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Excerpt from "Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart "

by Julie McIntyre

Chapter 6

Choosing another Way

The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.

--Konstantin Stanislavsky

Much of our current dysfunction, lassitude, and discomposure is the result of, and can be attributed to, the loss of our connection with nature, with old-growth forests, with wild streams and mountains. And it is the result of the loss of our connection with our own nature, our sexual nature, and our sensate, sensing, organ of perception--our body.

Edward O. Wilson warned us that “the more we take out of an ecosystem, the more unstable it becomes.” The more we take ourselves out of the ecosystem, distance ourselves from Nature, and from our own nature, the more unstable we, and our culture, become. If some part is cut off, or alienated from the whole, it is no longer whole. When our sexuality is cut off from the body of Earth sexuality we are unable to function as whole beings. And Earth is unable to function as a healthy organism because our relationship is dangerously out of balance. If we are going to live on Earth, then shall we be alive and live on Earth? As long as we live on Earth, we need to be whole; a complete, fully functioning whole. . . .

When we are in the depths of sacred sex and sexual loving we are in an ocean of senses, images, and meanings. These images and meanings are communications that flow between two lovers, between human beings and Earth. Because everything in nature gives off electromagnetic frequencies and nature is having sex all the time, the sexual energy of Earth is part of the sea of communications and meanings we live in every day.

Let’s begin to play and work with the heart field that each of us possesses.


Heart Field Meditation

Get comfortable in a cozy chair, feet on the floor, and take some deep, relaxing breaths. Now, bring your awareness into the area of your heart. Let your breathing move into your heart, as if you are breathing through your heart. In the beginning, it may feel a little tingly in that area, which is a good indication that you’re there. If you don’t feel it the first time, don’t panic; just keep breathing through your heart. You’re using a new sensing awareness, one that has been dulled through a lifetime of atrophy. When you feel that you can hold your attention in your heart, stand up and notice how you feel. Do you feel more present, grounded in yourself? Notice that your peripheral vision is expanded, that is, as you look straight ahead, you can see things to your far left and far right. With practice you’ll be able to feel your awareness move into different parts of your body.

Take yourself for a walk outside and find a tree that captures your attention. Sit down beside it and take a few deep breaths, relaxing more fully with each one. Let your eyes become soft focused upon the tree you’ve chosen. Notice everything about it: its colors, shape, textures. Now, ask yourself, “How does it feel?” What’s the first thing that comes to you? Where do you feel it in your body? Are there any sensations that accompany the feeling, images, words? Sit with the feeling for a moment.

Stand up and walk away from the tree about 20 feet. It’s helpful to pull your shoulders back and hold your arms straight out at your sides. When you do this, you may feel vulnerable and exposed. You are, that’s why many of us become habituated to rounding our shoulders and slouching so we feel that our chests, our heart, we, are protected. It’s also a way to feel less noticeable. Pulling your shoulders back and up really opens up the heart and lungs and can release emotions we’ve held there. As you hold your shoulders back, with your heart open, slowly begin to walk toward the tree with your heart field extended. Pay particular attention to the moment your heart field and the “heart field” of the tree touch. This is nonphysical touching; touching with the invisible, nonphysical field of the heart. Pause there for a moment and notice how you feel to be touched this way. Continue on toward the tree, noting if the field grows in potency as you move closer to the tree.

Now, ask your (inner) child to come and sit with you. As you keep your eyes soft focused, ask your child to tell you everything about this tree. She is the one who has direct access to everything she comes in contact with and to the world trees live in. She knows how to talk with them. Notice as well any feelings or emotions in your body. How do you feel doing this?

Next, ask your (inner) infant to be with you and hold her in your arms or lap. Infants have no language, but they perceive the world directly. Notice everything your infant does. If you need to, ask your child if she would translate for you. Children often translate for preverbal infants; they understand that language. Whatever movements, faces, changes in color the infant makes are all communications to you about the tree.

It’s helpful to keep a journal of your experiences, your “readings.” Just when you think you’re not becoming more sensitive you can compare earlier entries and see how much keener your perceptions are becoming.

You can do this with anything, but trees are so generous, have potent energy fields, and love to play this way. You may find if you do this with trees of various ages, saplings to very old trees, and of different species, that each has a very different feeling to it. Everything in nature has its own intelligence, sexuality, and personality, and they move through ego states just as human beings do. Some trees are sexier than others, just like humans.

Julie McIntyre is an Earth Ceremonialist and spiritual teacher who leads Earth Medicine apprenticeships, wilderness retreats, and Deep Ecology intensives through­out the United States, Canada, and Ireland. She lives in Silver City, New Mexico.

Availability: Now

Price: $19.95

To purchase this book visit B&N.com, Amazon.com, InnerTraditions.com, or your local bookstore.

Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart by Julie McIntyre © 2012 Destiny Books. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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