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Don't Worry About It!

Soul Connections

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Are you a worry wart? I am! Even though it’s completely irrelevant to the synthesis of my life, to break the grip of obsessive worries seems impossible. But it’s such an indulgence in a dementedly toxic waste of time.

Worry clouds vision, deflates the spirit, churns the stomach into knots, constricts the heart and generally makes us miserable. A generator of fear, worry plagues the emotional body, taxes the adrenal glands, ages us with furrowed brows, graying hair and stooped shoulders. It’s so compelling to fall into pools of worry that drown the soul, convincing us to rehash again and again every possible awful outcome. Worry bedevils us with all the ways our life can fall apart. This self-torture doesn’t let us rest for a moment in the Sweet Sea of Open Trust.

Worry is an affliction of the mind. Like swarming insects, its thought patterns gnaw away at our positive force field, compounding upon themselves while relentlessly gnashing, stewing, agitating, vexing us into sheer madness.

What are you worrying about right now? Certainly something has crept into your mind to undermine this moment of pleasurable exploration! Does your favorite list of worries insert itself in moments when life feels good? Worry fills the gap between accepting our birthright of happiness versus feeling compelled to brace ourselves for life’s inevitable disasters. It fuels unease and hinders the soul assignment to quiet the mind.

Clutching onto worries like a security blanket from toddler days, I refuse to allow my Higher Self (or the Tibetan) to relieve me of my frenzied foreboding. How dare they convince me there’s nothing to worry about! Worry is how I rehearse the worst scenario — as if that prepares me for life’s curve balls.

Ironically, 99% of my worries never come to pass. And the rare time that an apprehension does manifest, its ramifications are never as dreadful as my distraught mind portends. Given worry’s bad track record, it’s lunacy to keep buying into the billions of concerns that don’t materialize. Why give credibility to this sick mental snare?

Worry’s favorite stories always end with a sense of impossibility, helplessness, disintegration, tragedy, anguish, failure. However, life unfolds within a greater spiritual context that provides everything we need to handle even the most rigorous challenges. Left in its bleakest outcome, we usually don’t ask ourselves what comes next at the end of worry’s broadcasts. Forgetting that nothing concludes that way, we fix on the endpoint of worry — hypnotized by thought patterns that wind up atrociously.

This mental arsenic poisons joy, handicaps creativity, shortens life and perpetrates limitation by reinforcing all previous vicissitudes. Like automatons we slog through life enslaved by the tyranny of the disquieted mind. Shackled to the worst, utter boredom underlies our fate as prisoners of worry’s treadmill of predictable responses.

Worry convinces us that Fate, instead of fostering growth and fulfillment, is out to get us. If we worry about something enough, supposedly we’re taking care of the situation ahead of time — bizarre logic! Worry agitates and incites which makes us feel proactive. But all we’re doing is stirring up a cauldron of mental monsters who proclaim the daily apocalypse of our lives. Worry gives a false sense of control — playing out the worst possibilities in order to cover our bases — a pathetic gesture in the face of life’s Great Mystery.

Perhaps we’re more comfortable with worry’s racket, like a noisy radio blaring out nightmare predictions, than the sweet silence of inner peace. Blizzards of worry flood the lower mind, obfuscating our pathway to the higher mind. Worry erodes the insulation around our nerves leaving us "fried" by its merciless static. It blackens the aura, devouring all contentedness. Worry is automatic, entraining us into a trance so pervasive that we don’t even realize we’re worrying.

Worry springs from taking life too seriously — no room for the Cosmic Jester to tease us into letting go. It prompts us to second guess decisions and intuition. A barometer of distrust, worry barricades our surrender into the Universal Flow.

Are we being irresponsible if we don’t worry? To worry about friends/family doesn’t help them at all. We’re not taking care of them by worrying — only projecting fear toward them while upsetting ourselves. Worry’s the most useless waste of energy possible. We assume it protects us from something — but what? It certainly doesn’t prevent life’s challenges.

