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Excerpt from "Seven Cups of Consciousness"

by Aleya Dao

In the physical world there are many aspects of your reality: relationships, health, finances, and so on. In the higher realms you have energetic blueprints for different aspects of your reality. You have a relationship blueprint, a resource/money blueprint, a body health blueprint, and a passion-creativity-career blueprint: every component of your life has an energetic blueprint or map. When you use your Higher Self to shift the energy within and around you, this process is reflected in your physical world as well.

My first palpable experience of this concept was spurred by my insatiable desire for an intimate relationship. I was single and very determined to find love. One evening I sat in meditation and asked the question, “What is the first step I need to take to help me manifest a beloved partner?” 

I quieted my mind by focusing solely on my breath. I held my awareness in my divine line and firmly attached it to the front of my spine. I imagined traveling up my divine line to my Higher Self and held my awareness in that higher dimension. 

As I traveled up my glass elevator shaft to my Higher Self, I saw a realm filled with multiple beams of light. They looked like blueprints, similar to what one would find on the desk of an architect, but in 3-D. I felt a very particular energy radiating from each line. I saw multiple blueprints for every aspect of my life. When all the blueprints were combined, they created a shape that looked like a sphere of light. It was exquisitely beautiful and complex.

Holding my awareness and desire to shift the energy around my intimate relationships — or lack thereof — I asked for assistance from my Team. They instructed me to make my request to my Higher Self, so I asked my Higher Self to locate my relationship blueprint. I sat in stillness and watched that energetic aspect of me locate and connect with that specific blueprint. Once that was done, I asked my Higher Self to infuse and activate the vibrations of love, connection, and passion in my divine line and to infuse these same qualities into my relationship blueprint. 

I continued to sit in stillness and trust that my Higher Self was doing this work. I had no idea how my Higher Self was doing it, but it was happening. I could feel the reverberations reflecting down from the higher dimensions. I felt a swirling expansion within and around me.

The more my Higher Self worked, the sleepier I got. My meditation turned into a night of deep sleep. When I awoke the next morning, I felt a deep sense of connection, sweetness, and love. The visions of the night before flooded over me, and I realized that the work I had done with my Higher Self had indeed created a shift within me. I hoped this shift would positively affect my love life...

I got out of bed, threw on my running clothes, stepped out the door, and headed for my favorite trail. As I began my run up the hill, I passed a friend who was coming down. She looked at me and said, “Wow, you look amazing! Are you in love?” I almost laughed out loud, and said, “Not yet.” As I continued the ascent, I wondered what my friend had seen in me. Was the little bit of work in a higher realm last night really that noticeable? I did feel different. I was calmer and happier and somehow felt fuller inside. 

I stopped on a little plateau halfway up the trail and heard my Team say to me, “When you shift the energy in the higher realms, it shifts the energy in all the realms where you express yourself. Your physical life is the reflection of the higher realms.” 

I thought about this concept as I finished my run and swung by the Coffee Cowboy in town to grab a two-shot latte. As I stood in line, a man I had always found attractive approached me and asked if he could buy me my morning coffee. Without my jaw dropping to the ground and without stumbling all over my words, I said, “Sure. That’s so kind of you. Thank you.” At the end of our casual conversation he said, “You know, you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” 

I almost broke down in tears but held it together long enough to say, “Thank you,” and hightailed it home for a cold shower. My heart was racing, not from the run or my two shots of espresso, but from his recognition of a deep inner shift that had happened the night before. 

Could I hold this energy? Would I succeed in finding a beloved lifelong partner? Was I no longer destined to be alone, wandering the world as a spiritual, untouchable, highly sensitive woman? Time would tell...

Though I was not sure when my beloved would appear, I did know that when you enlist your Higher Self to do the work for you, in the dimension where your blueprints are held, good things can happen remarkably fast. 

You can invite your Higher Self to infuse particular vibrations into your blueprints for different aspects of your life. You can ask for greater vibrations of support and flow to be held in your resource/money blueprint. You can ask your Higher Self to infuse vibrations of love and connection into your relationship blueprints. Those vibrations will then reflect into those aspects of your life. The more you acknowledge that your Higher Self is doing the work, the faster the shift will happen. 

For when you are working with your blueprints in the higher realms, you are using your Higher Self, not your mind. I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating, since it is a key component of the work. You can use your mind to make the request, and then let the wiser, higher, energetic aspect of you do the work. Once the request is made, let it go. Your Higher Self will do the work for you. The shift will be gentle and balanced. It may feel like a release inside you, a swirl of energy like an invisible wind. It can be a flash of light, a deep breath, or a wave of relief. Your body might twitch as the energy moves. You might feel surges and sensations happening in different parts of your body. It is however you perceive it, no matter how subtle. If it is not subtle and seems uncomfortable, ask your Higher Self to slow down and turn down the energetic volume. 

Slowly, bit by bit, the energy in these other dimensions will become easier to sense. You will become more aware of the higher energetic aspect of you (your Higher Self). You will develop your energetic senses. What seems unreal will become real. You will be living a conscious, multidimensional reality. Anyone can do this. It’s just a matter of paying attention to what is going on around you and within you, and using the other dimensions as a resource.

Aleya Dao is the author of Seven Cups of Consciousness. She opened the first alternative health-care clinic in Telluride, CO, and has built an international healing practice with her online subscribers and students. Visit her online at http://www.aleyadao.com/.  

Excerpted from the book Seven Cups of Consciousness ©2015 by Aleya Dao.  Printed with permission of New World Library. www.newworldlibrary.com

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