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Excerpt from "Cycles of Integrity"

by Denise Mattoo

To convey the message of the messengers’ message of God to man

How our Father/Mother God long to welcome us home

All the prodigal sons and daughters that have gone astray and wondered so far away from home

Come home my children come home

You have suffered long enough it is time for you to come home

Wondering far in the playgrounds of earth

With scraped elbows and bruised knees

As you have lowered your energy to that of lesser gods

Chasing after painted rainbows and false promises

Gave up your wings but still wanting to fly with bought and stolen highs

Falling off cliffs of illusion to bottom less pits of desire

It is getting dark the sun is going down it is time to come inside to you family of light where you belong

To supp at the table of your Father and Mother

Of healing herbs and elixir of light

It is time to come home my children of light

Come in from the darkness of Terra’s night



To right the wrong, the errors and wrong choices we have made is not who we are but what we have done.

We are not what we do we are who we are. Due to the subconscious programming adopted from the world that surrounds us, the world in which we learned to survive, the world that shaped our outer lives, a world of illusion, a world of laws and rules made by man in their own limited human concept void of spirit, divine wisdom, and unconditional love, a world of rules based on fear, greed and selfishness. So don’t beat yourselves up for what you have done, just forgive yourself and move on, on to bigger and better things that transcends the human psyche, into realms of peace that surpasses all that is of human understanding. Disassociate yourself from your erroneous deeds but transmute transcend and free that used energy and release it back to its divine origin with its original grand design.

As the “lie” has kept us in bondage of confusion

So the truth will set us free.

A lie cannot change the truth, it may temporarily camouflage it, but the truth remains unchanged.

Like all temporary things it does not last, lies and substitutes are manmade and has not the power to be eternal.

Eternality is what is and always will be.


Denise Mattoo, author and main character of this book has spent most of their adult life searching for their “Twin Flame”. In their relentless pursuit of that missing counterpart that resulted from issues of abandonment at the tender age of two months old, compounded with issues of being the middle child of an alcoholic parent. The sands of life that found itself in their oyster shell, as they plunged deep down to the ocean bed of their psyche, has offered them many a pearl of wisdom. They never stop at anything that does not ring true to completion, but grinds to powered dust of luster to find the truth. Their insatiable thirst for knowledge to satisfy the questions as to the whys and wherefores of addiction brought them to the point of discovering the “Science of the Cosmic Clock”, and their true calling. This science tells us the exact time and the specific cycles of our returning karma and gives us the opportunity to transmute the negative into positive and master the qualities of each cycle. Even though they were not addicted to any substance themselves, their search for that missing counterpart had taken on a quality not unlike that of an addiction. Their emotional desires are reflected in expressive dance, visual art, and poetry, some of which are included in this journeyed work. It is imperative that we learn of these cycles so we may prepare ourselves for the Golden Age of enlightened consciousness through the alchemy of changing our negative karma into that illumined state of consciousness towards our individualized cosmic purpose. Each one of us must have this “Golden Age” manifest within us. Where else would it appear?

You may purchase "Cycles of Integrity" at: Amazon.com

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