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Astrological Forecast for January 2008

by Mark Dodich

The New Year is truly a year of new starts from several perspectives. A ‘one’ year in numerology (2+0+0+8=10; 1+0=1) motivates you to initiate new projects, expressing your unique talents in the world. It is a year where you must consciously step forward to be seen and heard.

The astrological big picture shows three significant energetic shifts. Two of them started just before winter solstice when expansive Jupiter moved into foundation-building Capricorn. Big ideas come down to earth to work in the mundane world. Philanthropic Jupiter in his year-long journey helps you to take a pragmatic risk on yourself to bring your ideals into manifest reality.

The second shift is the 1.5 year passage of sensitive destiny points (nodes of the Moon) moving through humanitarian Aquarius and royal Leo. The lesson and opportunity through July 2009 is to serve the greater good while tending to your self-interest needs. If you are burning yourself out, the quality of your service is going to be reduced.

Together, Jupiter and the nodes of the Moon help you live your ideals while still paying the bills. However, don’t be overly attached to the method for achieving your goals because your world is going to be rocked beginning January 25th.

This cataclysmic shift is heavy- duty transformer, Pluto, moving into tear-down-the-structure Capricorn. Late January through June provides a teaser of this new energy, then Pluto temporarily returns to Sagittarius to complete unfinished business going on since 1995. Pay attention to major changes on the horizon as they will return in November and continue until 2024. The structure of your life (not to mention government, taxes, infrastructure and health care) is about to go through a major renovation. Be prepared to release goals, ideas, and people who are not part of the new program.

All of this large energy funnels down to begin a relatively calm New Year’s Day under a gentle Libra Moon. Early January asks you to pay attention to how you nurture yourself, be it through diet or emotional expression. Be willing to communicate emotional needs, and be tolerant if emotionally unbalanced people throw a temper tantrum.

A Sagittarius Moon for the weekend of the 4th directs the tone in a philosophical and/or party direction. Enjoy the weekend because the week of the 7th is work, work, and more work.

The Capricorn New Moon on Tuesday the 8th urges you to accomplish mountainous tasks. A sacred Sabian Symbol to represent your work in the month ahead is "the Union Jack flag flies from a British warship." Meditate on the symbol for personal meaning as to how you can associate yourself with larger groups for protection and to receive help in manifesting your goals in the mundane world.

The weekend of the 11/12th is exciting if you are willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Sunday the 13th supports spiritual activities or a good nap.

The week of the 14th returns to last week’s strong work ethic. If you tend to business, you will feel like you deserve the active and exciting weekend that is coming on the 18/19th. The Moon is in talkative Gemini and supports all types of personal relationship activities. Enjoy the company of others while you explore relationship possibilities and realities.

The January 22nd Full Moon in Leo-Aquarius helps you open your heart to new friends and opportunities. Be aware that partnership-oriented Venus is aligning with powerful Pluto all week. Relationships that are good will get better, and relationships that have served their purpose will be released.

As mentioned above, Pluto moves into Capricorn on Friday. It is time to get serious about demonstrating your power in the world. The phrase, "it’s time to fish or cut bait" comes to mind. Look at the bigger picture of your life this weekend.

Mercury begins its Aquarius retrograde cycle on the 28th. Allow extra time for traffic problems on Monday. Invent a new product or process during the next three weeks.

On the 30th, Mars completes its retrograde period. In the weeks ahead, communicate your emotional needs and boundaries based upon the emotional realignment that has been going on since November 15th.

Overall, January is a busy month with numerous planetary shifts that have far-reaching implications. In spite of all the activity, make sure you take time to see the bigger picture of your life. Your higher vision is coming down to transform the world.

Check back next month to learn about Valentine’s Day and heightened sensual energies.


Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and in-tuitive consultant since 1980. He is a Certified Astrolog-ical Professional (CAP) with an inter-national practice based in the Pacific NW. He specializes in Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Soul Purpose Astrology. Download a free .pdf Prosperity En-hancement Guide at www.astromark.us. Or call for his free ASTROMARK newsletter at 503-252-1558.

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Business Opportunity
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