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Divine Intervention

Soul Searching with The Tibetan

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

The Universe often steps in like a parent who rectifies the mess created by the child. The strong arm of the Divine knows exactly when to intervene in our madness, to remind us of Who’s ultimately in charge and that we don’t ride the tides of life’s mystery alone. We’ve all chartered routes to happiness on self-created road maps of life. But our path sometimes takes a strange turn. We wonder: "How did I get here?" In moments of utter lostness, when we finally surrender to the vast sea of helplessness, the Universe exerts its Presence with just the right guidance, opportunity, comfort, insight, assistance to extricate obstacles of blindness. Divine Intervention’s sweet expression of Love within the Mystery teaches us that we’re never stranded. When we perceive and collaborate with this benevolent Force, its presence increases to awaken us to our Divine essence.

Divine Intervention, Cosmic Assistance personified, occurs more frequently than we’d ever imagine. There are countless stories told of its impact. But, how many of us truly expect it to happen to us, especially when we’re down and out? Divine Intervention, an agent of the Divine Plan, makes its move with miraculously precise timing. Suddenly events are lined up for us that are out of our control. Our only responsibility is to be open to these gifts of Cosmic Compensation — mediation between our human follies and Divine wisdom.

We often take it for granted when Lady Fate smiles on us, not even noticing the enormous blessings she bestows. Yet, to be saved from the precipice of destruction fills us with a gratitude that drops us to our knees. I’m deeply humbled by the Divine Intervention that shepherds my life’s course in spite of rebelliousness, fear, distrust, and resistance. Childish temper tantrums are smiled upon from this all-knowing Universal Dynamic that seizes just the right moment to teach, illuminate, liberate. Daily I ask for Divine Intervention to set me straight, remind me of my soul’s truth and make possible the manifestation of my magnitude.

Divine Intervention usually occurs just when we’ve given up and accepted that our current predicament is ultimately out of our hands. This ego death opens the portal of perception that reveals the Divine Intervention that unceasingly intercedes in our life to keep us on the soul’s path we often struggle to leave. I marvel at the moments when life is set straight — I’m given a second chance — a way is provided. When we expect Divine Intervention, our minds automatically align and collaborate with this great Ambassador of Support.

It requires humility to accept that events from Divine Intervention are not our doing. They stem from a realm way beyond the influence of the ego and are a reminder that we are under the auspices of a brilliant Cosmic Vision that sees much further down the road than our limited view. Although our egos can make a botchery of things, often they can’t clean them up. Universal Intelligence restores the Cosmic Order that we toy with and aligns just the right circumstances to promote the emergence of our Truth.

Sometimes Divine Intervention comes in the form of "bad" experiences — events orchestrated to jump-start our process and release stagnancy/stuckness, shock us out of denial, stimulate growth, courage, resourcefulness, new insight, fortitude, persistence. This teaches us to honor the old Taoist saying: "Who’s to say what’s good or bad?" Difficult experiences like: endless delays/obstacles which strengthen spiritual muscles and determination, curve balls on the path which force us to explore/apply undeveloped parts of ourselves and having the meaning stripped from our lives to spur us to deepened inquiry inevitably lead to the spiritual gifts of expanded perspective, insight, gratitude, wisdom and understanding of the Divine Plan. Painful forms of Divine Intervention force us to wake up, focus, release obsolete parts of self, remember soul agreements and return to the path if we’ve gone astray.

Difficult situations are often interpreted as proof that there is no Divine Intervention to help ease life’s turmoil. We forget that one of the gifts of Divine Intervention is to bring forth the mandated karma that is lovingly designed to foster the soul’s liberation. Divine intervention serves a higher purpose that may be indecipherable until we have lived through its injunction.

Even when we diligently stay on the path, Divine Intervention may occur when the soul requires a new evolutionary agenda. Divinely impacted life junctures literally move us in unusual directions or stimulate buried talents and resources that, like time capsules, can only be catalyzed after necessary development. These turning points are precisely orchestrated to interrupt customary attitudes/orientation to stimulate a new pattern of being that reflects arrival at a Gateway of Initiation.

