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Astrological Forecast for February 2008

by Mark Dodich

Get ready for a busy month. The action is going to vary widely from person to person. Normally, planetary shifts catalyze the collective consciousness on a similar core level. But not this month - planetary energies are running all over the board.

Mercury turned retrograde in wild-card Aquarius on January 28th and continues through February 18th. Do backup your computer and upgrade your web site and/or software. Prepare for a spring project or adventure by networking with new and old friends. A little erratic energy is just what you need to shake you free of limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Add Pluto’s January 25th entrance into restructuring Capricorn to the mix. Your approach to the world is being transformed. On a national level, primary elections will have twists and turns to them before it all settles down. Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, and Massachusetts are Aquarius states, so they are the bellwether states to watch now. (For a complete state zodiac sign listing, download the state & city pdf at www.astromark.us)

On the personal level, February is the first month where Pluto motivates you to manifest your personal power in the mundane world. Pluto in Capricorn says talk is cheap. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and walk your talk in your daily life.

Early February is characterized by a solar eclipse on Wednesday the 6th. A solar eclipse drives you to the depths of your being to bring forth your soul’s primary mission. This eclipse is tied to the fixed star Sualocin in the constellation of the dolphin. The ancients believed that this star brings out your natural mastery.

For example, therapist Carl Jung has Sualocin strongly placed in his natal chart. His unique talents did not rise to the surface until he broke away from Freud. What safety net is it time for you to release to open to the fullest expression of your natural talents?

Make room for personal sacred time in the days just after this eclipse. The Moon is in prophetic Pisces on the 8/9th, making the weekend perfect for working on higher vision and service. It is also a good weekend for romantic getaways before Valentine’s Day.

The tone changes on Sunday the 10th when the Moon moves into athletic Aries. Get some exercise or assert yourself in new groups.

Valentine’s Day is highly talkative and multi-tasking busy. Quiet romance was last weekend. Strong Gemini and Aquarius planetary placements are in continual movement. Confirm any reservations as communications-breakdown Mercury retrograde continues until the 18th.

Share your ideals with your partner. Romantic Venus is in down-to-earth Capricorn, so gifts need to have a lasting quality to them. Single people seeking relationship can get out into group environments this Valentine’s Day to take advantage of highly social energies.

The weekend of the 16th is begging for a potluck. Saturday is oriented more towards family and the 17th is focused towards social groups.

Remember that the days between the solar eclipse on the 6th and the lunar eclipse on the 20th tend to bring emotions to the surface. Just ride with the tide. Honor your emotions, but don’t let them yank you between extremes.

Eclipses run in cycles of approximately 1.5 years. The lunar eclipse on the 20th represents a completion of the Virgo-Pisces polarity that has been purifying your life. This final (coming again in 2015) Virgo Moon energy urges you to simplify your life. Cleanse your body with a healthy fast or a sweat lodge ceremony.

Saturday the 23rd is social and supports luxury and romance. Keep an eye on expenditures. Sunday is more serious and work-service oriented.

The final week is gentle compared to early February. Make an extra effort to communicate in all types of relationships on the 26th. Just remember that people are sharing their highest ideals now. It is ok if there is a separation between their aspirations and the manifestation of those ideals. Like purchasing clothing, you need to try on higher ideals before owning them.

Finally, the Moon is in Sagittarius for Leap Day, February 29th. A tradition going back to 5th century Ireland and St. Patrick suggested that women may propose marriage only during a leap year. Of course, Greeks believed that it was bad luck for couples to get married in a Leap Year. At the risk of being politically incorrect, it is best for you to draw your own conclusions on how these myths may or may not fit together! Astrologically speaking, a Sagittarius Moon is a party day.

March brings a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. Check back for details.




Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He is a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) with an international practice based in the Pacific NW. He specializes in Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Soul Purpose Astrology. Download a free .pdf Prosperity Enhancement Guide at www.astromark.us. Or call for his free ASTROMARK newsletter at 503-252-1558.

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