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The Secret to Successful Travel

Or, how to arrive feeling like your vacation home, IS home!

by Maureen J. St. Germain

To have a great trip –there are three basic areas you will want to address. But before I tell you that, have you ever noticed how you can come back from a trip – from a different time zone and take a day or two to get re-acclimated? Some researchers say it takes a day for every hour difference! Differences in the water and time zones can cause ailments such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, constipation or diarrhea.The three areas to address are your physical and mental well being, and getting assistance from unseen helpers!

Take your time to get ready.Be sensible when planning your trip – and get ready to go several days ahead of your departure day– so that when that last minute stuff that comes in, and it will, you have already handled your personal needs, like packing and can accommodate others last minute rush.

Next, call in Archangel Michael to collect your lost parts. Your lost parts? Yes, in all that rush to get ready, and to pack and organize everything for your trip, and for your time away, you will have visited stores, people and situations all tied to getting you on your way. Each place you visit might have some level of stress, which ise xactly when you are likely to leave bits of yourself behind.

After Archangel Michael collects your lost parts, and cleanses them and you then ask him to send them to your final destination airport to wait for you there with the instruction that these “lost parts” acclimate into the arrival time zone.You final instruction, after you arrive  at your destination is that your lost parts are integrated or returned into you.Voila, enough of you is in the“arrival time zone” to feel like you are on local time. I’ve had hundreds of students and clients use this one tip successfully. Once woman, a school teacher returned from a trip to Moscow following these instructions – and went to  work the day after her return. She’d done this trip many times, and this was a first for her! It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never asked angels for help – discover them, and be far better off.

Stay hydrated!

Let’s face it, flights are dehydrating. A dripping wet t-shirt will dry on a typical jet in just one hour. That same t-shirt will take 24 hours to dry on a hangar at home. Once you get that picture in your head it’s a lot easier to make sure you drink plenty o fwater. Typically that means you bring your own water bottle –have the stewards fill it periodically. Once you are off the plane, keep drinking water – because it take a while for your body to catch up.

Here come the dragons

Ask the dragons for help! Ihave written extensively on the dragons on my blog. Learn more there. The dragons are back in this reality – for the good of mankind. They are here tohelp with clarity. They were driven out – at another time – and have come back into this reality to assist making knowing and understanding what is needed in the moment. Their whole species is about clarity and helping your find your way.

For instance, a friend, Doug has a very stressful “New England” style commute. It consists of 90 minutes of winding, sometimes single lane busy roads. With so many turns, turn offs, and persons trying to get to work there can be people cutting you off accidentally, someone turning into your lane without looking and more. After attending one of my classes he decided to put the dragons to work “driving him to and from work.”Unbelievable he said coming home that first night to his wife! No one cut me off, or pulled in front of me! It’s as if the road opened up just for me. What a pleasure.   

Known asthe Practical Mystic, Maureen St. Germain is available for private consultations. For more information www.MaureenStGermain.com


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