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Our Purpose Here on Earth

by George Catlin

The pressing need of our time is for an understanding of life that promotes effective, fulfilling action. We sorely lack such a perspective at present. Thus, we strive toward conflicting goals--seldom achieving anything of lasting value. Still, within the chaos of modern life, there is a subtle center of light, reason, insight and love which guides us forward. This center is the Soul, which exists at the heart of all being. Seldom consciously experienced yet ever present, the Soul is the very quality or essence of our life. It is the one constant in a changing world. It is the one true reality in a world of illusions.

To build a civilization around the fact of the Soul is the foremost priority for humanity. Nothing else will bring satisfaction, peace and harmony to our lives. All other possibilities, all other avenues of expression, lead only to discord and dis-ease. Such is the nature of life; such is the nature of civilization.

The first essential step in progress toward a Soul-centered society is the realization that life is a spiritual, not material, reality. This division, this confrontation of competing schools of thought, stands at the center of the crisis before humanity today. Are we spiritual beings who inhabit physical bodies, or are we physical beings who conjure up images of God as a way to counteract the seeming hollowness of life?

From the perspective of those who have won the greatest respect from humanity, there is a simple answer to this question. As Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius and many other great sages of the past attest, we are spiritual beings; life is a spiritual reality. Everything about us is the form-expression of a great spiritual life gradually working out its own destiny to return to union with God.

This is the essential fact of life. It is the key to all problems that confront humanity today. There is not one issue that cannot be resolved within this understanding. Environmental issues, international conflicts, questions of education, finance and religion all yield to obvious solutions once the fundamental fact of our spiritual nature is embraced.

To move from our present impasse to realization of the true nature of life, great teachers descend from their ancient retreats to offer us guidance and assistance when we are ready to accept it. Foremost among this group is the Teacher whose words are presented on the web site you visited. His lead will set the tone for the coming time. His call reaches to the hearts of men and women everywhere. His love inspires action. His will galvanizes the spirit of those who seek to serve.

All this is assured by those who have forever stood behind Earth's evolution, the guardians and guides of the human race. There has never been a time when these great ones have not watched over humanity guiding as best they can the errant steps of a young race. Today much of that group stands ready to reappear in the midst of the modern world. Already many stand among us working quietly and waiting patiently for the invitation and opportunity to come forward into broader roles-- recognized by greater numbers of humanity.

These teachers are the guides for the current moment in our history. They know our struggle and they know our strength. They too will offer assistance and we will have the chance-- indeed the golden opportunity--to accept and follow their lead. Should we choose to do so, a new age, a new civilization, will grace the earth. Should we choose instead to ignore their offer, all will be left to the chance of haphazard human free will. Perhaps we will find our own way to the essential recognition of our divine heritage and destiny, and perhaps we will not. Either way the ultimate course of human evolution lies solely with humanity itself. No guide, no teacher, no savior will ever infringe on our duty and destiny to exercise free will. This is the promise of the time. This is the offer that the teacher brings. Those who hear his call and can respond are encouraged to do so.

In the coming months the decision of the age will come before us all. It is the hope and prayer of those who have worked for ages to bring humanity to this point that we will respond from the highest within us.

George Catlin, Ph.D., is the author of two books on the spiritual path and the approach to humanity of the Masters of Wisdom: The Way to Happiness and The Long Journey Home. He lectures throughout North America on his understanding that we will soon see great, enlightened "elder brothers" who will inspire humanity to literally remake world on the basis of sharing, justice and right human relations. For more information see www.TheTeachings.org and www.Share-International.org.

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