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A Way Is Provided

Soul Connections

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

How many dead ends does it take to eventually drown our desires in a sea of unfeasibility? No matter how hard we try to arrive at our destination, experiences of impossibility undermine the conviction to keep going forward. Eventually we give up. It hurts too much to believe that it’s actually possible to fulfill our yearnings. Life seems to be nothing more than one big obstacle course ending in futility. So we curb the imagination — squelching passions and visions — to resignedly settle into a small "attainable" scope of experience.

But the vast wilderness of possibility that lies beyond self-imposed limitations remains uncharted because we don’t believe the path will take us there — that a way could possibly be provided. Logic admonishes us to confine endeavors to what can be "reasonably" manifested. Sadly we forsake the miracles just waiting right around the bend. Rather than go the distance into total fulfillment, we stop short. After all, if we can’t see the way through then it probably doesn’t exist. We’re blind to the opening provided — usually right in front of us.

Metaphysical law mandates that a way be automatically provided for the fulfillment of all longings that are in alignment with the soul’s evolutionary trajectory. These avenues are already established on the etheric plane ready for recognition. There are no dead ends when we’re on the path that truly represents the soul. Therefore, all roadblocks pose the riddle: Are we moving in a direction counter to the soul’s needs and therefore unsupported by the Universe, or are limiting beliefs unconsciously convincing us that all obstacles/challenges are definitive points of unobtainability?

How would life change if we expected — and trusted — that the Universe would provide the Way to fulfill our deepest longings? Fear-based constricted perception would fall away. We’d joyfully drive the soul into form on an open and cleared course.

The ego pushes — struggling to conjure up a way through — all in vain. It can’t possibly open the Way because the soul’s journey has its own agenda within a larger domain far beyond the ego’s influence. Frustrated with its ineffectuality on the soul plane, the ego falls into the illusion of impossibility and persuades us to stop short of going the full distance. The ego isn’t programmed to perceive the Greater Way that whooshes the soul along on its transformational arc. So it attempts to discern all possibilities with analysis based on self’s past or other people’s experiences. To depend only on the ego’s limited resources to open the pathway shrinks our lives as we yearn for opportunities that never come. We’re using the wrong perceptual muscle for advancement. We must shift to the soul perspective to augment the sense of possibility and trust needed to access the Way that conveys us into total liberation.

Past life stoppage points may convince us that we’ve reached the end of the line — achieved our potential. In addition collective illusions insist that we can only go so far with our lives because the human condition is restricted and/or the Universe, not wanting us to go further, won’t help. How tragic to live a life that stops short of our karmic contract. To hit the wall that holds all the "good" reasons not to progress further floods us with a frustrating sense of failure and grief.

Faith in the expectation that somehow we’re supported in fulfilling our dreams fuels the imagination to picture the full distance of our journey — how much further we’re capable of progressing when the Universe parts the seas. The Way provided is Source’s Love in action. In retrospect we notice that many dreams actually have manifested. Others may still be cooking on the back burner of the soul waiting for the right moment to uncurtain. All forsaken dreams don’t manifest because they disintegrate into the illusion of impossibility.

Fear of unrealizable soul objectives halts our pursuit of fruition. Expecting only dead ends, we become easily discouraged, hopeless, defeated, resigned and depressed. When difficulties arise we believe the Universe is blocking and taunting us with a potential that can never be fulfilled — like stallions geared to full throttle that are only walked in a small pen with never an opportunity to unleash.

Why believe the Universe is that cruel? Maybe its a projection of our resistance to and fear of trusting the green lights inherent on our path. We must collectively release the pessimism that stems the quest and blocks the good fortune that makes our destiny possible.

The expectation that a Way will be provided feeds the willingness to adventure into unimaginable territory. We stay optimistic, creative, persistent, patient and open to guidance, solutions, opportunities. The Way awaits us for eternity — until we wake up and dare to believe the vast opportunities built into our journey. The Universe wants us to succeed because it serves the Divine Plan.

