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by Nicholas Downs

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” -Eckhart Tolle

How long would you travel up river, over the mountain range, through the forest, and down the road instead of travelling down river with the natural flow to reach the exact same destination?

Surrender is beautiful, scary, unpredictable, exciting, magical, and oh so so sweet. When we surrender to our higher power and listen to our intuition and guidance life will be delicious.

When we have a dream in our mind or a goal, a wish, objective, or direction we’d like to see ourselves heading in, the universe will literally reorganize and shift your life day by day, piece by piece to gently nudge you closer and closer to your desired outcome. This is so subtle sometimes that we don’t notice anything happening. The moment you have a desire in your mind or a dream or goal of any kind, the universe goes to work immediately, orchestrating every imaginable detail, and then some. Eventually all of the big and small changes start to shape a different view of your surroundings and circumstances and situations and reality as a whole. As you flow with the changes being presented to you and surrender, you will quickly transition from the place you are now to the place you ultimately want to get to and accomplish your dreams and goals.

I know for certain that when we surrender to the universe and listen to our intuition our lives become filled with magical experiences. Magical in the sense of things going your way all the time. Magical as in chance encounters with people that know the right people who will help you along your journey and open doors for you that may never have been opened. Magical by being in the right place at the right time. Magical by meeting the most fabulous, creative, successful, unique and amazing people. Magical by having our lives filled with JOY when we surrender to the universe and experience the flow of that deliciousness.

When we are in this constant flow of surrender and non-resistance to the universe we are filled with joy. The greater joy you are feeling and following and allowing will indicate that you are in the state of surrendering and allowing and following your intuition and guidance. Joyful emotions we may feel include joy, happiness, bliss, passion, enthusiasm, freedom, love, optimism. When we are feeling lower level emotions such as anger, resentment, grudges, sadness, loss or pain of any degree, then we have strayed off our surrendering path and have strayed from what it is that we really truly want at the core of our being. Simply listen to your intuition to get back on the right path and make the appropriate decisions and choices to realign yourself.

How do we surrender?

We live in faith and trust in the universe. When we are living from a place of faith and trust in the universe we can relax knowing that the universe is taking care of EVERYTHING. When we are living in faith we are at peace. Living in faith enables us more easily to be in the “NOW”.

To be in faith takes practice. When life is going really smoothly and is super delicious with all the exciting encounters you are experiencing it is easy to stay in faith. The real test comes when we are in a time of hardship in our lives when you feel as if all is lost, you don’t know your next step, where you will find your next dollar, where you are going to live, who to trust in your life etc. This is really when we have to consciously focus on releasing our worries and fears to the universe. When we do this conscious surrendering of our fears and worries a space inside of us is cleared and begins to blossom into a beautiful new space for all the good things we want and desire to enter our life.

A lot of times I will throw my hands into the sky and declare, “ HELP ME, THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM TO FIX!!”. Immediately a feeling of relief washes over my body and a knowingness that everything will be taken care of will surface and enable you to calm the mind and relax the body to really listen for your guidance within.

To surrender means you have full trust the universe is taking care of literally EVERYTHING. We have to make this a belief. We must know for certain and believe 100% in the universe and ourselves. To begin creating this statement into a belief simply repeat this very powerful affirmation daily: “ The universe is taking care of EVERYTHING!”. How do you feel after saying this? Do you feel great? Do you feel not-so-good?

If you’re feeling great about this saying and you do not feel any resistance to it within your mind or body, you are off to a fabulous start. If you are feeling not-so-good and resistant to this affirmation when saying out loud, or to yourself mentally, simply repeat more often. I would suggest repeating daily multiple times. When we get in the habit of repeating uplifting, self loving and life-supporting affirmations and thoughts, we begin to make the thoughts into habits. Healthy, self loving positive habits. Habits are just repeated actions, thought patterns and activities which become ingrained in our psyche and become second nature. What we think we become.

To fully surrender we must believe and trust 100% in the universe that is supporting us in everything we do from birth to death and beyond. Surrender can be scary. I have lived and will continue to live my life through faith and surrender to the universe. Life is so sweet, beautiful, juicy, exciting, incredible and so imperfectly PERFECT.

Isn’t it about time you surrender?

Nicholas Downs recently relocated to the Portland, OR area from Largo, FL. He is an avid reader of spiritual texts and an explorer of multiple spiritual modalities. Nicholas is currently a Pet Care Assistant for a local Veterinarian hospital. He is also a PCT/Telemetry Monitor Tech in human hospitals and a freelance writer. Nicholas Downs can be reached at Nicholasdowns0@gmail.com and (727) 225-1178.

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