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Emoto Event Celebrates New Age Icon

A.R.E. of N.Y. Center's Tenth Anniversary

What has brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to worldwide attention is his ground-breaking proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. By photographing frozen droplets of water exposed to positive and negative words and thoughts, such as "love and gratitude," or "you make me sick," Emoto has documented the startling differences caused by the vibrations of words and thoughts.

What does the ground-breaking work of this best-selling Japanese author have in common with the psychic readings of the Kentucky farm boy who became "The Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce? "Thoughts are things," according to the Edgar Cayce readings, "and can be crimes or miracles in their application." The best-documented psychic of all time, Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) gave over 14,000 psychic readings which were recorded by a stenographer. The information that came through these readings covered all aspects of health and healing, spiritual development, the nature of mind and reality, and much more. The wealth of information that came through Cayce made him the "engine behind the New Age movement" and caused him to be called "The Father of Holistic Medicine."

What else brings Dr. Emoto and Edgar Cayce together? Emoto is coming to New York City to be featured presenter in the first of several Tenth Anniversary Celebration Festival events presented this Fall by the A.R.E. of New York Center. A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) is the non-profit organization founded to research the Edgar Cayce readings and make them available to the public. One of the oldest and most respected of "New Age" organizations, A.R.E. has become a New Age icon. The A.R.E. of NY Center is the New York City branch of the national A.R.E. and offers workshops, classes and study groups on the many topics of the Cayce readings, particularly natural healing, spiritual growth and psychic empowerment. A.R.E. of NY also hosts a variety of health and wellness practitioners.

A.R.E. of NY presents Dr. Masaru Emoto’s fascinating powerpoint presentation, Beyond the Secrets of Water, on September 12th. Dr. Emoto will show and discuss his best-known slides, such as photos of water from the polluted lake at Fujiwara Dam in Japan before and after a healing prayer. (Prior to the prayer the freezing drops of toxic water failed to form crystals; after the prayer they formed beautiful snowflake-like crystals.)

Emoto will also share some of his evolving new photographic work and concepts. A fundamental concept is "hado." The two Japanese ideograms comprising the word "hado" (rhymes with shadow) literally mean "wave" and "move". Dr. Emoto defines hado as "the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness."

The Healing Power of Art; The Art of Healing: Bringing the work of Masaru Emoto and Edgar Cayce even more solidly together, Emoto’s work increasingly focuses on healing. He has identified a modality he calls "Hado Healing," and is training a network of Hado Instructors. Emoto also continues to explore the healing vibrations of music, images, poetry, flower essences and more. The photographic explorations he will share in his September 12th presentation include water exposed to national anthems, Beethoven’s Pastorale, the Tibet Sutra, Japanese folk songs, a children’s choir — and heavy metal music!

The theme of A.R.E. of NY’s Tenth Anniversary Festival is also The Healing Power of Art; The Art of Healing. (While many people are aware of the multitude of natural remedies recommended by the Cayce readings, it is less widely known that the readings spoke about the healing power of music, color, words and other forms of artistic expression.)

A.R.E. of NY’s special Anniversary events include sacred drama ("The Revelation: A New Heaven and a New Earth" by Irish-born dramatist, Mark Finnan); a workshop on Awakening the Chakras Through Sound (with noted sound healer James D’Angelo); Opening to the Intuitive Arts (a mini psychic fair); and talks and presentations by Charles Thomas Cayce (Edgar Cayce’s grandson), Sidney Kirkpatrick (award-winning author of the Cayce biography, Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet) and Kevin Todeschi, current CEO of the national A.R.E.

The Festival, which begins on September 12th with Dr. Emoto’s ground-breaking work on water and the healing arts, culminates on October 6th with a concert of healing arts featuring singer-songwriter Laura Berman (about whom one critic has said, "Her voice isn’t just that of an angel. There’s a whole heavenly gospel choir channeling itself through that tiny frame"). This is suggestive of another quote from the Edgar Cayce readings: "God is a God of the living way! He is life! He is love! He is beauty! He is harmony! He is music! (Edgar Cayce Reading #281-25)."

Whole Foods ™ is donating refreshments for a reception for Dr. Emoto’s audience on September 12th, Other sponsors of this event are the Meta Center and the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach

All festival events take place in Manhattan. For a calendar of events or to make reservations, call A.R.E. at 212-691-7690 or visit www.arenyc.org.

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