Whenever I believe in the verity of impossibility, everything feels stuck. This reinforces false beliefs about unworthiness, abandonment and failure. As I clear these illusions I’m learning to trust that sometimes long periods of delay are the price of admission to the Way.

A determined, excited place deep within KNOWS that a Way is provided for the fulfillment of all desires that authentically represent my soul. Life is not meant to be a dead end. Nature exhibits the consummation of its growth. Source’s Love is opportunity.

To dare to believe in the Way ignites its emergence. I’ve indulged in impossible dreams that are too far-fetched for any sane person! Yet it’s uncanny how a Way has ALWAYS been provided when the odds seemed insurmountable. When fully committed to the path, I can surrender to times of obstacles/doubt while simultaneously holding the certainty that a Way will be shown out of dark into light, out of unconsciousness into awareness, out of limitation into boundlessness, out of suffering into joy. It’s the natural order of things and cannot be altered.

This wisdom helps me to listen attentively when the soul presses to go forward into uncharted arenas as the detective within searches for the clues that reveal portals to opportunity. Life is a scavenger hunt. All promptings bring us entry into arteries of advancement. Like children we can excitedly count on the game being fair. No one is given Divine Dispatches that curb the journey into a hollow of futility. Let’s gleefully follow the inklings of the soul knowing that the rest is taken care of — destination insured.

With a twinkle in his eyes the Tibetan clears the Heavenly Highway. He teaches:

"A Way is being provided for the new consciousness. Students bound to logic cannot imagine how the emerging paradigm can possibly unfold given the current state of the planet. Thankfully humankind doesn’t have to conjure up this transformation for themselves. Their challenge is to shift expectations from a life void from under extension to one bursting with optimacy. All will pass through the gateway. The Way is provided.

"Humankind cannot afford to stop short of its potential at this historic juncture. It must reach for the impossible. This requirement provides an exercise in strength of conviction, imagination and the willingness to stretch into the vast expanse beyond the ego/lower mind.

"When humankind succumbs to the illusion that the Universe is stingy with its support, then veils obscure all available 'highways.' False beliefs based on past life decisions to stop short of one’s destination when overwhelmed by difficulties justify the illusion that humankind is a victim of the Universe's cruel curse of impossibility. Lifetimes of stoppage points are stored in the soul body. They interrupt the circuitry of the Universal Flow and jam the cascade of opportunities that pave the Way for the soul to accomplish its assignments.

"When encountering these stoppage points self must persist more than ever to fully go the distance this time around. Perseverance is sustained by a magnetic faith that triggers the Universe’s response to open the Way when least expected. If self stops short then there’s not enough juice to electrically fire the Cosmic Opening.

"The Way is provided whether self believes it or not. However, like swimming upstream, to be caught in the snare of impossibility embogs the path, induces suffering and increases the work of the Masters and Angelic Realm. Then repeated incarnations with the same assignments are necessary to fulfill the learning contract.

"Finally there’s full comprehension that the Universe lubricates entry to the Cosmic Avenue that propels the soul into a sphere of wonderment. Self is amazed at the ease of life’s flow. Then everyone will behold the Great Way currently provided for all to go the full distance into their awakening.

"Even the most preposterous dreams are magnetic. Logic cannot sustain the process that links the dream to earthly reality. When backed into a corner by 'dead ends' self can only surrender the ego’s control. Then magically a Way is ALWAYS provided beyond all reason.

"To trust the Universal generosity that paves the Boulevard of Opportunity changes one’s entire earthly existence leading to greater commitment and consciousness. Increased options appear to direct the soul’s energy where it best serves the Divine Plan. Self develops a deep awareness of the Divine Guardianship that opens the Way for all souls to happily go the distance — insuring triumph for all."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines her tools of soul-based astrology and depth dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s metaphysical perspective on karmic belief systems to her penetrating multidimensional approach to healing and transformation. Specializing in phone sessions for individuals & couples, she offers group intensives nationwide & is author of Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-625-6754, Shelburne Falls, MA. moriahm@ comcast.net. www.transfor mationaltimes .com.

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