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Your Angel Message for October 2008

by Nancy Johansen

Dear Angeltouche Friends,

The overall feeling that I am getting from our Angels for the month of October is that it is time to focus on the heart and on slowing down for a bit of rest and relaxation. This is what I am hearing ~

HEART OF COMPASSION ~ Our angels are telling us to practice the fine art of compassion, and of course we should be starting with ourselves. Look at all the people and situations in your own life that you find difficult or hurtful. Are you ready to allow yourself to see with the eyes of compassion and to forgive, understand, and accept what appear to be mistakes and errors in others and in yourself? We cannot judge and be angry or unforgiving with others without being harsh and angry with ourselves. In reality we are all connected. What is hurtful for one is hurtful for all. Compassion is a profound emotion, even stronger than empathy and is initiated by pain. Compassion actively desires to alleviate pain. Our angels ask us to heal ourselves first and then others with a true heart of compassion.

Remember what we do for ourselves, we will do for another. You have the power to be the heart of compassion, now.

REST & RELAXATION ~ Our angels say that we have all been rushing and stressing over unimportant matters. It is time now to relax, kick back and rest your body, your mind and your spirit. Take out your calendar and schedule an appointment to do absolutely nothing. Use that time to put your feet up, daydream, and breathe in slow, deep and healing breaths. Feel the power of leisure time. Drift away in musical relaxation or utter quiet and stillness. The goal of your time is to create space for recreation and idling to release stress and tension. Make this a new habit for restoring and balancing your energy. Your angels say that this is critical for your health and well-being.

SLEEP & DREAMS ~ In addition to rest and relaxation, our angels are telling us that we are not getting enough sleep and dream time! Our angels say that lack of sleep is the leading cause of depression and anxiety. We also receive messages from our angels, guides and deceased loved ones in our dreams. We need to be sleeping for that to happen! Regular sleep is essential for survival. Be aware that chemicals such as sleeping aids and alcohol can result in a loss of consciousness that does not have the healing properties of natural sleep. Allow yourself the necessity, not the luxury, of 7-8 hours of healthy sleep and see how wonderfully refreshed and clear you feel. Our angels want us to be well rested and restored.

THINK ABOUT LOVE ~ Last but certainly not least, our angels ask us to really stop and think about love. Take to appreciate the love in your life now. Where is love lacking in your life? Are you taking time to see the love in everyday situations? Who are you taking for granted right now? Do the people in your life know how much you love them? Let yourself really see and feel how much others love and appreciate you. When we open our hearts to loving, we are as close as we can be to the divine creator. Even the act of watching the loving actions of another reduces blood pressure, boosts the immune system and floods the brain with mood elevating, pain relieving endorphins. Our angels are asking us to love and appreciate ourselves and then to do the same for others. For every act of love and kindness, the angels smile, and so will you.

That’s what I’m hearing for October. Remember, every day is a gift!

Angel Blessings, Nancy

Nancy Johansen is a psychic intuitive, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® & medium, having studied under Doreen Virtue and James VanPraagh. As a Usui Reiki Master, Shamballa Master and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, in addition to her own business, Angeltouche, Nancy currently works as a registered nurse in a busy Massachusetts emergency room. Spiritual teaching and healing are a major part of Nancy's life's mission. Nancy is available for private readings by appointment. www.Angeltouche.com ~ 508-577-4552 ~ Nancy@Angeltouche.com

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