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Excerpt from "Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael"


by Kelly A. Hampton

Let me describe for you how angels are known and ranked in The Kingdom of Heaven. When God created humanity He created angels to help. He made mankind in many endless varieties and He intended to have angels follow the same pattern. How many angels have you been taught that live in The Kingdom… ten thousand… twenty thousand… fifty thousand? The answer is I do not know the exact number. It is constantly changing. That is another law of the universe- change. If there are five billion souls in The Kingdom at one time, then there are at least five billion angels, probably more. If several hundred thousand souls reincarnate, then several hundred thousand angels go with them. It is a fluid concept, numbering angels. It is much easier to explain what the powers of angels are. When God created beautiful beings called angels he determined them to have no gender, and no malice. As time went on God created faces for the angels. The very first angels had none. Upon entering The Kingdom; a soul would be greeted by faceless beings. So many souls expressed a desire to see their helpers that God changed this. Once faces were created, it was still God's command to keep angels genderless.

There are small angels, large angels, angels without wings, and of course, angels with wings. There are angels with white wings, angels with pink wings, angels with gold wings, angels with rainbow-colored wings. There are angels who have been to the earthly plane and those, like me, who have never been to this realm of living. Of course, we are love and salvation. That is why I refer to salvation in the title of this chapter. It is worthy of repeating-salvation, salvation, salvation. We were created to save humanity, and this we do, when called upon, with great love and gratefulness in our hearts. You may ask what some of the powers of angels are and I will tell you this: An angel can do anything God can except on a smaller scale. Does this surprise you? It should. It surprised me. No, I am not a blasphemer. It is simply the truth. Let me cite some examples.

If a soul on earth finds himself or herself in a dire situation, those who are enlightened call upon an angel. Let us suppose a fire has struck their home and they are desperately looking for a

loved one. If they call on me, I fly down to the level of the Sacred Garden, so that I may hear them better. Yes, this too, is true. We are energy and energy can dissipate or resonate. Once I arrive at a level for clearer communication, I can do any number of things. I can choose to extinguish the fire; I can choose to have a windstorm blow in rain clouds. I can choose to let the fire continue to blaze if that was written into this soul's chart, but choose to save them from sure destruction. In most cases, to save a soul from an earthly death, the power of an archangel must be summoned; the larger the angel, the greater their power. Therefore, the ability of small-sized angels is limited to things of a spiritual nature. For example, an earthly soul prays for forgiveness, and then small-sized angels can assist. You may be questioning my words right about now. Some of you I know were never educated in this manner. Let these ideas lay in your conscious and unconscious mind for a night or two or three, like rain drops lying on a leaf.

Here is another example to help illustrate the power and ranking of angels. Smaller-sized angels are also known as fairy spirits. Let us suppose that a soul living on earth makes a mistake,

a huge mistake in the eyes of my God. For your understanding, if they call upon a fairy spirit, they normally will not witness a change major enough to correct the sin. That is why when a soul sees no change or improvement in an ungodly situation they begin to question the power and reason of my God. Yes, charts have been written, and some lessons must be learned,

but remember also, that angels can change a chart; but only if the angel is of high enough ranking to do the job. Now you may be thinking that this is excessively complicated for spiritual solutions- summoning the “proper” ranking angel. I would agree. The universe normally does this for you. I will and have come to the aid of many a soul without being called by name. However, it does expedite the message if my name is spoken aloud.

Perhaps another example is called for? A young woman lies awake at night, night after night, wondering about the future with her husband. She cries for help from God, yet days and

months, even years go by without any noticeable improvement in her situation. Does this mean that her prayers have gone unanswered? Does this mean that we angels are ignoring her

pleas for help? Does this mean that she charted a path of pain and suffering for this present life before she could move forward? The answer to all is, “No!” It is true, however, that the main purpose of an angel with lesser powers is for assistance in crossing over. In addition, there are entire legions of medium-sized angels called Mercenaries, who are powerful. After the Mercenaries, is another legion of angels called the Epiphany angels. They are the angels right below my level. I call upon them for help on many matters. Think of us as living things that have multiple layers woven together. We think of ourselves as united in harmonious purpose. Our purpose is healing, light, and love.

Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael, Amazon.com, itunes.

ISBN 978-0-615-15887-7 Blue Moon Publishing $14.95

Kelly A. Hampton is the author of Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael and 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael, both books divinely inspired by the Archangel Michael himself.

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