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Allow Your Gifts to Come Forth

by Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP®

We bring Light and Knowing; We bring many gifts of healing. We ask that you quiet your mind and seek solace in the knowing that All will prevail in its goodness. Much is changing in your world and much is staying the same and yet so much fear remains on your planet and in the human hearts. Allow Us to help all of you to release your fear from your hearts, from your soul, from your very being of existence. It is much that we must accomplish, so let’s begin anew with a breath of re-awakening.

Take a deep breath of just being centered in your Divine Peace and your Divine knowing. Breath is what connects you to Our world; do not hold your breath in fear, release into Love. As you breathe slowly and deeply, feel the peace that washes over your body and most importantly, feel the peace that fills your mind. Imagine a gold light entering your body through an opening at the top of your head and allow this Light of Gold to enter and fill your mind with love, peace and the well-being that your soul craves. This is your connection to the Divine; please allow this entering of this Light. Do not fear it as it only brings you love and connection to the Light above that has created you and the world you live in and the many universes you are yet to discover.

Trust in the healing that comes to you through your breath and allow for the daily connection with the Divine.

The time has come for all to seek the knowledge of the Universes. This knowledge will literally set you free.

Stay on course of your seeking.

Trust in the messages you receive.

Allow for your gift to come forth.

Your life’s purpose here on earth is to allow your gift to come forth. Your world is ready to receive your gift.

How do you allow your gift to come forth? Believe that this is your gift. That is all. Just believe. Do not doubt in your gift, do not question the handiwork of Spirit. Trust and know that all is evolving in its perfect way, at its perfect time and with the perfect clarity for all.

To those of you that have struggled for so long and still continue to struggle to bring your work forth into your world please know that the reasons are two:

1. You do not believe that you have a gift to share with your world.

2. You do not believe in your ability to bring your gift in to your world.

We are here to gently remind you, that it is not your responsibility to know how your gift will be brought into your world. It is not your knowing how it will unfold and where it will stop and how, if ever it will end. It is your knowing and believing that you have a gift to share with your world that starts the wheels in motion. Your gift starts you on the path of re-remembrance. Then only then you go forth and as you share your gift with others, you seek the council of your soul.

It is up to you to take the first step. We will gladly assist you in the continuation of your journey. Breathe and trust in your gift and your gift will find its way of unfolding in the best possible way. Your gift will take you to where your gift is needed most. Allow for your gift to unfold in its natural most peaceful way to you. Do not question it, fight it or attempt to understand it. Know that as you feel guided to share your gift with your world, your gift is already in existence and already fully manifested in its full Spiritual Truth. Allow this fully manifested gift to be here in your dimension by quieting your mind, re-awakening to your gift and believing that all is well and All will create the blessings you seek.

What is your gift, you ask? Again, with a breath of love and peace look into your heart and soul and ask your heart as you hold the image of the Divine Gold Light connecting with you, ask this Light for a message, ask for guidance, ask for blessings ask for your next step, ask and ask and ask until the answer is clear to you. Why do you hold so much fear in knowing your truth? Why do you not ask every moment of your life for guidance, for clarity, for knowing? When you ask, you will develop a certain amount of trust in your own inner knowing. As you ask, you will see the answers appear in your life as guidance from Us. You will learn to trust in your knowing of Us and in your intuition, your North Star. Your Guiding Light will develop in you and you will no longer stand alone, struggling in the dark, navigating through dark waters and dark nights of your soul.

Your every moment will become clear and vibrant and you will become more aware of the many gifts that you bring into your current plane of existence. Through your asking, we will take you to many places and many planes of existence where you will gain knowledge and you will receive the guidance you seek. Whether it is in your past or in the future time; a concept difficult for Us to comprehend, as to Us it is all the same, it is all happening at once, there is only one time, no past or future, there is only NOW. For now, practice daily your asking and learn to live in the now of your life. Connect to Us and ask many questions, as you seek that which already exists in the knowing of the Universal energies.

Break free of the denseness of your world and seek for your spirit to rise in its truth, through your breath, through your asking and through your believing in the gift that you bring into your world.

The time is now. Seek the now of your life and create the future that you seek in the powerful moment of your Now.

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP®  has been an intuitive channel her whole life. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a nurse at a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

We are never alone.


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