We can’t dillydally around, abdicating responsibility for self-initiative, while we wait on Divine Intervention to fix our lives. Yet, we can’t flourish without help from the Universe. So why not humbly summon a greater Force to intervene on our behalf? Then Divine Intervention serves as a colossal magnet to pull from the heavens just the solutions/opportunities needed. Serendipity dramatizes this magic inherent in Cosmic Purpose. All we have to do is notice, with gratitude, the loving impact of Divine Intervention in our lives regardless of the circumstances it brings.

Divine Intervention illustrates our place in the Universe, regardless of our ability to decipher the Divine Plan. It’s easy to deny the invisible, immeasurable presence of Divine Intervention in our lives. But we all recognize the sweet intimate feeling of being taken care of, watched over, by something far greater than ourselves. We don’t have to go it alone and couldn’t even if we tried.

What would it be like if we absolutely believed in our birthright to receive Divine Intervention? We’d realize how many times we’re saved from near misses, blind lunacies— how many burdens are lightened — how often lightening strikes to shatter our malaise — how many beloveds are placed on our path of loneliness — how much super strength is borrowed from Higher Planes to accomplish the impossible —how our hearts are unburdened by the Universe’s willingness to shoulder our illusions — how meetings with remarkable Masters accelerate our journey — how we’re given just the right resources to implement the soul’s enterprises — how the small voice of inner guidance is energetically sustained by magnificent grids of brilliance in spite of blizzards of discordance within our psyche — how, when least expected, we’re lifted up from the crushing disappointments inherent in the austere process of disillusionment — how, after we hit the wall, our creative channel mysteriously opens to fill us with a new sense of possibility, self-understanding and venues for self-expression —how we’re protected by the Angelic Force during survival trials of danger, storms, disasters — how we’re compassionately encouraged to believe in ourselves regardless of destructive childhood conditioning. Oh how our trust in Source’s love compounds in the light of these endless gifts of Divine Intervention that make our very existence possible.

The Tibetan displays a burst of glittering gemstones showering the earth, each particle a gift of Divine Intervention. He teaches:

"Humankind feels unsupported and disheartened by the demands of accelerated evolution — smothered by random events of disintegration, disorientation and alienation. Karmic debris from the soul body is haphazardly erupting — out of the blue — with tremendous ferocity. Like trying to clean up after hurricane Katrina, it’s overwhelming to attempt to reintegrate the psyche from such upheaval into wholeness. Students need to mark experiences of Divine Intervention in order to reduce the existential despair that stems from perceiving the Universe to be a chaotic dynamic of abandonment. Divine Intervention is more active than ever — holding the earth plane together during today’s stormy ride of transformation into the new paradigm.

"Divine Intervention disputes the notion of unaimed designlessness, a reminder that humankind’s challenges are not impossible when met in conjunction with the Higher Forces. Humankind inevitably evolves out of the "mess" that it creates. One moment of intermediating Universal Thought can redirect and elevate the entire collective consciousness. Humanity is never forgotten by Source. Divine Intervention demonstrates the vast resources available to everyone, in spite of their limited perspective. Use those resources. Invite Divine Mediation to hold the delicate balance of opposites, support evolution and oversee the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.

"Humankind’s sphere of influence on its earthly world is boundaried by the dominion of the Divine Plan. It’s only given so much 'rope' for experimentation and then reeled in by advanced Forces steeped in cosmic wisdom. These Forces are granted eminence and authority in the overall orchestration of the evolution of the earth plane. From this prestigious platform of mastery, Divine Intervention keeps humanity on track — sustaining Universal Balance while applying metaphysical laws of transformation to all. Remember to cooperate with Divine Intervention. It’s just what is needed at this time, regardless of how it chafes against the ego’s agenda.

"Request the gift of Divine Intervention. Collaborate through invocation. Allow it to provide a portal, a glimpse of the big picture, into the superhuman intelligence-genius that is Source. Pray for Grace, the calling card of Divine Intervention. Witness the voltage of the spiritual plane in action in self’s life and open to these well-deserved Miracles of Mediation that insure success for all."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@ comcast.net. www.transfor mationaltimes .com.

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