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For the Love of Another

by Judi Thomases

The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  
The term Other is used when designating anyone outside of the Self.  It is a term that denotes removal or strangeness, sometimes total disconnect but often just separateness.  Unfamiliarity with the Other means that you - who know self as one, as intimate, as familiar - see another person as not-self, as unfamiliar, as apart.
Here, then, is the biggest issue of life: the dilemma of love.  For, while it is easy to love self, whom you know so well, and care for, and feel every nuance of pain for, and feel utmost compassion and love for (and this is true even of those who do not self-love but self-loathe) - here lies the dilemma of human existence. 
Other connotes a separated self whose feelings and sufferings are apart from yourself, whom you do not know, and whom you see as different.  Their heart is not yours, so their pain is likewise not yours, you reason.  Their body is not yours, and besides, your body has enough of its own irritants and thorns, so why bother with that of another's whose suffering doesn't really matter to you?  Stay instead, you think, in your limited self, and begrudge the other of his/her needs.  Ask for the other's love, but as a palliative to your own suffering and no more. 
It is the way of limitation, the way of mankind's millennial approach.
The creature called Homo Sapiens was birthed from the firmament of nature to learn how to know itself inwardly and outwardly, but in the process of evolving developed a brain that constructed separation.  This creature, ever needing to share and to belong to its species, has instead constructed its world as comprising of separated consciousnesses held in individual containers.  So many of you, so disconnected!
Happily, though, evolutionary forces remembered to include the spiritual component of the divine.  The divine essence within each human container remembered its overriding need for love.  Love is the glue of the whole.  Love is the core item that could not be forgotten or put aside.  If the creature could not be persuaded to offer love, it would also not be allowed to forget its need for that. 
Love is the hidden trick within the dense container that will always sabotage the thrust for selfish individuality and insist upon the ameliorating force of connectivity.  Love will pull you towards and into the Other even as you rush toward self-realization.  Love, in fact, is the brass ring at the end of the fiercest journey, for only with love - of self and of other, indeed, of god within self - can you be made whole.  Love is the cosmic prank that forces natural evolution to become one.
And though it is frequently resisted, love is the only thing that will force humankind to evolve itself to a glorious whole earth.

Astrologer, psychic and channeler for over four decades, frequent contributor to Dell Horoscope magazine, featured guest on ABC, CBS, Sirius, Judi Thomases' own inner voice of spiritual guidance is The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Her newest book, “The Wisdom Keys”, can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press.  Judi is available for private consultations - contact judi@wisdompath.com for more information.

© 2016 by Judi Thomases

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