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Mary Magdalena: 2013 & The Celestial Body of Love

by Virginia Ellen

You have been rising up as time speeds up; I will refer to this as the cycle of evolution. The reason for the speeding up of your time on earth is that the earth is moving closer to the energy of the Golden Age and its light frequency. The frequency of the Golden Light is that of Divine Love, and it vibrates at a very high speed of light energy.

Once the earth and its inhabitants lived in the Dark Age and its frequency moved very slowly and was very dense. Then the earth moved into the Bronze Age, then the Silver Age, and as you moved, the frequency of earth kept getting lighter and moved faster. You are now moving into the highest vibration as a planet.

The old ways are being dissolved and dismantled in the monetary system. All of the systems that are based on lower consciousness and energy will go through this transformation into one of Divine Love.

The year 2013 is the beginning of the Golden Age. The Divine Feminine is the leader of Golden Light, and represents your Divine Love. The Divine Feminine within each of you has a purpose; she leads you home to Spirit, to love, to peace and to joy.

The world will be at peace and live in higher consciousness as the
Golden Light of the Divine Feminine lives through humanity. This will occur as you enter the Celestial Body of Love, and as you enter this
Holy Place, the Divine Feminine will activate your Sacred Seals.

The First Wave of your Ascension is the Activation of your Sacred Seals

Within humanity lies dormant a great energy, it is the energy of pure crystal light. This divine energy is located in your Sacred Seals. Each Sacred Seal is a chamber of this divine energy and within each lies crystal light. This crystal energy is the purity and power of the Christ Light. You are connected to the earth grids through the crystal light of the Christ within you.

As your activation begins it expands the DNA systems and the third strand of the triple helix begins to develop. The triple helix brings about great emotion and you begin to cleanse your emotional body at a deep level.

It is the Divine Feminine within humanity that is the activating force. She is the true source of creation and transformation. This powerful source that lies dormant within humanity is often called Shakti. It is a force that ceaselessly manifests, creates and heals you from the inside out. It is the power and wisdom that activates the Sacred Seals, the lost Kingdom within humanity.

The Goddess begins to dance her dance of life within you, awakening you to your true sensual state of being. You must sense life to truly live life fully. One of the gifts of the Goddess is her ability to activate your Sacred Seals and transform distorted energy.

Once your Sacred Seals are activated you will be saturated with Divine Love. The Divine Feminine is like a mother and she will constantly care for you and nourish you. After the activation you will be taken to the ultimate goal, without a doubt. You will ascend to higher frequencies as the Christ Light activates within, reaching untapped power and wisdom. Your body will be illuminated by the Light within, your soul will be educated, and your mind enlightened.

When the activation process begins it is experienced as a birth - very similar to a human birth. You will begin to spontaneously breathe a breath similar to those taught in natural childbirth, and the inner muscles within the pelvic area begin to contract as in the birth process. The Supreme Intelligence of the God within the Seals begins this birthing process.

The Mother within the second chamber is referred to as the Womb of Mankind. The Divine Mother energy found within this womb has the power to return you to your purity, transforming fear and darkness into Light and Love.

When you activate your Sacred Seals you enter the Holy of Holies. In this holy place you have access to divine knowledge. In the Holy of Holies the Truth is revealed to you to be understood, realized and finally lived. This is the process of ascension. Your conscious and unconscious mind begins to understand Divine Wisdom, and then the realization of this wisdom is experienced. After you experience the wisdom and realize the Truth for yourself you begin to live the Truth. This is the final step - you are then demonstrating your Christ Self.

You meet your Divine Self in your Sacred Chambers of your Seals. Then you begin to live your True Self, which is living in the world but not of it. Your mind becomes clear, peaceful and calm.

You will speak the Truth with Love. Your actions and word follow your love and wisdom. You set the rules in which you abide, you set the pace and live within your own rhythm. Nothing outside can manipulate you, and you stand as a Christ. You stand as Truth, Wisdom and Love. You are free.

The Divine Male has an important part to play in bringing the Golden Light of Divine Love to the world. The Divine Male in each one of you has the strength to follow the Lead of Love. He also will have the courage to Live this Love in his actions, words and deeds.

The Second Wave of your Ascension is into the

Celestial Body of Love.

The Circle of Love is an orbit of a Celestial Body. It is a realm of energy that has a great influence on the world. You will learn how to love yourself, and as you ascend into the Fifth Dimension of consciousness you will be crowned with a Halo. The King's Ring will be presented to you as a being of Self Love. The Halo and King’s Ring both represent completion. You cannot be complete until you truly love yourself.

Your life will begin to rotate around the orbit of the Celestial Body of Love. As this occurs you will become truly one with the Divine, the All That Is, by loving yourself.

When you finally love yourself you will find peace and true joy. Your life will be fulfilled because you follow your love. You will no longer give yourself away and betray yourself. You will hold yourself as Holy and Sacred Life and therefore, you will be entitled to all things.

When you truly love yourself you love God, for you understand you are God incarnate. Then you will be complete, you will know your Oneness will all things.

Virginia Ellen

All of Virginia’s work stems from a near death experience in 1989 where she came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. During that profound encounter, she was given the chance to return if she agreed to change every concept she held about life. Once she agreed, Virginia found herself with knowledge she had not possessed before and discovered a deep love within herself for the Divine. She was shown how the unconscious mind was created and how to recreate it so one can have more, be more and do more. For the past 20 years, Virginia has been transforming the very concepts she agreed to change, developing, growing and learning from her own healing.

She has inspired thousands to find their true selves with her wisdom, her love and her passion. Virginia is a woman who lives the Way of the Heart and joyfully walks her talk…and it is abundantly clear in her voice.

Virginia Ellen is an author, medical intuitive, mystic, and coach. She founded Sacred Heart Yoga and developed The Medicine of Love: Reprogramming the Unconscious Mind. She is featured in the award winning documentary What IF with experts Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel and others on the biology of belief, emotion and the law of attraction. She is author of Sacred Heart Yoga: a Personal Resurrection into Love and Perfect Peace: Jesus’ Way to Attain Peace along with numerous CDs. http://reprogrammingtheunconsciousmind.com

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