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Practioners - Create an Action Plan for Success!

by Stacy J. Zemon

A necessary ingredient in any formula for success is vision – your underlying, driving, desire-filled concept of what you value most in life. To convert a vision into a goal, break it down into a workable action plan of daily, weekly, and monthly steps.

Write a Vision Statement

First, write out a vision statement. Detail for yourself what you want from your business and what will motivate you to take action. You can be as specific as you like and include questions relevant to all of your hopes and dreams. If the sky were the limit, what would you want? Write a list of your emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and monetary goals.  Set short-term and long-term goals.  Review these goals daily and visualize yourself achieving them.

When your list is complete, eliminate all of the items you wrote down because you thought you should, not because you really want or need them. Ask yourself if you are willing to make a plan to attain or achieve each of the remaining items on your list.

Spend as much of your day as you can focusing on achieving your goals. Every day, ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now bringing me closer to my goal?” If it’s not, do something that will. Focusing is like any habit; the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Create Milestones of Success

Second, create benchmarks or milestones of success so you can measure your progress.  Remember that when you’re in the process of learning, the going often seems slow. You need a way to measure your expanding knowledge and experience so you may affirm your own growth and development. Each day you may even want to write down “tiny victories.”  Recognizing, affirming and celebrating your progress and successes will keep you motivated to meet the next milestone.

Get Clear

I have very clear intentions for what I would like to see my business become and how I would like to live my life inside of that, but I also try to do my best to let go of how that happens.

Instead of chasing dreams I try to let them come to me how and when they are meant to. I know this can get a little new age attraction sounding but I’ve experienced it time and time again.

Stay Open

When I stay open to change, embrace chaos and look for the beginning in every ending I experience the expression of meaning and purpose in my life and my intentions eventually unfold with joy.

When I struggle to fit a predetermined set of circumstances into every outcome and measure progress in daily successes and failures I experience stress and anxiety even as I achieve my stated goals.

Record Your Intentions

So here’s my annual advice for every day business growth for your practice. Spend some time this coming week to create the picture of your business this coming year, record your intentions for your business and your life and (here’s the hard part) let go!

It may sound simple, even obvious, but when you’re truly committed to achieving your goal, giving up isn’t even an option. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

If you love being a holistic practitioner and focus on service, financial rewards will naturally follow. The focus must be on the service, not on the money. Financial rewards are always the secondary outcome of serving others well.

Stacy J. Zemon is an Accredited Life Coach who specializes in helping gifted, creative, talented and evolved adults to maximize their potential in life.  She views herself as a combination Possibility Seer, Intuitive Inquisitor, Change Catalyst and Inspirational Muse.  Visit her website at www.LifeCoachStacyZemon.com where you can download Stacy's free ebook: Am I Gifted?  A Guide for Self-Discovery and subscribe to her blog.

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