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Swinging Wide the Gates of Karma

by Alison David Bird

Boston Marathon survivor, Jennifer Kauffman, gave a poignant testimonial following her Marconic Reconnection, saying: “ I felt as though they were stitching together the shreds of my shattered Spirit.”

At the training seminar she attended on Martha’s Vineyard, in February, she told me: “Today and for the first time, I had the sense that I could run again, so I did. It felt so good!”

Some of the hardest experiences of all are karma clearings so we may be elevated above the fear paradigm and bridge the dimensions for Ascension.

It is evident during our training seminars that Marconics clears karma not just for the individual, but also for the venue, the ground it stands on and the surrounding area - to enable the planet to prepare for her Shift.

On the last day of a seminar held in the community parlor rooms of an old Congregationalist Church, we were informed by the Spiritual Hierarchy that the high frequency that we had all been steeping in for three days had finally culminated in four portals opening up within the church itself, allowing for the clearing of 200 years worth of karma between the church and the local community.

To have Ascended in the past required that we either died, and shuffled off the biological vehicle to enter the fourth dimensional Astral Plane in etheric form, or that we cleared 100 hundred per cent of our karma, and Ascended with our bodies intact. But Spirit knows that most of us cannot ‘perfect’ ourselves in one lifetime, so we have been given a special dispensation to clear only 51 per cent of karma in this incarnation to qualify for the Shift into higher dimensions, while avoiding a death transition.

Another aspect of the Marconic Reconnection protocol that has recently been more widely understood is that we ‘Graduate’ in a major way. We leave college, and the company of lower dimensional guides, and we begin University, in another town, with a new faculty of more highly versed beings, who will help further our Spiritual evolution; but we have somehow earned a greater respect and with it the freedom to move and play with a more liberal set of rules.

As an example, her Angelic Guides told Patricia Conte Nelson, they could no longer work with her; that they only worked with 3 -dimensional humans. She would be joined now by higher dimensional beings, and the nature of her blogged channelings would hold a much higher vibration and reach and even wider readership.

But the most compelling evidence was from a Shamanic teacher, Brad Hudson, who journeyed after his Marconic Reconnection, to join his spirit helpers, as he did twice daily, but when he did he discovered everything there was dead.

Lying on the ground he found his spirit helper, a dog, named: ‘shadow’. When he spoke to him, the dog simply lifted his head and said: “You don’t need us anymore”.

The Shaman understood immediately what was happening and realized he had been elevated. We learned his spirit helpers could still be reached, but only as friends or family members. He could no longer access them as guides, because he had reached higher ground where he was connected fully to himself at the Godhead.

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