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The Benefits of Regression

by Dr. Brian L. Weiss

The path of our spiritual journey is an inward one, unique to each of us. Wise teachers can point the way, but only we can make the journey. We progress at our own speed, and there’s no schedule or deadline for reaching enlightenment.

Regressing to significant childhood events, to infancy, or even to past lives may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present time. Sometimes, just through the act of remembering, symptoms can be removed. Memories can lead to understanding, and understanding frequently leads to healing.

You don’t have to suffer from anything to receive benefits from the regression exercises contained within this book. You can recapture the happiness, joy, and spontaneity of childhood. You can even revisit loved ones—when you were all younger. You can remember past lifetimes, becoming aware through this process that your soul, your true essence, is immortal and eternal. You have lived before, and here you are again. You never really die, nor do your loved ones. You’re always being reunited, either on the Other Side (in heaven) or back here in this physical dimension.

Whether you suffer from symptoms and fears, or whether you’re just curious, there are many blessings awaiting you.

Many people have already been practicing regression exercises by using my CDs and audiotapes, and they’ve related important memories that they’ve discovered in the process. Valuable recall—particularly memories related to phobias, pain, or other symptoms that we carry with us as a legacy from past lives—can lead to healing.

Relief from chronic musculoskeletal pain can occur quite rapidly when its past-life roots are uncovered. For instance, a woman whom I had never met wrote to me saying that regression exercises had brought back a memory of having been hung in a previous life. After she made this discovery, the chronic pain in her neck—for which she had sought various forms of treatment to no avail—vanished. One interesting facet of her experience is that she discovered that she had been hung unjustly in this past life. Today, this woman is an advocate for the oppressed and the mistreated, a defender of human rights. When she remembered her past-life experience, she also understood her deeply ingrained inner drive to fight for the victimized.

I have regressed people suffering from asthma who were cured by recalling a death by fire or smoke inhalation in a past life. I also helped a young man who lost his fear of flying when he discovered that in a past life, he was the pilot of an aircraft shot down by the enemy in World War II.

Not everyone needs regression therapy—and even if no past-life memories are elicited, most people can profit greatly from simply practicing these exercises. In fact, approximately one-third of the people who do the exercises don’t immediately have recollections of past lives. Nevertheless, meditation offers other types of healing and benefits. For example, through the exercises, one can discover the power of mindful breathing, and one’s muscles will learn the feeling of deep relaxation and the release of tension.

Dr. Brian Weiss will be presenting a full day workshop on March 8, 2014 in NYC. Join Brian as he opens unexpected doors into the astonishing realm of past life regression! Register early - this event sells out! Call 800-654-5126 or register online at www.hayhouse.com/events.

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