Currently we’re riding a prodigious evolutionary trajectory that demands a receptive, optimistic mental body free from worry’s inflamed vexing insect bites. Only then can we employ the lower mind to collaborate with the imagination to out-picture the emerging consciousness — one based in ecstasy, not suffering. We can’t allow worry’s termites to eat away at our positivity. It doesn’t help to wage war against these insects by conjuring up happy outcomes in our thinking. Nor should we simply yield to the demoralizing wash of "What ifs," hoping they will pass once the mental energy dissipates. Usually by the time worry wanes, we’re exhausted, depressed and angry at Source for the constant roadblocks foretold by worry.

Our only liberation is to initially employ the lower mind rather than let it run amuck with anxiety. We can logically analyze the situation and then strategize the best possible game plan. After that our only recourse is to LET GO — no need for further review — in order to embrace the territory beyond the lower mind — the Mystery. What a relief to give the mind a rest and trust in the best.

The Tibetan’s worry-free face, smooth and peaceful, smiles as he teaches:

"Try to suspend worry for one full hour! No one is born worrying. It’s an acquired habit. Return to the state of the magical child by relinquishing all worry.

"Worry consumes tremendous energy and constricts the chakras. It’s negative voltage burns out the nervous system. Worry can lead to madness because it adamantly reiterates the same "what ifs" until one’s awareness is entirely consumed. The mental body becomes so clouded that it’s impossible to hear the quiet inner voice of guidance.

"Worry is an indulgence. It requires discipline to disbelieve worry’s negative stories. Everyone has a great opportunity when placed at the edge of mystery to hold fast to the moment and simply be aware — open — available — without worry’s preconceived agenda. Humankind is being challenged to unconditionally embrace the Divine Plan without succumbing to the ego’s contrivances that block sensitivity to the accelerated energies. Worry is certainly not a part of the emerging consciousness.

"Worry, the enemy, is seductive. Like quicksand, the more self struggles to leave it, the more it pulls down one’s vibratory rate. The only antidote for worry is humor! To laugh at the absurdity of self’s worries removes all credibility from foolish mental melodramas. This is an opportunity to build an implacable center that brushes off worry like mosquitos buzzing in the ear.

"There’s no need to be a victim of worry’s tyranny. The lower mind cannot reign supreme over the great field of Light that is the soul incarnate. Self has dominion over the lower mind. Worry is not to be revered above and beyond intuition/wisdom — the real compass of the soul.

"Worry only magnifies life’s roadblocks. It’s not really a conveyor of information but rather a generator of useless static. After a situation has passed, the worries associated with it fade like a cheap substanceless movie. Self often laughs in retrospect about the craziness of having worried so during difficult times. Why not cultivate that amusement toward worry DURING the situation and luxuriate in the accompanying joy that floods the body with relaxation.

"Be pro-active over the mind’s oppression. Utilize mental skill to assimilate and comprehend a situation/process without the contamination of worry’s poison. Analyze when necessary, strategize creativity while listening for the inner voice of guidance and practice patience in the not-knowing. Then LET GO.

"There’s always something to worry about. Worry is never satiated. The mind can be hypnotized — ‘possessed’ — by misgivings. Although this activity seems normal, it’s insidiously cancerous to the soul. Worry eats away at the healthy ‘cells’ of one’s birthright of joy and well-being. Every moment holds the choice to either be enslaved by misgivings or to laugh at the absurd assumption that dreadful outcomes will prevail. Worry is a thief that prevents self from really living life, savoring delight, touching the heights — as if its distortions were more compelling than the sweet magic of the soul.

"Dare to be worry free! Laugh at the mental ego’s distortions. Engage self’s process with curiosity not negativity. The lower mind is only a subcontractor of the soul — not the captain of the ship. It’s easier than one would think to simply redirect thoughts. This discipline yields mastery over the mind. Eventually all worries will be automatically disregarded. It’s absolutely unnecessary to waste one’s precious existence on negative mental stories that are thieves of the spirit. Embrace true freedom and harness the lower mind to collaborate with the higher mind in a glorious partnership of creativity and Divine Inspiration."


Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@ comcast.net. www.transfor mationaltimes .com.

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