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Astrologer Seeks to Help the World

by Marguerite dar Boggia

How? Through understanding the purpose of Life.  The Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras, say that the goal of an atom is to become a human.1 It is through the expansion of consciousness evolving through all the kingdoms of nature, that the divine Spark of the Boundless, which came from the one source, returns to the one source. 

Scientists such as David Bohm now acknowledge that all parts of the universe are interrelated and come from one source.  A sub-atomic particle or a quantum can be affected by an action on Mars. Scientists have yetto acknowledge the three fundamentals of the esoteric teachings: The Boundless Immutable Principle; the periodicity of the Universe (reincarnation) and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul.2 They have yet to understand that our invisible etheric body is integrated into the etheric body of the earth.3

The whole universe is guided, controlled and animated by an endless series of  Hierarchies of sentient Beings.  Each hasits mission to perform. They vary in their respective sizes and degrees of consciousness. Some function as fairies, salamanders, Gods, some as Hierarchies of Angels or Devas, some as rivers of Lives vitalizing galaxies, solar systems, planets and all the kingdoms of nature.4

The planets today are at war. According to the Tibetan Master, D.K., the planetary Kurukshetra (battle) of humanity is now being fought out all over the world. St. Paul refers to the constantbattle between the will-to-good and the will-to-evil.  Today the will-to-evil are those forces of materialism, that desire  to retain the status quo, where big banks, gambling with derivatives are bailed out by the people and austerity measures are inflicted on the people. Through their corporations they control the major Media. Hitler said that propaganda was necessary tocontrol the public.  Trillions of dollars are expended for unnecessarywars, when education and health care should be free.  Instead of representing the people, governments represent the corporate interests.Corporations are NOT people.  Whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden are deemed criminals instead of heroes.

On page 430 of the book: The Rays and the Initiations, by Alice A. Bailey but actually written by the Tibetan Master, DK,in 1947, before the State of Israel was created, before Ukraine was aseparate country and before Yugoslavia was partitioned.  He says  “ In the maps which are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entire area of the Near East and Europe—Greece, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Palestine,the Arab States, Egypt and Russia—are under a heavy overshadowing cloud.  Can that cloud be dissipated by the right thinking and planning of Great Britain,the United States and the majority of the United Nations or—must it break in disaster over the world? Will it present a task too hard for correct handling by that inexperienced disciple—Humanity?”

Astrologers use the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occurs every 18-20 years, to determine the consciousness of the people for the next 18-20 years.  The next conjunction is 12/21/20. It portends a period of great suffering in every sense of the word and apossible nuclear war involving Europe andthe Near East.Humanity is the disciple who will eventually learn that violence only breeds violence. Ceaseless wars must end. The great axiom is: As we change our thoughts, we change our world.

In her website (created at the age of 90) www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com the astrologer, Marguerite dar Boggia, presents articles on Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, the Pope, “On the Nature of Energy and its Source”, and many others including “A Nuclear War to Attain Corporate Global Hegemony?”  She offersFREE of charge, threepages weekly online of the esoteric teachings as was known by Pythagoras.Every two months a new group is formed for these studies. The purpose is to expand the consciousness and to be in touch with the Inner Self. Anyone interested in receiving these studies, can contact her through her website.

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary of ISAR, (the International Society for Astrological Research).  She was past publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal, as well as Secretary & Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress).  She is a co-founder of UAC and served as its Registrar at the first UAC’86.  Her articles have appeared in the ISAR journal as well as in other journals. Her goal is to cooperate with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and to work for and to serve humanity.


1Bailey, Alice A. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Lucis Publishing Co.  N.Y 1925 P. 7.

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4Blavatsky, H.P. The Secret Doctrine I, Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, CA. 1963, p 295

Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com

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