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Excerpt from "New Reiki Software for Divine Living"

by Brett Bevell

Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening is the most advanced Reiki tool I have ever experienced or known. It works from a place of Divine grace and is guided by Divine intelligence. Yet because it is imbued with this deep sense of Divine grace, it is full of grace, or in other words graceful. It is elegant and serene in all of its functions. Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening is an energetic embodiment of all Reiki teachings, all Reiki possibilities, all Reiki lineages. It is all inclusive of all Reiki symbols, and evolves with human consciousness so that as new Reiki possibilities emerge, they are made immediately available through this amazing crystal.

How this crystal works is also amazingly simple: it runs by intention. If you intend the crystal to send Reiki to your stomach, it will. If you intend it to send Reiki to your liver, it will send Reiki to your liver. If you ask for it to send a treatment for a specific period of minutes, it will send Reiki for that specific amount of time. All that is required of the practitioner is to clearly focus their intention and ask the Reiki crystal to perform the requested function.

This crystal can also perform more than one function simultaneously, such as sending Reiki to your nervous system while also sending Reiki to an issue in your past that might be the cause of a specific nervous disorder. Or sending Reiki to your digestive system while also sending Reiki to a meal you had earlier in the day which may be the cause of an upset stomach. The crystal is literally programmed by your own thoughts or vocal command, and guided by Divine intelligence, so that no harm can come from using the crystal.

If you are someone who is already a trained Reiki practitioner who enjoys sending Reiki treatments to others, or even a Reiki novice, you can now use this crystal to send Reiki treatments to numerous people simultaneously, again by simply intending it to happen. Other things you can do with the crystal include programming an entire treatment for yourself, setting the intention of the specific areas of the body where the Reiki energy will flow, how long for each area, while also including any specific sequence of how the energy might flow. Then once you have set that intention you simply relax and enjoy the treatment.

All of this may seem far too radical for those who have been trained in Reiki, who are used to having to incorporate the Reiki symbols and specific hand positions in order to attain certain results. Yet this new Reiki crystal is truly a gift from the Divine, an expression of Reiki as Divine grace, which does not require our wisdom, our intellect, or any expertise to be welcomed by its capacity to heal and change our lives. Once you have been empowered with this Reiki crystal you can use the practice sessions in order to fully understand how easily this new Reiki system works.

The empowerment, will create an energetic Reiki crystal located in the area near the front of the middle of your chest, a few inches in front of your sternum. For those who are familiar with the Indian system of seven chakras of the human energy body, this Reiki crystal will exist in the area in front of the heart chakra. However, if you are unfamiliar with the chakra system, it is not necessary for you to have any understanding of that energy system in order to use Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening. Simply know that once empowered you will have an energetic crystal made of Divine

Reiki light, about the size of a golf ball, existing a few inches in front of the middle of your chest. You will most likely not be able to feel the presence of this Reiki crystal, except for when you are

using it. The way I like to think of this Reiki crystal is as a computer chip that is part of a Divine Reiki computer, capable of sending Reiki to any place at any point in time and space. Once you input your intention into this computer, through your visualization, your words, or through thought, then the Reiki crystal activates Reiki to flow as you intended it. It is very easy, very simple, once

you become familiar with the process. And for those who also prefer the human touch aspect of Reiki, as it has been taught for generations in traditional first degree Reiki training, you will also have the ability to use the Reiki crystal to make Reiki flow directly out of your hands. For those who are already trained as Reiki Masters, you will find that the Reiki crystal can also perform functions previously unheard of in the Reiki system, which will be more thoroughly explained in later chapters.

Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening offers something positive for all, regardless of your level of previous Reiki training or other energy healing experience.

Brett Bevell is the author of The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement (Crossing Press 2007) and Reiki For Spiritual Healing (Crossing Press 2009), America Needs a Woman President (Monkfish Publishing 2007), and America Needs a Buddhist President (White Cloud Press 2004). Since receiving his Reiki master initiation in 1995, Brett Bevell has dedicated himself to discovering new Reiki techniques that work collaboratively with the higher self. These simple techniques are not only highly effective, but also shift Reiki into a practice of daily living that can transform even the most mundane aspects of our lives into works of healing. He lives in the US.

New Reiki Software for Divine Living - An Energetic Embodiment of Divine Grace, by Brett Bevell. 978-1-78279-004-4 (Paperback) £9.99 $16.95, 978-1-78279-003-7 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99, published by Ayni Books June 28th 2013

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