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Divine Wisdom From Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Dear Michele,

I’m just now opening up to the spirit realms because of some very surprising and unexplained events that have happened to me. I know there are spirit guides and angels. Are they the same thing? I was very close to my dad, who is now deceased. Is he my angel? Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

After doing this work for 22 years, I’ve learned that there is a distinct difference between "spirit guides" and "angels." First, spirit guides are human souls who have lived on earth at some point in history. They may have known you and been close to you in a past life (as a family member or friend), or they may be part of your genealogical line this lifetime. For example, your dad from this life or granddad can be one of your spirit guides. When we pass on, after our life review, we can train to be a helper of a friend or relative that is still on earth. Therefore, Mark, your dad most likely is a spirit guide of yours.

Spirit guides can also be great-grandparents who you’ve never physically met, but have made "soul agreements" with you before you incarnated to earth. During a reading, I may see a Native American Indian spirit guide that you’ve had a past life with, or a deceased relative of yours that are one of your guides.

Angels are quite different. When I see them in a reading, they appear as huge columns of light that pulsate colors. In the Renaissance, artists painted wings on them to help them fly, but angels don’t need wings, they can easily manifest or dematerialize.

In many seminars and interviews, I’m asked, "What are angels?" Through extensive experience, reading, prayer, and meditation time, I’ve come to the following conclusion: angels are light beings created by God to travel with us on our journey through eternity. They don’t have free choice or will as human souls do but instead take assignments from the Creator.

There are many kinds and levels of angels. Guardian angels never leave our side. They protect, oversee, and inspire our development. Birthing angels will bring their energy around a mother who is giving birth, assisting a soul as it enters a new baby’s body with the first breath – the breath of life. Project angels are assigned to us in order to help us with certain endeavors or pursuits – writing a book, painting a picture, composing a song, building a new house, and so on. These angels stay until the project is completed and then leave. Angels act as coaches in the game of life.

Transition or death angels come for us when we are making our transition from the third to the fourth dimension. Archangels oversee certain dimensions and realms and are given more responsibility than regular angels. Archangel Michael is the "Divine Protector" – he protects humans and shields them from negativity and harm. Archangel Gabriel is the "Divine Messenger of Truth". He was directed to deliver the news to Mary about the conception of Jesus and announced the birth of John the Baptist. Archangel Raphael is the "Divine Healer." He oversees hospitals and those who are ill and heralds into the earth plane other healing angels. Most archangels and many guardian angels have an "el" in their name. "El" is from Hebrew and means "like unto God" or "coming from God."

There are 12 dimensions of light and energy – the "angelic kingdom" is the 11th dimension. Angels are androgynous (or sexless), and they don’t need wings. They emanate a bright light or aura that people sometimes perceived as "halos" and "white wings." And so Mark, spirit guides are human souls and angels are light beings who have never been human.

Dear Michele,

Thank you for your many columns over the years. I have learned much from your words of wisdom. The last few years I have endured tremendous loss (both financially and with the loss of loved ones), have felt beaten down, alone and depressed. I know there is no easy cure all for one’s feelings, and I have been in counseling. I can tell you are a person of faith, so do you have any words of wisdom to keep me going? Sincerely, Doris

Dear Doris,

The word I will give you is hope! Many feel down and depressed during the holiday season for a variety of reasons. At times humanity seems to be held in the grip of despondency and despair. We search for answers to life’s deepest questions which cannot always be answered. The longing to know that the soul is eternal and what occurs after death perplexes many. Faith must be encouraged to dispel anxiety. A very important component of faith is hope, which tends to squelch the depression many feel. Therefore, faith and hope reside together.

Hope brings peace for you to believe that the outcome of life will be good. You need this belief the most when you have an urgent need to be met, and hope puts a reassuring slant on the future. Hope is for the next moment, the next day or the next year. The desire in your heart means to lean on a Higher Power through faith, knowing that you are provided for and protected.

There is power with this reliance, because it comforts, encourages and uplifts humankind. You are receiving a positive flow of energy from your thought forms when you retain this attitude. It is beneficial to first count your blessings and then ponder the wonderful things the Creator has given to you on a daily basis.

In the bleakest of times, life is not easy. But we are here to learn life lessons and grow spiritually. Hope banishes negativity and lets sunshine into every small, darkened crevice of the mind; it enlightens the heart and renews tranquility.

Belief in humanity’s goodness instills hope for the future. You should speak words of hope, give positive affirmations and communicate love. Yes, speak good things – make inspired, confident statements to yourself and others and let God’s love speak through you.

Spiritual nourishment (not just physical nourishment) is important for change to occur. Self-discipline, communing with God and giving to others bears fruit – one positive emotion begets another as one transcendent thought alleviates fear. Hope casts out fear because it stems from love. There is no room for love and fear to reside together. Worry and desperation are born from the fear of loss. Therefore, to overcome these emotions you must make a conscious effort to replace fear with love, to create hope for inner peace.

Expectation brings sunshine with a new dawning – a new beginning. Pray for the power of expectation. Regarding hope, God’s timing is not necessarily the same as our timing, as the Creator’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Therefore, strive to be patient and step into this stream of hope through faith and prayer. My wish for every human being is to be happy, to co-create with love and to give consideration to others. When love resides in the human heart, so does hope. Blessings to you!

Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele Livingston. She also presents "Spirit Communication" seminars throughout the northeastern USA, has authored five books that are available on-line at her website or by calling 717-737-3888. In this column she answers questions from selected readers about angels, loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and many other interesting subjects. Only first names are used in this column to protect the privacy of clients. All questions submitted may be used at Michele’s discretion for inclusion in this column and other publications by Michele Livingston. Questions may be sent to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@MicheleLivingston.com . To learn more about Michele and her work, please visit her web site at www.MicheleLivingston.com  or visit with her on Facebook.

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