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Star-kids and The Shift

by Bonnie Waters

Many of you already are aware of the “Star-Children,” a term that describes the children of new consciousness that are incarnating on the planet.  In the 80’s and 90’s, Nancy Tappe, a highly intuitive woman with synesthesia (a cross-wiring of sensory  perceptions) noticed a new phenomenon. Nancy is gifted with the ability to see rainbow colors around people that, rather than describing simply the aura, go beyond that to reveal the core energies, and characteristics of a person’s Life Color. She began to recognize that there was a wave of children being born with the Indigo Life Color, which had been uncommon prior to that time. Later, she would also see another wave of children with the Crystal Life Color.

Indigos came in as the “systems busters,” with an active and proactive motivation, whose mission is to change old systems that are steeped in lower vibrational consciousness. (In many ways, the Hippy-Peace movement of the 60’s was an early Indigo phenomenon, with some of that level of consciousness attributable to the Eastern influences of meditation and yoga, and some attributable to experimentation with, shall we say, “pharmacology. ”Essentially, the result was an expansion of consciousness that created great changes in how we did things.) The Indigos are naturally connected and come in “ready to roll” on creating change.

Crystal Children are said to carry the “crystalline light”, otherwise known as the Christ Consciousness, which, according to many esoteric teachers and channeled beings, represents a level of consciousness that was achieved by the one called Jesus, but is not specific to Christianity. Crystals carry a frequency that changes the planetary level of vibration, simply by their being here. Thus, their expression is not so much outward, like the Indigos; their nature tends to be more introverted and, in general, calm, peaceful, and loving. However, they also tend to amplify the energies of those who interact with them, which can bring challenges when people around them are angry or fearful.

Many esoteric teachers and channelers have said that these waves of “new kids” were and are intended to raise the vibration of the planet, ushering inthe Age of Aquarius, enlightenment, harmony, and love. Since the early 2000’s, other levels of incoming consciousness have been described with terms such as “Rainbow Children” and “Diamond-Light Children.” Some use the name “Star-children” to describe the full range of new consciousness that all of these kids embody. The Starkids have unique gifts. It is important to say that all children have unique gifts, it is simply that this range of consciousness is a new development. This change signifies the evolution of humanity, and a whole new way of being on the planet.

There have also been some challenges for these children in adapting to the energies of the earth. It has been suggested that the indigos came first in order to transform the world to one which was safe for the crystal children, so they could thrive and do their work.

A number of esoteric teachers and channelers state that the high level of Autism in modern times is directly related to very high-vibrational beings who are having trouble with the vibrational level of the earth-plane. While the planet has shifted, there is still a great deal of lower-vibrational energies playing out all over the globe. It has been said that, in a sense, these kids opt-out and remove their awareness to a higher plane, where it is easier on their systems. Others have zoned out in their teen years with drugs and alcohol, a situation which has escalated in recent years.

It is being recognized that we need new ways of assisting, educating, and relating to children with these new qualities, and that has been happening in homes, and in schools around the country and the world.

Those of older generations, who have been working on releasing density (old programming, old beliefs and limitations), in order to become en-“lightened”, have also found ourselves experiencing the challenges that are faced by the Starchildren, as our own energies shift through the levels of consciousness that they come in with. We are remembering our own Star-being gifts.

The qualities of multi-dimensionality can be seen as gifts or as challenges, depending on how attached we are to old beliefs and societal structures. As we expand our consciousness into multi-dimensionality, we become more aware of all the energies around us, on the individual level, and that of the collective consciousness. We begin to feel other people’s emotions and even their thoughts (perhaps not reading the mind particularly, but sensing their vibrational energies). It can be quite disorienting, and draining to have such access to other people’s energies. In the past, initiates to the spiritual mysteries would retreat from the world, or find communities of spiritual focus to help them through the process. Even now, awakening ones might wish to retreat from society, because of the intensity of these ascension symptoms, but now is not the time to hide.

The Earth itself has shifted into 5th dimensional form, and along with this shift, the collective energies are lightening. We adjust and adapt in stages, and we are still releasing whatever does not align to love. These are the things that continue to show up on the nightly news. Eventually, higher ways will be the new norm and it will be easier for all to shift into higher vibrations of love and cooperation. We do all have free will choice, but the planet itself is lighter, and this means more pressure on those who are trying to hold on to old ways. It is also true, that as we move into the Crystal vibration, we affect everyone – again – simply by being here.

With the waves of Starchildren, along with the awakening of many of their elders, and assisted by various alignments, stargates, and solar flares over recent decades, we are told that the Shift has been accomplished. The new energies will now begin to have an obvious impact in our reality and in our personal lives.

The Equinox brought a great influx of light, rebalancing our masculine and feminine energies. It feels like we have, as a collective, reached the tipping point, and will begin to see the results of our efforts to release density and ascend our vibrations. We will begin to see the changes in our political systems and societal structures as our Indigo – Crystals are reaching maturity and beginning to wield their power and their unique gifts in the world. It may not happen overnight, but then again, it could!

If you haven’t already done so, this is the time to begin using your own gifts in the world. The New Year of 2015 will bring wondrous new expressions and experiences - The New Earth is here, and love is the new operating system.


Bonnie Waters is the Lay-Pastor of the Vision of Light Spiritualist Church in Hartland, Vermont, and has been writing in many formats about the Great Shift in Consciousness for several years. She is a mentor for the Awakening Process and a songwriter, focusing on new consciousness material. Her contact information is: phone number -802-299-5083 and email: bonnie_songgarden@hotmail.com

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