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by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Are you a "sensitive?" Do people give you a hard time for feeling too much? Is your psyche’s skin molting off to reveal tender little shoots of awareness that acutely grasp every little nuance of reality?

Environmental sensitivity, a relatively new "dis-ease," is increasing. The body’s delicate system is overburdened by toxins in our habitat and can no longer tolerate the buildup of poisons. This physical challenge mirrors a similar psychological/spiritual experience of heightened sensitivity to all energies. We’re losing our armor, coping mechanisms and ability to accept toxicity on any level. Physical environmental sensitivities pale in comparison to our increasing Cosmic Environmental Sensitivities.

Overtaxed with the task of assimilating and transmuting toxic debris, we’re also overloaded by the impact of the heightened vibrations that are blasting apart all blockages in the soul body. This creates a blizzard of karmic offscourings drenched with more soul toxins than the worst environmental poisons. Our poor little energy bodies are saturated, leaving us exposed and sensitive.

Maybe the Divine Plan wants us to get good and sick of the human distortions that dim our Light. Then, from a place of sheer repulsion, all the past life garbage stored in the soul will be rejected because we have simply become too sensitive to tolerate. When we all agree that sensitivity is a good thing, we can accept the experience of heightened exposure as our collective skin melts away under the cosmic heat of transformation that disallows our density to prevail in the new paradigm.

This mandates our departure from the numb zone. At this cosmic juncture evolution requires us to feel EVERYTHING in order to pick up on and engage with the subtle energies bombarding our world. To become a sensitive means that we are ready to embrace the vast infusion of sensation now filling our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Rather than shy away from this voluminous exposure, we must naturalize its impact.

To fulfill our responsibility as "torch bearers" for the New Age, we need to sense what is happening on the subtle levels and open in a way that our souls have not yet experienced on the earth plane. In spite of intensifying vulnerability, we’ve all agreed to become skinless in order to collaborate with the unfolding Great Change. Contact with subtle energy realms amplifies as we experience the bleed through from other dimensions at long last. We’re learning to "pick up" on refined gradations of energy through feeling, intuition, body sensation only perceptible through expanded sensitivity. Then latent gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and psychism will abound as we claim our birthright to really tune in, through increased availability for Cosmic Contact, and ultimately comprehend the underlying Template of Life.

We probably developed a "thick skin" in order to cope with the illusion of separation from Source. This supposedly enabled us to survive on earth without the help of the spiritual plane. What illusion! We pride ourselves on being tough. Ironically our survival depends on being open and sensitive to guiding messages. Animals, not too thick-skinned or numb to "sniff the wind," can sense storms and save themselves. Through increased sensitivity we can reclaim the animal instinct that allows us to take our lead from Mother Earth through an intimate perception of her communication.

Today there’s a mighty Cosmic Wind at our back. The only response is to befriend this rarefied energy through tuning in to its profound impact on our soul. We’re facing a huge evolutionary curve catalyzing a blizzard of breakthroughs. Why not collaborate with the frequencies bombarding our defense structures by allowing increased sensitivity to help us track and heal blocks in the psyche. Then the Universe won’t need to clobber us over the head with major trauma/crisis in order to shatter obstructions.

As children, many of us were accused of being too sensitive. Therefore we marvel at people whose oblivion sheds life’s impact like water off a duck’s back. But sensitivity is not a weakness. It’s a gift. Presently we’re all very tender inside. No one is exempt even if their personna is rock-hard. We’re feeling too sensitive because the shields that foster the illusion of imperviousness to others and the Universe are being demolished. We must treat ourselves with gentle softheartedness as we’re swept on a journey that exposes every hidden corner of the soul. Let’s design our lives to SUPPORT this increasing sensitivity as a way of being.

We can collaborate with this Divine thrust into sensitivity by learning to sense subtle energies through Chi Gung, Yoga, eating well, imaginatively playing with energy and being open. We’re like delicate stereo equipment geared to pick up on the finespun vibrations that link us to Mother Earth, each other and the Universe. Pharmaceuticals, bad food, excessive noise, denial of feelings, over-amped mental activity are all desensitizing. They shrink-wrap us in dense "black plastic" coatings similar to Earth’s exiling shroud that has "cut us off" from our intergalactic family. We’re so focused on blocking out the assaults of modern life that our natural ability to tune in atrophies.

