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Excerpt from "Angels Watching Over Me"

Part 1: Inspired by the Angels

by Kiros

Remembering my earliest childhood experiences, I realize now that most hours in my day were filled with the presence of Angels. And what extraordinary times they were! I immediately accepted the affection of the Angels and felt nourished and pampered by their presence. Our bond was effortless and in sync with the environment, creating a place of comfort, trust and belonging. My perception of their presence was what I would call the ‘founding spark of how love ought to be.’ It was an early introduction to self expression and awareness of love and most likely the reason for my desire to continually search for the same heavenly connection.

Angels are always around everyone, especially children, and some of us are lucky enough to keep the memories. My Angel interactions happened gradually, and I was always very comfortable around them, almost nonchalant. The first impression I have of interacting with the Angels was in persistent dreams about flying. These dreams would start with me trying to rise up off the floor, but in the dream my body wouldn’t lift through the thick air, so I would pull all my core strength and leg energy to push off. Eventually, the flying became effortless as I was led to different locations. Instead of struggling, I was drawn into an area as if there was a vacuum pulling me where I needed to be.

Before long, I was flying all over the house, up and down in each room, over furniture, hovering by the ceiling, cruising over the dining table and kitchen counter. When I neared the front door though, I would catch a glimpse of sparkling eyes looking at me. Pretending that I didn’t see them, I would continue on my flight. These friendly, shining eyes would follow me around persistently. They weren’t scary to me though. They looked like happy, laughing eyes with a radiant glow that were backlit with colorful flashing lights.

The flying routine became predictable and always welcome. When they felt I was willing and ready, they allowed me to see a friendly face. Eventually, one of these glowing, floating like bodies with shimmering eyes became my friend—a friendship that endured my entire childhood. In play or alone with just my thoughts, the Angels were always there to keep me company. I could hear them speaking encouraging words to me, so I would answer them back. I was only about five, but had a great imagination and was putting it to good use by creating and building forts, airports, and houses built out of dirt, wood, and rocks I found in the backyard. “That’s so wonderful,” I would hear. “Bravo,” “You’re so smart and talented,” “Why don’t you create this...that,” and so much more. I also had child-like question and answer sessions. “Why are you different?” I would ask. “Why are you floating around? Can’t you walk? Where is your home? Do you have a mother and a father or any brothers and sisters? How long are you going to be around here? Why do I see you but only hear the others? Are they hiding? How come we are friends? Why can’t you play with me?” This must have been very entertaining to them, because I remember them engaging in polite laughter at my inquisitiveness.

Beyond play, the Angels were always there for me. I remember one day in particular being frightened by a thunderstorm. The windows trembled from the strong winds and thunder, and the house echoed from creaking noises. Through all of this though, I heard my friendly Angel tell me in a very loving tone, “Don’t worry Peter. There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just very loud rain. Go back to sleep.”

No matter what uncomfortable situation I found myself in, I would always get a sense of calm and peace when the Angels were around. I felt loved while in their company, and in later years, I would feel protected. As a youngster I used their soothing voices to lull me to sleep...and sleep I did! To this day, I can still recall the soothing heavenly sound of the Angels’ voices in my head.

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work in any form whatsoever, without permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief passages in connection with a review.

Please be advised: This book was not written as a medical advisor. The author and writer do not recommend or stand responsible for the use of any information, experience, example, or method in this book as a form of supplemental treatment to any psychological or medical issues.

Copyright © 2015 Kiros. All rights reserved.

Price: $16.95. To purchase this book visit Amazon.com, B&N.com, www.Createspace.com , or your local bookstore.

Kiros is an intuitive life coach and teacher who provides assistance to his fellow seekers in their personal transformation. He is divinely gifted and inspired to help his clients and students clear their blocks, bring forth their true essence, and uncover their unique expression of life.

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