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How to Manifest your desires through Meditation and Effective Prayer

by Yolanda Sing

We are all here in this life time to learn from our past mistakes so that we can evolve. We are all divine beings and all of our needs and wants are here for us now. The sooner we know this the better off we will be. Don’t buy into what is going on in the world. There are things going on in the world that is making many depressed and afraid. Do not let the negativity get to you. Focus on what is true for you. The truth is that everything you need is here for you now. Stay firm to what you know is the truth. Live in the moment. If you dwell on the past or the future, you will worry. If you worry you stop the divine flow of what you can have.

The world is constantly changing. The experiences in your life came from, your own consciousness. Did you ever hear of “you are what you eat”? Well, you are what you think. What is your thought about yourself or your life. What words do you put with “I am”. People say negative statements about themselves too freely. “I am poor”. “I am broke”. “I am sick”. The word you use with “I am” is what you will be. What do you want out of life? Many don’t know the answer to this question. Is it more money, a better job, or a loving relationship? What ever you want you can have already here. I don’t mean a prayer where you beg God for what you want. You have to decree or state what it is that you want. To pray effectively means to pray with the intention of getting what you pray for. There are simple steps to take to get what you need and want.

Everything is already here for you. You want to manifest it on the physical plane. To pray effectively you would first state what it is that you want as if you already have it. For example if you want a car, you would state, “I now have a car to take me where I want and need to go. Thank you God for my car”. Don’t say how you intend to get the car. Just know there will be one for you. You do not want to tell God how to get the car because you will only block the energy from getting it. After you state that you have the car, visualize a car with you inside it. Make the visualization look as real as possible. Picture yourself sitting inside the car and driving the car. Keep your eyes and ears open for information that will come to you. Years ago while I was working for the FAA, I went away to Oklahoma for training to get a promotion. Unfortunately, I had an emergency and had to leave early to rush home. I was told I couldn’t go back to train at another time because you only get one chance. I listened to what the Training Specialist was telling me about not being able to go back and train, but in my mind I continued to affirm that I was now training in Oklahoma City and nothing can prevent my good. I started to visualize seeing myself in the class in Oklahoma. I prepared for the training by studying because I knew that my time will come. I prepared for it. Preparation is very important. .The following year I received a letter stating I was to attend training in Oklahoma. Nothing is impossible. I can go on and on about the manifestations that people receive. Just remember to stay focused. If you start to worry, just change your thought s to something positive or make a positive statement.

A client of mine, Elaine had an income of 42,000.00 a year. She started praying for a larger salary of 80,000.00 a year. She eventually was hired as an Air Traffic Controller and expected to get an 80,000.00 income after becoming certified. Unfortunately the pay band was changed after Elaine was hired and the salary was dropped to 55,000.00. That is a big difference. She had just taken a mortgage out on a new house because she expected the raise. Instead of worrying about the amount of money she lost out on, she continued to decree in prayer and meditation that she makes 80,000.00 a year right now. She didn’t get involved in worrying about how it was going to come to be. That same year the government employees in her division were laid off including Elaine. A private company was taking over. Many employees lost their retirement. Elaine worked for the government for 20 years and couldn’t get a retirement package. The employees were depressed and afraid. Some of the employees worked for the new company that took over. Many didn’t know what to do next. Everything seemed in turmoil that year. The employees received a severance package of more than 20,000.00. Elaine worked for the private company. The private company paid Elaine a higher salary than the government gave her. Elaine didn’t worry because she knew that worrying only slows down your manifestation. She kept her mind centered on God. She looked into other programs to put aside money for retirement. Elaine worked for the private company for two years until she was able to get another government job. Between the severance package and the higher salary from the private company, Elaine was making her 80,000.00 a year! Elaine now works for the government again and she makes a higher salary than she did before. She will receive her government retirement package. You must be firm and know that God is the only source of your good. Stay focused on the truth and you will not be influenced by worldly views.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

If you were diagnosed with a certain illness, you can overcome it by first realizing it is not your true self. You are not the sickness. You are experiencing it but it is not what you truly are. Do not own it by stating ‘I am the sickness”. If you must mention it say, “I was diagnosed with”. That way you are not saying the sickness has any control over you. When you feel it has control over you, you feel sorry for yourself which will make you feel even worse. Some people enjoy the pity they get from feeling sorry for themselves but it will only hinder your recovery. I know it is hard not to feel sorry for yourself when you are sick. If you keep God and the Christ within you in your thoughts, you will benefit.

