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Ask Taeboo - A Spiritual Guide

by Taeboo

My question is "Should I remain in my current relationship?" The reason I ask this question is because I sense that my girlfriend is hiding some very disturbing things from me. I also feel that she has been dishonest with me on numerous occasions and may even have been unfaithful to me. She doesn't want to have sex with me, she has become less affectionate with me, and has even deleted everything about me on her internet profile. I have found text messages and pictures on her phone that lead me to believe that she doesn't love and is only using me. She lied to me about taking a pregnancy test and has yet to have her menstrual cycle. I think she might be pregnant and keeping that from me too. I don't know what to do anymore and just want find an answer
or solution.

Taeboo will help you, but know that Taeboo is not what you call a "fortune teller". Taeboo is many things though, and here is what he

Taeboo says you rightly feel that dishonesty is around your girlfriend. Taeboo is wondering why you have not believed your own inner knowingness? Listen, listen, listen to your own knowingness, that is always where you will find your truth.

You may choose to give away your control of your own Love, your own Happiness to another, if you choose too. Real love lives within you. No girl can not under any circumstance withhold Love from you in any way, at any time - except and unless you freely make that choice. Taeboo wants you to understand that Love belongs to you. If you ever think you can not feel Love while alone, then my son, you have indeed
fooled yourself.

Your friend may send Love in your direction at times, and other times she may not. Other times your friend may throw feces on you as the Monkeys do in the Zoo's. Taeboo knows who you are. Taeboo wants you to understand that you need to remember Love, you need to remember yourself. Above all things take ownership of your own Love and do not place that on others. When you have successfully done this, you will know what Taeboo knows. Then your question will not be "should I remain in my current relationship", because you will just know.

My son, when you have practiced finding, and feeling your own Love for self, and all others then you will know which friends Love you and which do not. And the best thing is, you wont really care! Because you will already be full of that which you seek.

Do not seek Love from others, seek Love from self. When you have accomplished this task, more Love will come to you in more ways than you ever imagined.

When you first met your girlfriend, and your heart raced, and your mind ran wild, you allowed yourself to see in her that which lives in you. Let your heart race wild when you think only of you. Then all others you want, will come swiftly to you and race your Heart as well!

Taeboo makes this promise to you!

Do not look for other negative things to believe in. Do you know thats called worry? -To look on purpose for something negative to believe in. Why dont you put your hand on the hot stove?

Look for that Love, that comes not from her, but from you! Then, you will be inspired on the right actions to take. When you have filled yourself up with that feeling of Love for self and in things you see, you will shine brightly and you will truly know what to do.

Blessings, Taeboo

I just want to know. What happens after we die?

Taeboo enjoys telling you these things. When you die, you drop off your human body as if to set down heavy luggage, which you immediately feel the freedom of spirit and energy. All pains, aches, harsh feelings, fear are all removed in an instant. For the most part you are swept up into your true self, the higher self which looks way beyond the human perspective you had while in the physical body. All issues of the earth experience are seen from the eyes of love and acceptance.

You may indeed look back on your life and in some cases feel rather silly for having had taken physical life so seriously and having exercised judgment of others. At the same time you will feel proud of yourself for having completed your intended mission, and will be overjoyed at returning home to spirit where you will reunite with loved ones, and you will also reunite with love ones whom you had no memory of in the physical life. Loved ones whom you have known in the past in previous physical incarnations, who you will immediacy remember once crossing over.

You will be able to watch over and to some extent assist your loved ones who are still on the earth plane. You will be able to explore all other dimensions. There is a landscape in the world of spirit where it will seem very familiar to you, and some prefer to live in outdoor type of settings while others actually prefer city types of landscapes.

There are schools of any subject that has ever been thought of; there are multitudes of services that you can become involved with in assisting other spirits in all sorts of capacities.

You will spend much time once again in the world of spirit. Eventually you will want more, more experience and more physical interaction. From the world of spirit, the physical world is so very exciting and this is the reason that you will eventually come back. The physical world is in fact the leading edge of creation, the point from which the entire universe both physical and spiritual expand.

Enjoy your time while you are here, because you wanted to be here more than you can even imagine.

Blessings, Taeboo


Bio; "Ask Taeboo" is a column written by Tony Hanes, who is an Author, Inventor; Both Student and Teacher of Life's mysteries. Author "Baboo Says", a Children’s Book that empowers and teaches Kids how to think to create.

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