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The Sky is Falling!

by Maureen St. Germain

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

What’s your disaster plan?

 What will you do, when all of “heaven” breaks lose and everyone around you is losing their minds, or their focus, or their belief systems? Let the universe help youwith a breakthrough.

 Only salmons need to swim upstream. You don’t need heroics, and God doesn’t expectit from you! The universe has abundant energy to assist you in taking actions that will support you’re shifting and changing. But if you are holding on, the universe will give you more of holding on to support you. If you keep sending that desperate energy out- that’s what the universe hears you want! You don’t need to know how, because the universe supports your being more than who you are today! Why? Because evolution is the natural law of the universe

 Who do you trust? If you really trust God, then act like it!

Consider that you might lose your job, your income, your lover, and your family connections. Perhaps the preacher will turn out to be problem.  Give yourself brief permission to honestly assess your circumstances.  What would you do if you were asked to change your belief about people, the way things are, or something as mundane as an unexpected bill, an unexpected loss? Do you have a plan? How will you cope?

 You could commiserate with any sympathetic person that comes along, but major corporations all have disaster plans and so should you. What is a disaster plan? It is a plan that considers the worst case scenarios, who would be incharge, how decisions would be made. It also provides for options. It doesn’t even mean you will follow them. Having options gives you a feeling of security.It tells the UNIVERSE that you are serious about being provided for, without attachment no matter how that might occur. It also says that you expect surprises and won’t be unhappily surprised. The surprise cannot scare you.

 Fear causes people to retreat and freeze. Fear that is unnecessary is simply a waste of your energy – so don’t indulge it. You plan ahead all the time when you purchase groceries that you don’t plan to use today. Why not do a little advance planning for the other parts of your life?

 It doesn’t mean that you have to stockpile gasoline or water. (Although this might be a great idea, depending upon where you live.) What it does mean is that you need to know what you would do if a real emergency occurred. It also means that you pay attention to your inner guidance, inner voice and inner nudging. It means you give yourself quiet time to ponder why your gut bothers you every time a certain subject comes up!

 When my children were in elementary school we had a code word. If anyone came to them with that code word, they knew what to do. We never used it, but it certainly gave us peace of mind, knowing our children wouldn’t panic if something unexpected happened while away from home.

 Your disaster plan might include something like a decision to stop struggling! One day, when my life was falling apart in general after dealing with my marriage ending and loosing my high paying job, I decided to learn all my lessons from love. I was so sick-and-tired ofthe pain and suffering version of my life.

 After this, I would be alerted by persons who really cared about me, when I was out of sync with what I intended. I have great staff that point out blunders – before theygo out.

All of us should have a team of family and friends who support us – with the news – that we need to address, to avoid a problem later. Try asking your family and friends, what would they do if a certain thing happened. It’s a fun worthwhile exercise. To find out more go to www.MaureenStGermain.com

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