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What is Bio Energy Healing?

by Susannah Spanton

Alisa, whose energy is delicate yet impecibly strong, was a participant of a Soul Coach class in California. She was from Australia and told great stories about a technique called Bio Energy healing. As time unfolded a series of events gave Alisa the chance to give several participants a Bio Energy treatment at sunrise at the top of a beautiful mountain. With a curious stance several other people observing wondered. “Bio Energy? What is that?

“Bio Energy healing is a series of hand movements that works in and around a person’s energetic field,” she described with great fervor. Throughout her description people were captivated by the description of this system of healing that has its rootage in the healing art of energy work and martial arts from thousands of years ago. She explained that the electromagnetic field which surrounds our body in a cocoon-like form is the space in which Bio Energy has its focus. When a person receives a session, it creates balance and flow for the inner and outer energy system. The sensation of energy moving in and around the body was a marvelous feeling and those who tried it received a powerful sense of calmness and balance.

One of the group members asked Alisa where she learned this energetic modality. Alisa explained that Bio Energy is very popular in Ireland. Alisa received her training in Ireland from teachers who provided an extensive curriculum and an intense practicum experience. She went on to say that there are very few schools that teach Bio Energy healing in the U.S.. Alisa’s teachers were trained by Michael D’Alton, who now runs the highly reputable School of Bio Energy Healing in Vancouver, Canada.

Bio Energy practitioners have had remarkable results with specific case studies and clients. Testimonials by the thousands are listed throughout the world with stories of people receiving more energy, being relieved from chronic pain, and experiencing a deep sense of calm allowing anxiety and fear to subside from their lives.

In a recent article, Patrick B. Massey, M.D., Ph.D., the medical director for complementary and alternative medicine for the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network, said “Traditionally, bio-energy healing was learned through a lengthy apprenticeship. It would take years of training before the apprentice healer became a good conduit for the flow of energy. As a result, bio-energy healers were few and far between. Today, there are many programs that have incorporated a relatively standardized curriculum. Some programs are very short, like over a long weekend. Other programs still take years of training, but are available to many people. I feel that longer programs allow for in-depth training and probably result in better bio-energy practitioners.

Energy healing is based on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create heat, give off light, generate electricity and even have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a physical space. Disease and illness are related to disturbances or blockages in the charkas, meridians and various energy fields. In theory, an energy healer balances the disturbances, removes blockages and even adds energy if needed”

For more information on Patrick B. Massey, M.D., Ph.D. go to www.alt-med.org .

Everyday demands of today’s lifestyle can greatly impact our potential to feel energetic and healthy. The human body has a fantastic potential to heal itself and often we become so depleted or blocked in our bio energy fields that our amazing bodies become compromised in an attempt to feel balanced and vibrant. New information in the fields of science and technology are providing intriguing insights about the power of energy and the impact that our electro-magnetic field can have upon us. Experiencing a Bio Energy course of treatment can accomplish a deep sense of relaxation by removing energetic blockages, creating balance so the body can have the space it needs to heal.

Bio Energy practitioners use a specific series of specialized hand movements around the body. Watching the Bio Energy session is like being a participant in an energetic theatre as the practitioner dances with ease and flow, gentle and graceful. During a one-hour session the client stands for the beginning segment and is seated for another portion of the treatment often experiencing a very deep sense of relaxation and a unique sensation of lightness.

A course of treatment consists of either four consecutive days of one-hour treatments or once a week for four weeks with a one-month follow up visit. Clients can choose either option based on need and availability. It seems likely, that due to the successful impact Bio Energy is having on thousands of people around the world, and there will be increasing popularity here in the US.

For more information visit www.michaeldalton.com  or www.reikimelody.com  info@reikimelody.com reikimelody.com 610.876.0757

Business Owner/Author, Bio-Energy Practitioner/International Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist & International Certified Soul Coach/Life Coach, Susannah Spanton owns and operates her own business Reiki MelodyÔand facilitates Reiki and Bio-Energy training courses and offers private sessions. For several years as a Reiki Therapist for a hospice company Susannah provided weekly Reiki sessions for hospice clients. As a part of a wellness care initiative, Susannah created Bio-Energy and Reiki opportunities for the hospice staff. Susannah brings over thirty years of experience as a business owner, trainer, practitioner and professor of college courses. Creating confidence for extraordinary learning experiences sparked the desire for Susannah to travel and teach the many gems of wisdom she has learned over the years. Susannah provides training in the healing arts throughout the United States, Canada, The Virgin Islands and Europe.

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