Say to yourself, “ The Christ in me is cleansing me and clearing me Right Now. Thank you God”.

There is no Inferior or Superior

We hold many different positions and occupations but spiritually we are all the same. No one is better than the other. Thinking that you are inferior will only attract more inferiority into your life. When you work at a job with a supervisor or manager, you do what they tell you to do because it is your job to listen and it is their job to tell you what to do. Consciously you must keep in mind that the supervisor or manager is not better than you. You are all on the same level. You just have a different job. If you are a supervisor or manager you are not better than the employees you are supervising and you should treat them with respect. The reason you may have a problem with your supervisor or employee, may be because of your thought patterns. First you should mentally say to the person you’re having problems with ,“The God in me salutes the God in you”. By doing this you are clearing any negative energy between you and the other person. During your meditation you should affirm, “There is no inferior or superior”. You should also include that you forgive that person and that the person forgives you. Remember, we are all spiritually the same so in reality there is no such thing as inferior or superior.

Below, is a list of promises you should make to yourself. To receive your flow of abundance, you need to let go of the negative actions you may do on a regular basis.


It is very important that you forgive anyone in your life that needs your forgiveness. If you do not forgive, you keep anger inside. That can cause a sickness or disease. Forgiveness is the most important thing you need to do. Once you release the bitterness you can manifest what you want in your life. You have to release it in order receive what you want.

Let go of material things

Let go of material things. Do not make it a habit of buying things you don’t need. Spending money on material objects that you will rarely use is not good. The more you focus on material things, the less it is you are focusing on the spiritual. Get rid of everything you do not need. Clean out everything in your home that needs to be cleaned out. Your mind will be clearer and your thinking will be more focused.

Let go of jealousy

If you feel bad because some one else is successful, you are jealous. This is not good because you are feeling bad for yourself. You should feel good for the other person. When you covet what someone else has you are expressing jealousy. Some people go out of their way to get what someone else has. These actions are very bad because you are letting material things control you. Jealousy of others only prevents you from doing what is best for you.

Stay away from gossip

You should not gossip about another. Sometimes the gossip is not true. People who gossip need to pay more attention to what is going on in their own life.

What you want is already here for you

Remember, God is the only source of your good. This is very important when you want to manifest something because there may seem to be obstacles. Someone may tell you it is not possible for you to have what you want or you may not have the right finances. That is when you remain strong and make the statement, “I know that no person, place or thing can prevent my good from me. God is the only source of my good. And so it is.


Think about what you want. Visualize it in your mind. See yourself with the thing that you want as if it’s actually here already. Decree, “I now have …. and everyone involved is happy”. Be very specific about what you want. Make sure what you want is something that you need and is for a good cause. What you want should not be anything that will hurt another.

Treasure Mapping

Treasure mapping is a very old technique. It has been around for over 60 years. It is one of the easiest technique for manifestation. Every now and then I may speak to someone who would say, “I used to do treasure mapping years ago”. But many do not do it now. I don’t know why. I make a new map every five years or so. It always worked for me.

Take a poster or large piece of cardboard. Place pictures of things you want to happen for you. It’s that simple. It will happen for you at the right time.


Take in a deep breath while filling your lungs with air. Hold your stomach tight. While holding your breath, repeat the mantra, “Sa ta na ma” three times. Then let the air out while releasing your stomach. Repeat this four times then relax. “Sa ta na ma” means “I am truth. Truth is my being”. This meditation helps you to become more centered ( more into your divine self).


Sit in a comfortable position. Imagine bright golden sunlight above your head. Let the light encase you filling your entire being until your entire body is filled and surrounded by light. Imagine your cells filling up with light. Imagine sitting in this light of love for a few minutes. Share this light of love with others throughout the day.

Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is your conscious spirit that is connected to higher dimensions. Your higher self is always available to you but it won’t interfere with your free will.

To bring in your Higher Self ground yourself by imagining that you are letting your umbilical cord drop down into the Earth. Place another cord in it’s place. Make it a few inches wide. Surround yourself with a golden aura about three feet around your body. Don’t focus on the size too much. Just know it is being done. Place a pink rose in front, left side, right side, behind and above your aura. Now say, “Higher Self come forth”. Imagine a pillar of light streaming down from above your head into the top of your head and through your body stretching all way down to the floor. Relax in the moment and feel the love of your Higher Self. Remain in this loving state for five minutes.

Yolanda Sing Licensed Metaphysician and Healer

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