We may feel like a live wire when sensitivity levels begin increasing. It’s challenging to ground our expanding awareness when "sensors" start receiving the strident clangorous energies inherent in the the collective emotional and mental buzz. It all feels like too much. How can we adjust? Rather than reclusively hide under the covers because we’re too sensitive, let’s trust the powerful energy of our emerging spiritual essence to synthesize all the colliding energetic impressions into an harmonious flow of mutual rapport, empathy and unity.

Experiencing the environment as one big Brillo pad, I scrape against the rough edges of reality and curse my sensitivity to the abrasive nature of people, someone’s negative glance, heavy energy in a room, congested environments and my own internal jagged harshness. My natural childlike sensitivity was scoldingly repressed by parents whose skin was unbelievable thick. It took many years to release the false belief that I was too sensitive. Finally understanding that everyone deep down inside is equally penetrable, I can embrace my psyche’s delicate nature. I’ve learned that I can’t be undone by the impact of people, environments and the greater Universe when I don’t resist but rather yield to these energies as a part of myself. Sensitivity equals openness — full exposure to the Love that surrounds and flows through us at all times.

The Tibetan’s finely-tuned energy field sensitively embraces me as we make contact. He teaches:

"Today’s heightened frequencies are preparing everyone for direct contact with the Masters, Angelic Force, departed loved ones and extraterrestrial friends by pulverizing and demolishing all areas of 'toughness' that supposedly protect the soul from hurt. For thousands of years earth’s energy field has been encapsulated in a black plastic-like substance. Humankind reenacts this blockage through individual and national defense structures. Accelerated vibrations are liberating earth from the darkened grid that exiled her from intergalactic neighbors.

"Nobody can be fully spiritually nourished while in a suffocating state of numbness. Therefore, humankind is now mandated to 'undress' — release all buffers that blunt sensitivity. Sensitivity, barrier-free, ignites loving union with all that is. Humankind — loaded with the sensors required for unlimited energetic exchange with the Universe —is destined to act as a 'receiving station.' When OPEN and AVAILABLE to the Outer Forces now impacting the earthly plane, self can model a new attitude that reveres sensitivity as the ultimate pathway to enlightenment.

"Tragically, many people exist without feeling anything. Numbness, used as a form of control, blocks the evolutionary need to be fully alive on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The stimulation that comes from powerful energies is missing. Amplified sensitivity reveals unprocessed soul wounds that require tender loving attention.

"The veils between the dimensions are thinning. Humankind fears this emerging exposure to the Greater Universe because this contact will nullify the collective’s false beliefs. Susceptivity to the Light through heightened sensitivity launches humankind’s return to the archetype of the Magical Child who stands naked, liberated from imprisoning buffers. This state of being yields gifts of clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, heightened perception of the elemental realm and the rarefied energy of the heavenly planes as well as a fine attunement to the internal realm of the soul not-yet-manifest. Once humankind realizes these profound benefits, sensitivity will be equated with strength.

"Humanity’s shift in consciousness is an infusion process. Therefore each individual needs to allow all energies to pass through self. This requires elasticity, permeability and deep relaxation. Sensitivity is mandatory for humankind’s emerging communion with multidimensional reality. Otherwise lack of sensitivity begets a clumsy obliteration of the fine-tuned aspects of life. Release the robot-like density that tramples the exquisite flowers of Source’s Divine Sensitivity — the delicate emanations of Love that permeate all.

"Humankind is destined to be the interface between the Earthly Plane and the Heavenly Realms. Help the ego with compassion to accept its increasing sensitivity. Everyone, relinquishing the comfort zone of the old paradigm, is shedding the obsolete energy body of the 3rd dimensional consciousness. The awakening of billions of Contact Zones encoded in the human psyche to restore the memory of Oneness — Unity — places humankind on the threshold of an untold ALIVENESS that interacts with the prodigious electrical emanations of Love, Light and Sound that flow all of Creation into the Vortex of Ecstasy that is Source."





Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriah@transformationaltimes.com  www.transformationaltimes .com.

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