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Making the Most of Your Energy Healing Session

by Cinnamon Crow

What is really happening during an energy healing? Why do some seem to have magical experiences and total recoveries while others don’t? Do you have to believe in order to have a successful energy healing?

As a healer, I have to detach from the outcome of a healing and release any preconceived ideas I may have towards my client’s recovery. I have seen believers not be healed and skeptics receive miracles.

Here is an example of a miracle healing. I was contacted two months ago by a Reiki Master friend. She wanted to help her sister; but, feeling too close to the situation, she asked me to conduct the treatment. The first question I asked was if the client was willing to accept a healing. The sister was willing to try anything although she didn’t believe in energy work.

Upon arriving, I talked with the client for over an hour. She was desperate to get pregnant. She was scheduled for an in vitro fertilization two months later and wanted any assistance she could get to make the treatment successful. The process is very expensive and they only had the resources for one.

My friend and I worked on her for over an hour using both Reiki and Cosmic Vibrational Healing. At the end of the session we sat down to counsel her again. I gave her suggestions for stress relief, affirmations and visualizations to do for the next eight weeks.

The client refused to do the visualizations and was reluctant to do the other suggestions. I left her house wishing for the best but with no expectations.

Two months later, I received a text from my friend. Her sister went to be prepped for surgery for her fertility treatment. After getting the blood tests back, she discovered that she was already pregnant!

Did she do the post treatment exercises? I don’t know. What I do know is that no matter what the conscious mind might think, the real healing comes from the Spirit. The skeptic can be healed miraculously.

There are times when those that do believe are not healed. It isn’t a lack of faith. The client’s Spirit has a higher purpose for the disharmony in the body. Healing may or may not come later, but for now, everything is exactly the way it should be.

An energy healer is only the channel or director of energies. While a healer might release blocked energies and strengthen weak areas, the real healing comes from within the client.

The healer acts as a mirror reflecting Who The Client Really Is. This means that the healer sees the client in his or her highest form, a perfect soul. No matter what happens in the body, the soul is always perfect.

While the healer adjusts energies, she also maintains a vision of the perfection of the client’s soul. The client must agree to the rearrangement of energies and accept this new vision. This is seldom a conscious agreement but instead occurs on a spiritual level. If the client agrees with this picture, healing in the body will occur. If the client disagrees, the newly balanced energies will shift back to their original state soon after the healing session.

So what can you do to ensure that your next healing is a success? First, have a clear idea of what you wish to gain by the healing. Discuss this intention with your practitioner before your treatment.

All physical ailments begin first in the spiritual realm. It is a spiritual malady. Physical symptoms manifest to bring your attention to a greater underlying spiritual ailment. Healing the symptoms without addressing the root cause will only give you a temporary fix. Be open-minded to the thoughts, feelings, pictures and memories that surface during your healing as these are most likely the cause of the current disharmony in the body. Acknowledging and consciously releasing whatever comes to mind during your session will go a long way to ensuring a successful treatment.

If you are not healed after a session, go within and find the source of dis-ease in the body. Where is it located? What is it trying to tell you? What are you getting out of this disharmony? Ask your Spirit for clarification as to the purpose of the ailment and the root cause. Do you use it as an excuse to not move forward? Is it a shield? What is it hiding?

When you can release the hidden fear or resentment attached to the dis-ease, healing can begin. Remember that ultimately all healing is done by you. Remember Who You Really Are…a Divine being. You are the Creator made manifest in physical form. You have the power to change your reality, including your health, by the power of your thoughts. Getting in tune with your Higher Self before the treatment will help you to align your thoughts and intentions with your Spirit.

Be well. Embrace wholeness. Unlock the door to Who You Really Are by accepting nothing less than perfect health. Stay in tune with your body for it knows what the Spirit wants and needs.

Cinnamon Crow is the author of The Chakra Zodiac Healing Oracle & Teen Oracle. She is a Reiki & Cosmic Vibrational Master Teacher. Visit her at www.cinnamoncrow.com

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