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The Energetic Challenges Of Air Travel

by Phyllis Light

There have always been certain challenges to air travel, but nothing like we are experiencing in today’s high-tech world. The number of frequencies that bombard us while we await our flight alone is staggering. Think about all the people using their cell phones, computers, and WiFi at the various internet hot spots.

Many people use the "4G Network" phones, that use the WiMax technology. With the first experimental tower built in Sweden, from the moment the WiMax frequencies were activated, people started reporting to the hospitals with dizziness, blurred vision and nausea. The tower was deactivated for heath concerns. Then the technology was introduced in America, and now there are numerous 4G Networks saturating the air of all our cities with their detrimental, life-damaging frequencies. Sitting in the airport tremendously compounds this weakening effect, since the concentration of cell phones is so high.

In addition, you are required to pass through a full body scanning device that actually hits you with ionizing radiation, the kind that "burns the skin." They say "it’s not enough to cause damage," however, the use of these scanners has been banned in Europe due to possible damaging effects on people’s health. America, on the other hand, has now fully embraced the technology and has installed these scanners everywhere in all the U.S. airports.

Once you’re in the air, you’re in a closed electrical system, with all kinds of wiring surrounding you, in close proximity. Many airplanes now offer wireless internet broadcast throughout the entire plane, filling the air with even more life-draining frequencies. Some flights offer satellite TV service, so every person on the plane has TV and satellite frequencies directed at their head, and behind their head (on the back of their seat, so the person behind them can have their own screen). You can’t even turn them off if you want to. You can just darken the screen, but that doesn’t stop the energy coming through the device, which is still "on."

We live in a crazy world, one in which people are being zapped constantly in the name of "being safe" and "having life be more convenient." Yet, no one seems to understand the bigger picture of what is happening to our health and well-being. Since the frequencies are essentially invisible, no one seems to be very aware that they are taking a tremendous toll on our bodies, minds, and emotions.

In years past, before the frequencies began to bombard us with such force, you would never hear of a flight attendant or pilot freaking out and screaming frightful things to passengers on the plane. Yet, there are a handful of incidents in the recent past of this nature. The airlines always say, "He (or she) was so stable, so professional" before the incident happened, and continue to scratch their heads bewildered as to how this could happen.

Airline personnel are people too, and they have to deal with the increased amount of frequencies at airports, since they work there. They have to pass through the security devices far more often than most people, including travelers, and are therefore subjected to increasing amounts of depression, fatigue, and physical disorders. Apparently we now need to add "mental disorders" to the growing list of problems created by these invisible, invasive energies.

Here is the problem: Anything electrical, electronic, or battery-powered creates an electromagnetic field which disturbs our own human energy field when it comes into contact with us. Frequencies from TVs, radios, computers, microwaves, and car batteries cause our energy field to dysfunction all the time. Overhead satellites (Direct TV, Sirius Radio, GPS, etc.) blanket the planet, hitting our unsuspecting bodies every minute of the day.

We get headaches; we feel drained and exhausted; we continually experience all kinds of new immune system disorders. But no one realizes that the frequencies have anything to do with it. You can’t see them. How can you blame something you can’t see? It is out of your awareness, for the most part.

Some people realize that the more they talk on their cell phone, the more tired they become, or the more they work on their computer, the more drained they feel. But these people are in the minority. Most people just pop more aspirin, eat more sugary foods, or drink more "energy drinks" to overcome feeling drained. Some try to "escape from their bodies" more through alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or overeating.

When you travel, you are usually excited about "getting away" and the adventure in store for you, particularly if you are on vacation. So, often your excitement about your trip keeps you from realizing that you are being drained as you wait at the airport, and as you ride in the plane. Yet, travel can be extremely draining because of all the frequencies you encounter.

The first step is to be aware of the potential energetic challenges of air travel. If enough people have this awareness, maybe the U.S. would wake up, as Europe has done, and ban the full body scanners for health reasons. In addition, becoming more aware of the problem empowers you to find new solutions that would have once been hidden from your view. There are things you can do to protect yourself from the onslaught of all the frequencies. It is a matter of educating yourself and being open to finding the right solution for you and your loved ones.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is an author, expert in "Telepathic Healing" and creator of the Rejuvenizer technology. She helps free people throughout the world—from their old subconscious programming and from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields—while helping them become more conscious and spiritually aware. She can be reached at: 512-301-2999 or www.lighthealing.com.

Light Healing

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