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Channelings from Alicja

by Alicja

As channeled by Alicja from the Ascended Masters with the help of the Angelic realm

We send great waves of love into your heart and mind, awakening your love of life itself. As always, We bring many Blessings upon you and those you love and hold most dear in this journey of your Being. Do not worry so much, We ask of you. Release your guilt, your sadness and follow the joy, that is always in your heart. All of the Blessings of earth are upon you now. Be willing to receive these blessing, even if your knowledge of how to receive these blessings is unknown to you at this time.

Your busy-ness is applauded and yet ask yourself – is it necessary to always chase the images of your mind? Stop and listen to your heart. Much is truly going on and yet it is all so simple. Slow down your mind and stop chasing all that is not important. Spend time alone, in quiet reverence of You. Celebrate You. You’ve come a long way. You have accomplished much. Stop, breathe and allow yourself your own moment of glory. You, just as everyone else are as important. Do not overlook you and your gifts. Allow your goodness to shine, allow your light to be bright. Do not hide behind busy-ness – it serves no one.

There are many changes all around you. Do not fight change as change is inevitable. These changes are good and positive. There is much love here for you. With each breath allow this love to come to you. Right now, take a breath and commit to yourself – that you may not know how at this time, but that you are willing to allow love and goodness into your life. The Universe is stretching its arms out to you – all you have to do is open your arms to receive. Open your arms wide and affirm – I am willing to receive all of the goodness of the Universe. Only good lies ahead of me and all is well.

Allow yourself to spontaneously celebrate love in all of its aspects and nurture your Being.

As you allow your heart to synchronize its beat with the universal heart beat, your life will become immeasurably simpler and easier and full of love and joy. It is when you fight life – that life can not help you but patiently waits for you to shed your very own net of illusion.

You are free.

You are free to be anything and to have everything. Let your wantings be the guide you seek. Let your love be the guide you seek. Let your breath be the light you seek. Allow, just be. Your purpose is to bring healing light and love to this world.

With much love and gratitude,


Alicja has been an intuitive her whole life. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. In addition to her own business in Bennington Vermont, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a nurse at a local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

E-mail: alicja@alicjainnerlight.com Ph: 518.944.0760 Web: www.alicjainnerlight.com

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