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Divine Wisdom From Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Dear Michele,

I love your column and read it every month. I trust your opinion and I’m in much need of an answer. My daughter, Koren, was a sweet girl and got involved with the wrong crowd in school. She became addicted to drugs and would not study, many times skipping classes. Her behavior and attitude drastically changed and she was not the daughter I knew. About three months ago her brother found her in her room and she had overdosed. At first we thought it was an accident, but now we know it was suicide, because she left a note behind. Koren was only 15 years old and our hearts are broken. Is she condemned on the other side because she took her life? Is she in the light? I constantly worry about this so please talk to your angels for me.

Thanks for your time,

Debi W.

Dear Debi,

My heart goes out to you because there is nothing more devastating then the loss of a child. There has been a lot of controversy and many different opinions about the act of suicide. I have read spiritual books on the subject and have received information directly from my angels. First, there is no condemnation with suicide, for we are all children of God. It is merely a decision an individual makes. Your daughter, Koren, is in the light of God and well protected spiritually. The bottom line, though, is that there is no running away from self. We all need to evaluate and address our life after death, to see if we have soul progress. In a case of intentional and premeditated suicide of a healthy person, the timeline we have set for ourselves is cut short, and the soul agreement we made with God and other souls has not been completed. Before we are born, we choose the soul lessons we want to learn (which is entered into our record of life). Often suicides have not fulfilled their agreement, but have chosen suicide as a way out. They see their path as too difficult to endure as some are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, in other words, if the soul makes an agreement before birth to pass away of natural causes at 80, but commits suicide at 20, there are 60 years of experiences and soul lessons lost for growth and development in the lifetime. Though the soul is not condemned by the Creator, many of the lessons and soul growth agreed to for this lifetime are not realized and must be repeated in a subsequent incarnation—much like dropping a course in school and having to make it up the following semester or year. God welcomes all souls, and there is no harsh judgment – we judge ourselves.

The tragic September 11th event, with the destruction of the World Trade Towers is a slightly different scenario. When people jumped from windows out of panic and fear to avoid death by fire, they were not committing a premeditated act. Also, for example, one may intentionally step in front of another and take a bullet to save a life in a war situation. This is considered an heroic deed. What I am addressing is the premeditated intention or motivation behind the suicide that places it into a different category. The person who tries to consciously run away from life and the soul lessons they have chosen by taking their own life commits a selfish act, in a way, not only for their own soul growth but also for others with whom they have made soul agreements. This is especially true for those who are left behind, still suffering from the loss. Again, some take their lives when depressed, or when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and their energy is sometimes scattered when they arrive on the other side. There is no escape from self, from life or our chosen soul lessons; and in the life review the one who committed suicide sees the grief that has been inflicted on family and friends. Many go through a form of rehabilitation, to understand that suicide is not the best option.

There are angels and guides on the other side to help those who have taken their lives to adjust and move on. It may take several years (in earthly terms) for them to acknowledge the act, forgive themselves and heal, but all eventually do.

So know Debi, that Koren is loved and that at the tender age of 15 she consciously didn’t mean to hurt you, but she was very confused. She is now being enlightened with spiritual concepts in regards to her suicide. You will be with her again, and probably will choose to incarnate together in a future lifetime.



Hi Michele,

I have felt a strong male presence around me for the last few years. I’m a healer who uses different modalities, especially Reiki. My friend and I recently took a trip to Sedona, Arizona and it changed my life! The energy there is so powerful. My question is who is the male presence and why am I so strongly pulled to the Southwest?


Barry T.

Hi Barry,

I sense you are feeling a "spirit guide" around you. Remember, they are human souls who have lived on the earth plane at some point in history. Many times we have had past incarnations with them, and from the other side they then train to be our helpers. Yours is a male Native American Indian (Apache) whose name is "Swift Wind." I feel he is the one who compelled you to visit Arizona. You have had a past life with him there. He tells me you were a shaman healer in that lifetime, and have brought through many natural talents and gifts of healing into your present lifetime. "Swift Wind" considers himself a lifetime guide. Guides love to give us gifts, and his will be in the form of feathers. (Birds glide on the wind currents, so feathers would be an appropriate gift that relates to his name.)

You’ll also be drawn to a certain species of bird or animal that will represent his energy. These totems will become a recurring theme in your life, and you may even be moving to the Southwest in the future!

Good luck, Michele

Michele Livingston is a spiritual clairvoyant and author who uses her special gifts to guide and counsel those seeking answers about their loved ones (both living and deceased), about their health and even about past lives. Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele. She also presents "Messages from Beyond" seminars throughout the northeastern USA, and she has authored four books that are available on-line at her website or by calling 717-737-3888.In this column she answers questions from selected readers about angels, loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and many other interesting subjects. Questions may be sent to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@Michele Livingston.com. To learn more about Michele and her work, please visit her web site at www.Michele Livingston.com.










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