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Spring Cleaning In Feng Shui

by Raphael

While in the Chinese tradition, a house is spiritually cleansed several times a year either at new or full moons, the best time for cleansing is at the beginning of spring. Cleansing a house spiritually rids it of undesirable ghost energy, unhappiness, and bad luck. It is traditionally done by opening up all the doors and windows at sunrise, then sweeping the house from top to bottom, back to front, and out the front door. The right way to sweep is lightly and swiftly as it is not intended to get the dust and dirt out of the house. A spiritual cleansing should follow a thorough cleaning of the house.

If you have had unlucky visitors in your home, or work at home and receive depressed or unfortunate people, you can also cleanse your home with water that has been blessed. This is traditionally made by keeping a bowl of water on an altar during a ceremony. The water should come either from a river, a lake, the rain, a well, or a natural spring.

You can make blessed water by filling a bowl with water and, holding your hands above it, say a blessing to it to charge it so that it expels all negative energies from the house. There is a Mongolian tradition of making blessed water by holding your hands over the water and visualizing fire going from your hands into the water. A bowl of fire-charged water left standing in the room radiates a brilliant energy into the room.

Use blessed water by sprinkling it around the house. If there has been sickness, upset, or sorrow in the house use blessed water to help clear the energy. When sprinkled around the front door and the windows blessed water banishes bad spirits. It is best to sprinkle blessed water with a sprig of juniper or pine.

Another traditional method of riding a house of ghost energy is to get a round hand mirror (traditionally a bronze mirror), then light a white candle, hold the mirror with its reflecting face to the wall, and then hold the candle between the reflecting face of the mirror and the wall, so the mirror reflects the light of the candle onto the wall. Then slowly walk around the entire space with the mirror and candle reflecting the light onto all the walls and corners of the space and finish at the front door. This rids the space of spooks.

Spiritually cleansing a house is a good idea when putting the house on the market to sell. It is also a good idea to spiritually cleanse a house upon moving in.

For the best luck prepare a small table altar draped with a golden silk cloth. Perform a spiritual cleansing of the entire house with a broom, using blessed water and a mirror and candle if it feels appropriate. Then place peaches and/or apples in a bowl on the altar, light a red candle, and burn a stick of sandalwood incense as an offering to bring in good luck and prosperity.

Raphael can be contacted through www.raphaelsimons.com

Raphael’s best selling feng shui book, Feng Shui Step by Step has been reprinted and is available at Amazon.com and www.createspace.com/3472024

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