury, definatley puts a creative note on this week for you. Relationships will be cordial, perhaps somewhat merry as you open up and communicate with gusto. Those around you will be more then willing to assist you in making plans for travel as well. Taking a class or that international trip will put you in a great frame of mind. A new flock of unusual people enter your life now. They may make your name famous.

CANCER: The Stellium (group of planets) resides in your 4th house of home and family bringing lots of like minded individuals into your life, however, they may all have their own agendas going and not be all that interested in helping you. With Mars in Leo in your 2nd house of income square to Jupiter in Taurus you will have a strong drive to make some extra cash. Your ruling planet, the Moon, conjuncts Pluto bringing strong emotions in your 7th house of partners...do you stay or do you go?

LEO: Mars is Leo in your first house so your ego will be powerful this week. With it square to Jupiter in Taurus a little bit of stubbornness might be in order as well, but you wll get things done. Take on a creative project his week, perhaps painting or a writing class as your natural talets will speak for themselves. With Neptune transiting your 7th house, some confusion may reign in friends or partnerships, so don't be fooled.

VIRGO: The Stellium (group of planets) in your 2nd house of income suggests that communications and meetings are going to bring you in touch with lots of new people. Use your natural creative ability to bring others to your side and point of view as it will benefit you financially as others want to buy into your great ideas.

LIBRA: The Stellium (Group of planets) is still in your sign this week bringing you a surge of enviable, creative energies which will show case your many talents. With Mars in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus, the energy to do things creatively pushes you to make a career change as well as a relationship change. Lots of new people enter your life this week.

SCORPIO: The Stellium (planetary grouping) falls in your 12th house suggesting you are cleaning up the past and moving forward, so don't be afraid to reach for the new things that you so crave in iife. With Jupiter in your 7th house of partners, you will desire someone to team up with either romantically or in a business sense.

SAGITTARIUS: The Stellium (planetary grouping) falls in your 11th house bringing many new social things for you to ponder. New love, new friends, and a new career opportunity all come your way because you are so talented! With Mars in Leo in your 10th house square to Jupiter in Taurus, this is the push that you need to see your career move ahead dramatically.

CAPRICORN: Saturn, your ruler, is in your 10th house of career, along with the Stellium (Planetary group), promises some interesting opportunities coming your way. If not working, you should find something really special this week, and if you are, things will move forward and incorporate many of your talents. With Uranus in Aries in your 4th house of home, you may break free of something or someone that has held you back.

AQUARIUS: The Stellium (Group of planets) in your 9th house, puts you in contact with many new social connections. With Pluto and the Moon conjunct early on the 3rd, you can hold your own, and convince others that your ideas are the best. Neptune in your 1st house trine Venus brings a sweet love opportunity so be sure to add some glamour to your self.

PISCES: With the stellium (Group of planets) in your 8th house of finances, opposite Uranus in Aries, your values and finances may waver a bit, but overall if you are trying to get a bank loan, you will do well. Mars in your 6th house square to Jupiter says don't over do it physically. The North Node and Part of Fortune in your 10th house suggests a teaching opportunity coming your way. Neptune brings vivid dreams.

Whitney Boyd lives in Kittery, Maine and can be reach for private consultations at 603-205-2001. She offers private readings at Scallops in downtown Portsmouth, NH. at 65 Daniel Street, Friday through Sunday from 1:30 to 6:00 p.m.. She can be reached at the store at 603-431-5826. Psychic Development classes start Oct. 20th, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

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