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Tarotscopes for April 2014

by Jenna Matlin, Queen of Wands Tarot

With 7 Major Arcana dominating the Tarotscopes this month, April is a powerful month for personal transformation and change. This is a typical development as we begin a new season, fostering a spring cleaning of our homes, our hearts, our relationships and our energy. Big messages and beautiful pathways are making themselves known throughout the zodiac. I hope your Tarotscope resonates with you this month.

Aries — Judgment— Judgment is an intense card with spiritual implications that often suggests that you are going through an awakened period in your life. Perhaps winter was a hard season for you as this card indicates that you may have turned a corner. The tipping point has been crossed and all manner of happy and healthy things are in store for you. Now would be a good time to offer a symbol of gratitude for the feeling is as fresh as the breeze in spring.

Taurus —7 of Wands— The focus and theme for you this month, Taurus, is to stand your ground. You may find that others both professionally and personally will feel the need to test your boundaries, pushing your patience to its very limit. These boundary pushers may make you question your own reaction and motives, but do take heart, Taurus, as this card is a reassuring one; you are absolutely in the right to stand your ground and speak your truth. No one puts Taurus in the corner!

Gemini —Strength— April brings you, Gemini, a sense of balance that is sometimes rare. This month would be an excellent time to start up that idea, project or program long been simmering in the back of your mind. This month highlights your ability to see both the big picture and the small details, toggling back and forth between your blazing intellect and your natural spontaneity that will work for, rather than against, you. Green light, twin, make it happen your position is strong.

Cancer —The Chariot— The Chariot suggests that you might have been holding back on making a decision for some time now and the heavens are giving you a clear sign, strike while the iron is hot! For the month of April do make it your mission to complete a few things that you have been hesitant or procrastinating about. There is a gale force wind about to blow into your sails and things may begin to align very quickly. This could also mean a job or house relocation.

Leo —6 of Swords— Whether it be a relationship, a friendship, a job, or even a bad but entrenched habit, it’s time to move on, Lion. This card indicates that you are just coming to the place that we get to when we realize that the current situation is untenable. The leave-taking will not be easy and there will be some sadness but take heart because what will come after is going to be so much better than what you are dealing with now. Sometimes we have to re-break a bone in order to set it right, and this may be the hard emotional work being presented to you this month.

Virgo —The Moon— April may indicate a heightened intuition or dream state for you, Virgo. You may want to really start listening to your gut or begin a dream journal as the Moon’s appearance means things you are either working on unconsciously and intuitively, and messages are on their way to you. The Moon card is intentionally mysterious because what you are working unconsciously so important that the Universe is not allowing a spoiler. It is just important for you to know that you need to pay attention to synchronicities and dreams.

Libra —Knight of Cups— If you are single and looking, this is a very strong indicator of meeting someone who has a romantic interest in you. If you are currently involved then this may symbolize a time of playfulness and romance within your current relationship. This card emphasizes romance more than stability, like the act of dating rather than the engagement, the energy is slightly chaotic. Perhaps you will embody the energy of the Knight of Cups to inject a little heat into what you have currently going on, meow, Libra!

Scorpio —The Fool— April brings a lot of new energy into your life, Scorpio. Trying new things, going to new places and making new connections outside of your comfort zone is what this card can often represent. The Fool is a card that indicates ‘beginner’s mind’ so try not to over analyze your situation because this month is just about embracing change, throwing caution to the wind and emphasizing beautiful experiences. If someone invites you to do something silly/new/different say yes.

Sagittarius —The Sun— April looks to be a lovely month my dear Sagittarius! The Sun indicates an overall positivity in your life, luck, easy relationships and just enjoying all the goodness that life offers. If you have been in a defensive crouch through the winter then this card is practically singing that glad tidings on your way. During this golden time work on strengthening the relationships around you at this time. Also, if you need to pitch an idea or interview for a job you have an increased charisma right now with others and more likely to succeed.

Capricorn —4 of Cups— What are you reevaluating, Capricorn? This card can indicate that you are weighing options and feel perhaps a little restless with the choices you currently have. There is almost a sense of the grass is greener over there in this evaluative mind set. There appears to be an option you have not considered that would be the best one for you. Speaking to others and getting advice will help you to see the forest for the trees and make the best decision you can. There appears to be a need for objectivity.

Aquarius —6 of Pentacles— April indicates a flow of money either away from you or to you, possibly both. For example, as soon as you get a bonus your back fence comes crashing down, or a family member needs some financial help. As soon as you get it, it is gone again. But it is all blessings because you will have it to give and your sign being particularly generous, it will feel good to be able to. Don’t expect to hold on to any windfalls this month.

Pisces —The Magician— Whenever the Magician makes an appearance it makes me sit up and pay attention and that is the clear call to you, too, Pisces. The Magician asks you, what are you manifesting into the world? This month you will feel a stronger desire and need to actively visualize your goals and to see them begin to manifest themselves in the world. I know your sign loves to day dream so you are half way there, this month it will be day dreaming with the added oomph of manifestation energy to create that which you are working on. Get it out of your head and onto paper, fish!

Wisdom’s monthly Tarotscope is brought to you by Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Tarot. Each month, Jenna pulls one Tarot card for every Astrological sign to zero in on the main focus or theme of that month. If you would like a more detailed reading by Jenna, you can check her out at www.queenofwandstarot.net Jenna has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, has various articles published with Tarot trade magazines, runs the Not Your Mother’s Tarot Meetup Group in Narberth, pa as well as teaches workshops on reading Tarot and using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

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