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Power Songs: Techniques to Help Call Back Personal Power

by Daniel Sharp

Since ancient times people have accepted that songs have enormous power. Still

today the magic of song is recognized as a sacred tool in many cultures. Navajo healers sing

long healing prayers over their patients who then report seeing improvement in

symptoms. Tibetan monks chant beautifully articulated prayers daily- infusing our atmosphere

with harmony, love, and peace. The Shipibo people use what they call "icaros" ((songs)) for

healing. For the Shipibo, an icaro can be used to take something out of the body that does not

belong or to create an energetic cocoon for continued health and well-being. For many of these cultures that are so very connected to the realm of Spirit, the entire world is made up of song.

Every rock has a song. As does every bird, every plant, river, cloud, and object. When we listen with our hearts we can hear the songs of the winds, the flowers, the trees, and rivers.

It is through this listening that we remember our world is vibrating with beauty, harmony, and

magnificent song. When we truly listen, we find that we too have a power song.

This song is a bridge of light connecting you to the realm of Spirit. It is a song that helps

clear all that does not serve your highest good: a song that clears your path to allowing your

every dream to come true. A power song is used before healings, in celebration, in thanks, and before a difficult situation to help let go of the Ego and move from a place of true love. When working from such a place there is no wrong to be done, only miracles to be created.

Finding a power song is a simple and profoundly sacred act. Many already know

their power song but have yet to fully embrace it. From a Shamanic point of view, a person is

never "learning" anything new, they are simply remembering skills that have been forgotten.

Here are just a few ways to find a song. Set the intention "I am open and receptive to accepting my power song."

? Take a meditation deep inside yourself and ask to hear your power song. Listen to the

words and melodies until you have it committed to memory, then sing it as you focus on

your deepest desires!

? Take an inspirational walk with nature. As you walk remember that you are surrounded by

the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - listen to the songs of the wind, the birds, and

the bugs... they will be singing your song to you.

? Go on a guided meditation or shamanic journey to meet a Spirit Teacher or Power

Animal. Ask this compassionate spirit to teach you your power song.

The key is to trust in the songs heard . They may come in a mother

language, or in what seems to be a string of vowels and random punctuation. Perhaps it

will sound like a popular piece of modern music. Perhaps it is a piece of Classical

Composition. Perhaps it is something else. Whatever song/melody comes through, accept the song and cherish it as it will certainly bring blessings.

There is no limit to what a song can help with - it is a

specially formulated gift from Spirit. It is a gift that will bring energy to an entirely

new level, gratitude to a heart, and inspiration to the Soul. When a power song is sung,

Spirit is evoked.

The support of a power song is endless. Close your eyes, focus on what you

desire, and sing your Power Song - that which you've always wanted will come to be.

Daniel Sharp is a Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Soul Coach in the Boston area. For more information call 781-763-7685 or visit www.BostonSoulCoaching.com

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