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Stargazing: Your Weekly Horoscope by Element

For the week of February 17, 2008

by Elizabeth Joyce


Be careful, watch your health and get the facts now that Mercury has gone direct.. If you feel tired over the course of this week it could be due to the Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday. You may want to reduce your schedule and not push yourself quite so hard. The Eclipse may cause a lot of emotions to be flying around, but don't overreact or make snap decisions. It is better to wait until the dust has settled, and then, as March opens, you can see exactly what needs to be done. Wait until the following week to take any kind of action, as any sense of frustration you experience during the Eclipse will to continue for a few days. This Eclipse is encouraging you to let go of old issues and past hurt so that you can move on with a clean slate. Mercury turns direct in your sign on Monday, and this is going to help you make better progress. Plans that have been on the back burner can now be embraced. It is time to share your ideas and get down to the planning stage. In terms of your love life, it looks as though you hold the aces, especially if you are strengthening old ties or looking for a new companion.


An unexplainable surprise is on its way to you. Mercury turns direct on Monday, Fire Signs. If you have had any problems with your car or computer, you should soon see a miraculous improvement. Venus may be encouraging you to reach out and make new friends - go for it. The Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, which brings you a greater awareness. You become more conscious of issues, needs, and desires that had lain just below the surface on previous occasions. The Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday occurs in your career zone and may mean that some part of your career path reaches a peak. Luck is with you, for sure! Perhaps you will be eclipsed as someone may take your place in a position of authority. Always be assured that when one door closes, another opens. During the weeks ahead, you will be able to make changes that will propel you even further along; changes that reflect your inner calling. A Lunar Eclipse is like a turbo-charged Full Moon, and because of this, it brings up a lot of emotion. Don't make any new decisions just yet. Wait until you can see the whole picture and have a much clearer idea of the best direction. Things begin moving along for you as March opens.


As they say, “the Truth always comes out,” and now is the time! This promises be quite a challenging week for you Water signs, as far as your relationships are concerned. There is a Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, and this could bring up a lot of emotion or expose areas of close relationships that you may have wanted to ignore. Eclipses tend to bring on events and encourage change at a number of levels. You may have to do some in-depth talking to sort out matters that concern you both. But if you truly love each other, nothing will stop you. If you happen to be falling out of love and see no hope, this kind of astrological event could cause you to put an end it all. But the cracks have to be in place and the relationship off course otherwise, a breakup is unlikely to happen. Mercury turns direct on Monday, connecting you more deeply to your inner self. It is time to use the power of your imagination to visualize how you want your relationships to be and to make it happen. If you are not happy, make changes on the inside first of all, and then they will materialize on the outside. Remember, the inside is where the real work is done.


Time to find and rely upon your Inner Strength. You may shift upon your own axis, under the influence of the Lunar Eclipse, which occurs in Virgo on Wednesday. Thankfully, Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct on Monday, which will help you to resolve problematic issues without too many misunderstandings. This Lunar Eclipse is going to bring up a lot of feelings. It is rather like a turbo-charged Full Moon and means that certain relationships, activities, or areas of interest are about to move out of your life, leaving plenty of room for all the new things. Still, there is usually some emotional pain associated with letting go. It is never easy! If you can, don't begin any new projects for ten days before and about three days after the Eclipse. The aspects are powerful for you Earth signs, making this a time to strip back the nonessentials. You may feel frustrated by the turn of events from Wednesday on, but after Saturday the 23rd, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. If in doubt, use your creativity to help you find the answers you need. The Eclipse may also bring relationship problems to the surface. Don't react on the spur of the moment. Take your time, and wait until you have a clear idea of the best course of action. Things become clear for you in early March.


Psychically gifted since birth, Elizabeth is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient who interprets dreams and utilizes the Tarot in readings Named one of the World's Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s first book Are You A Victim? What To Do When You Are Under Psychic Attack was released in October 2007, IUniverse Press. Her website — www.new-visions.com is one of the top-rated in her field. She is located in Doylestown, PA.

Elizabeth Joyce

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