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Psychic Predictions, Numerology, and Horoscopes for 2016

by Elissa Heyman

Election 2016: Unlike every single psychic on the internet, all agreeing Hillary will be the next U.S. President,  I think the tenor of the times fueled by extreme inequality and growing poverty,  could manifest in the more revolutionary move of picking Bernie Sanders.  The collective consciousness does not seem to have, at least yet, picked Hillary.

Speaking Stones for 2016: A lot of new things happen, and people come up with radically new solutions for long-standing problems.   There is much more cutting away and pivoting away from the past than before.
In terms of the world all pulling together, the light of understanding is absent; there is no common goal of a lighter world. The fairly new and separatist organizations, like Isis, take root. Their communication systems get tight and together and work very well. Things can spread: Nobody needs to be anywhere anymore. The internet becomes much more of a global tool and weapon.

USA and countries fighting terrorism: We don’t seem to have a cohesive, creative response to what is happening. Past solutions don’t work. The targets of terrorism carried out by Isis and others, are not equipped to coordinate on all kinds of levels: between countries, departments, differing agendas, etc. They do not have the right strong tool.

Teamwork and harmony work wonders in 2016. It can grow terrorism, but positive grass roots movements can also get very far through improved communication and ways of connecting with others. No matter who is in the White House, U.S. grass roots movements coming from the people grow in strength.

Fear-driven pathological responses to life are acted out even more in 2016. It’s  as if a tacit, wordless agreement takes place on the level of the collective unconscious,  freeing people are to indulge in their baser, fear-driven instincts.

Numerology 2016: 2016 is a nine year, the magic number that when you any number to it, e.g. 5 plus 9, it will always reduce down to the original number: 5.  Metaphorically speaking re 2016 as a 9 year teaches that it may look like things are up to others, but they are always up to us. It’s the actions you take and the work you put into something that count.

Another magic quality is that whatever number you multiply 9 by, the result will reduce back to 9. (9×5 is 45, 4 plus 5 is 9.) Multiplying implies increase (success), and addition implies relationship (learning experiences). The multiplying magic of a 9 year suggests fruition, completion, and its presence in 2016 says that hard work and excellence pays off this year.

What we do with our time and how committed we are can lead to magic in a 9 year. Out in the world we will see magic tricks on display,  great schemes that are both dark and light – as 9 produces sophisticated plans and resource networks.

We will see magic in our own lives if we take responsibility for whatever is happening in it, and assume that the big determinant in our lives is what we do and show up for, not lucky breaks or privilege of position. 2016 can mete out harsh fates where things aren’t fair. Re the challenge of personal transformation: the wisdom of 9 urges us to stay the course on our personal journey towards happiness, because the potential is high for the next phase to be a more complete and magnetic and inspired version of ourselves.

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius:  You will gain the greatest happiness and growth if you practice gives you an alternative to thinking; i.e. preoccupied with whatever happened in the past or might in the future. That’s because 2016 can be the most wildly creative year, and you wouldn’t want to miss it worrying or lost in self-reflection. A life-changing magical act can be to re-order your life so that you are practicing and doing in some way what truly makes you happy.  The spirits say: “It requires all of you. Embrace, then, your creative spontaneous self…give it the floor – and then give it some more! Then you can know Heaven on Earth.”

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: You can experience separation between you and people in your life because of natural developments and personal growth. The emerging truth will feel like the lighter path. A paradigm shift is in the offing, an adjustment that serves you well for years to come.

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: 2016 is a year of inner gains: your greater emotional and psychological strength allows you to move on.  Now you more easily accept things and view the truth as helping you. Nothing is more important than this new awareness as its reward is greater peace of mind.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Basically, 2016 is a year of increase, with positive events occurring on both inner and outer levels.  It feels to you like going further and higher than you’ve ever gone before.  You gain a new sense of stability for many reasons; ultimately lightening your nature so a much more flexible, sensitive, porous you gets ready for new instructions…arriving in 2019. Now begins the journey…you might be wondering what you’re planning for. All you can know is what feels right . You’re planning for a future that at this point is a series of desires, longings, and beckonings.  Follow your heart and on every plane, you’ll like the results.

Elissa Heyman has a private psychic counseling and healing practice in Santa Fe, NM, and by telephone internationally. Her daily psychic horoscopes are on Santafe.com, and broadcast on KTAO in Taos. Elissa’s website offers free guided meditations recommended by Spirituality/Health magazine, plus an award-winning newsletter.
Elissa Heyman

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