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A New Beginning for Mankind

by David Weisner

We live in times that are changing at breathtaking speed. New technologies and advancements in computers, medicine, science, and engineering are appearing everyday and have come to be expected by the modern world. The last one hundred years have been a whirlwind of material progress and advancement. Just a short time ago the world was a very different place and if you go back a hundred years our ancestors lived a completely different lifestyle. Before that progress was very slow and things did not look that dramatically different for millennia.

What has been an unintended result of all this advancement in the material world is the amazing opportunities it has given us for spiritual information to spread all over the globe. No longer can we be wallowed in the quagmire of religious oppression as new ideas are virtually unstoppable. For centuries people living in specific areas had little or no exposure to any other idea but what their local religious order had to say to them. If you are only exposed to one idea or belief system the opportunities for expanding the mind are very narrow. We have seen the oppression of religious hierarchies throughout the centuries. To think differently than your neighbors was not only thought of as a sin but could cost you your freedom or life. Now, thanks to the information age we are becoming more open and tolerant of different ideas then in the past.

This leads us to the increasing multi-culturalism of our times. People are not so fearful of people different then themselves anymore. Things are certainly changing for the better in the United States. Just a short time ago African Americans had little or no rights as citizens and now we have an African American presidential candidate. This would have been unthinkable just a few years back.

While technologies have given us many ills such as global warming and nightmare weapons, it is the ability we now have to spread ideas at the speed of light all over the earth that can mean a new beginning for mankind. Religious fundamentalism still exists but the ideas of tolerance and love will make its way to every corner of the globe eventually.

We are living in a very extreme time where the old ways of doing things are trying to hang on doggedly. Oppression and anger exist side by side with love and enlightenment. There are more people on the Earth now than ever before who recognize the darkness and want to do something about it. Because of mass communication we have the tools.

Spirituality is something that needs no technology and only the ability to love and look inward to find God. What technology can do is bring us the garnered wisdom of the ages. Things are changing on the Earth where people are starting to look outside the established religions for God and spirituality. The end of the stranglehold on spirituality by organized religions is something that will only help us grow together as a people and planet. We need to realize that we are truly one race of souls, all from the same spirit and all part of God. The differences that have been focused on for generations are illusions and part of the old ways of thinking. Earthly things like race, gender, religion, and nationality are phantoms that can no longer have meaning to the enlightened person. You are simply a soul, a part of Spirit. The oppression that has marked this earth for millennia is based on the misguided principle of the clan mentality. There is only one nation and all souls on Earth belong to it. Every person on this planet is the same in spirit so to focus on illusions is the height of ignorance.

Children around the world are being exposed to the faces and ideas of people from all over. There have been great spiritual teachers on this earth and there still continues to be. Through technologies these enlightened teachers can disseminate the message of love and brotherhood to all corners of the Earth. Just think of the power the messages of Jesus or Buddha would have if they were alive today. They could speak to billions of people instead of a few hundred. And their messages like so many other great teachers would not so easily be changed or misconstrued as it was through the centuries. Christ was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist. Now with the technologies we have at our disposal the message of love can be spread to all of the Earth almost instantaneously. Great teachers and holy men still exist today and it is up to us to listen to the message from within as well. It is truly a new beginning for the Earth.

David Weisner is a poet, writer and musician who lives in Staten Island, NY. David has written a book about spirituality and is working on a book of poetry and a memoir. He teaches guitar and piano privately in Staten Island. To reach David please write to David@dweisner.com or visit his website www.dweisner.com


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