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Man is a Threefold Being with Seven States of Being

by Marguerite dar Boggia

The best way to understand why a human being and/or all lives are threefold and have seven states of being is through the analogy of a sunbeam. The sunbeam is a ray of Light from our sun. The sun is part of our solar system. The sunbeam has three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Every religion posits that Deity, while it is One, is a trinity i.e, Father, Son Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. The one sunbeam manifests through the seven colors of the rainbow. The first differentiation of the divine triplicity of the three aspects of Deity, is called the seven RAYS. These seven lesser Gods provide the entire field of expression for the manifested Deity. This is why we have seven days in a week and not nine or ten. We are told in the scriptures of the world that the interplay, or the relation between Father-Spirit and Mother--Matter produces eventually a third, which is the Son, or the consciousness aspect. That Son, the product of the two, is esoterically defined as "the One Who was third but is the second." The reason for this wording is that there first existed the two divine aspects, Spirit-Matter, or matter impregnated with life, and it was only when these two realized their mutual unity that the Son emerged. The esotericist, however, regards Spirit-Matter as the first unity, and the Son therefore is the second factor. This Son, Who is divine Life incarnate in matter, and consequently the producer of the diversity and immensity of forms, is the embodiment of divine quality.

In the esoteric studies as known by Pythagoras, the three divine aspects of Deity are referred to as: Life, Consciousness and Form or Spirit, Soul and Body or Life, Quality, and Appearance. The word Life is used when referring to Spirit, to energy, to the Father, to the first aspect of Divinity, and to that essential dynamic electric Fire which produces all that is, and is the sustaining, originating Cause and Source of all manifestation. The word Appearance is used to express that which we call matter, or form, or objective expression or body. It is that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life. This is the third aspect, the Mother, overshadowed and fertilized by the Holy Ghost, or Life, united with intelligent substance. This is the fire by friction--a friction brought about by life and matter and their interplay, producing change and constant mutation. The word Quality, is used as expressive of the second aspect, the Son of God, the cosmic Christ incarnate in form--a form brought into being by the relation of spirit and matter. This interplay produces that psychological Entity which we call the Christ. This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us His perfection, as far as the human family is concerned, through the medium of the historical Christ. This psychological Entity can bring into functioning activity a quality within all human forms which esoterically can "obliterate the forms" and so engross the attention as to be regarded eventually as the main factor and constituting all that is.

The seven rays are therefore embodiments of seven types of force which demonstrate to us the seven qualities of Deity. These seven qualities have consequently a sevenfold effect upon the matter and forms to be found in all parts of the universe, and have also a sevenfold interrelation between themselves.

Life-quality-appearance are brought together into a synthesis in the manifested universe and in man incarnate, and the result of this synthesis is sevenfold, producing seven types of qualified forms which emerge on all planes or worlds and in all kingdoms.

These seven rays or Gods are seven streams of force issuing from a central energy after (in point of time) that VORTEX energy had been set up. Spirit and matter became mutually interactive and the form or appearance of the solar system began its process of becoming--a process leading to an eventual Being. These great LIVES, functioning within the boundaries of the solar system, gathered to Themselves that substance which They required for manifestation and built it into those forms and appearances through which they could best express Their innate Qualities. Within the radius of their influence, They gathered all that now appears. This aggregated, qualified material constitutes Their body of manifestation, just as the solar system is the body of manifestation of the Trinity of aspects.

This idea can best be apprehended if one remembers that every human being is, in his turn, an aggregate of atoms and cells built into form and having scattered throughout that form, organs and centers of differentiated life which function in rhythm and relation, but which have varying influences and differing purposes. These aggregated and animated forms present an appearance of an entity or central life which is characterized by its own quality, and which functions according to the point in evolution, thus making an impress by its radiation and life upon every atom and cell and organism within the radius of immediate influence and also upon every other human being contacted. Man is a psychic entity, a divine Life Who, through radiatory influence, has built a form, colored it with His own psychic quality and thus presented an appearance to the environing world which will persist for as long a time as He lives in form.

This statement covers also the life story and the qualified appearance of any one of the seven rays. God, Ray, Life, and Man are all psychological entities and builders of forms. Therefore a great psychological Life is appearing through the medium of a solar system. Seven psychological lives, qualified by seven types of force, are appearing through the medium of the seven planets. Each planetary life repeats the same technique of manifestation--life-quality-appearance--and in its second aspect of quality demonstrates as a psychological entity. Every human being is a miniature replica of the entire plan. He is also spirit-soul-body, life-quality-appearance. He colors his appearance with his quality and animates it with his life. Because all appearances are expressions of quality and the lesser is included in the greater, every form in nature and every human being is found upon one or other of the seven qualifying rays and his appearance in a phenomenal form is colored by the quality of his basic ray. It is qualified predominantly by the ray of the particular life upon whose emanation he issued forth, but it will include also in a secondary measure the six other ray types.

The seven rays are the SUM TOTAL of the divine Consciousness of the Universal Mind. They might be regarded as seven intelligent Entities through Whom the plan is working out. They embody divine purpose, express the qualities required for the materializing of that purpose, and They create the forms and are the forms through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion. Symbolically, They may be regarded as constituting the brain of the divine Heavenly Man. They correspond to the ventricles of the brain, to the seven centers within the brain, to the seven centers of force, and to the seven major glands which determine the quality of the physical body. They are the conscious executors of divine purpose. They are the seven Breaths, animating all forms which have been created by Them to carry out the plan.

Man, himself, being made in the image of God, is a seven-fold being, capable of seven states of consciousness, expressive of the seven principles or basic qualities which enable him to be aware of the seven planes upon which he is, consciously or unconsciously, functioning. He is a septenate at all times, but his objective is to be CONSCIOUSLY aware of all the states of being, to express consciously all the qualities, and to function freely on all the seven planes. Science refers to these seven invisible, ethereal planes or worlds as 'intricate dimensions".

These seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task of wrestling with matter in order to subjugate it to divine purpose, and the goal--as far as one can sense it--is to subject the material forms to the play of the life aspect, thus producing those qualities which will carry the will of God to completion. They are therefore the sum total of all the souls within the solar system, and Their activity produces all forms. According to the nature of the form, so will be the grade of consciousness. Through the seven rays, the life or spirit aspect flows, cycling through every kingdom in nature and producing thus all states of consciousness in all fields of awareness.

Every human being is swept into manifestation on the impulse of some ray, and is colored by that particular ray quality, which determines the form (or body) aspect, indicates the way he should go, and enables him (by the time the third major initiation is reached) to have sensed and then to have cooperated with his ray purpose.

The universe is a LIVING ORGANIZM. Every life, whether of an atom, a human being or a god has a rate of vibration, a special quality, a color, a direction or goal and a sound or a keynote that blends into the greater symphonic chord of the Lord of our solar system and into the one living universe of which it is a part. Every cell, force center or galaxy is part of a greater Life, as a cell in the human body is part of an organ.

In the esoteric studies as was known by Pythagoas,which I send out free of charge, to all interested in expanding their consciousness, we learn the qualities of the rays and how they manifest through individuals, and countries. For more detailed information on the rays see "The Seven Rays", under Articles in my website: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com/

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research). She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal and as Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC (the United Astrology Congress). She was a co-founder of UAC. Her articles are published in the ISAR Journal and also in other publications. They are on her website, which she created at the age of 90: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com At this time she offers three FREE pages weekly online of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. Anyone interested in expanding his consciousness, can contact her through her website.

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