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Spiritual Values: The Source of Manifestation

by Moriah Marston & The Tibetan

Values serve as magnets for energy. In order to manifest heaven on earth we must shift to spiritual values. Powerful Cosmic Forces are gathering momentum to usher in the soul-based human being. Because the soul is the ambassador of the higher realms, it’s time to learn how to represent Universal principles/qualities appreciated by people of all walks of life.

Our usual value system, based on the ego’s judgment of what’s necessary for a fulfilling life, needs to be released. In spite of the ego’s resistance, obsolete areas of significance must be shed to clearly perceive our emerging destiny. To break attachment to assumed requirements for personal happiness allows us to realign our values with the Divine Plan which reveals the true prerequisites for humanity’s evolution.

Typical values represent our narrow outlook on the bigger picture. They usually generate misery, scarcity, fear and emptiness. We greedily grab onto whatever we can get — making sure to claim our piece of the pie before it’s taken by others. These values reflect a society terrified of its extinction due to lack... of security, safety, love. It’s agreed that whatever we deem important must be quantified, measured in enoughness, in order to stave off an insatiable hunger because false beliefs insist that our lives will be tragically unfulfilled. It takes courage to leave this imprisoning perspective.

To plead with the Universe for our ego’s wants draws us into the fear-based world of enough vs. not enough. The ego’s values usually constellate around more money, belongings, relationships, free time, recognition, success and/or a better job, body, home. The hunger for more in these values reflects the ego’s circumscribed realm of time and space which can only produce limited results. To serve the Divine Plan we must forgo the usual ego demands and elevate values to support the soul’s essential nutrients.

The question is: "How does what we want enhance our spiritual connection?" This doesn’t involve making judgments about what is or isn’t spiritual. Spiritual values reflect the soul’s needs which can only be assessed by the heart. Our souls, free from the confines of duality, experience their needs being met from a higher plane.

When able to recognize the subtle, but powerful, energies of the greater dimensions, we can align ourselves with their vast resources. Then, secure in our birthright of abundance/fulfillment, we’re inclined to give others what we want for ourselves. This allows us to bypass the lower mind’s competitive orientation and go right to the heart’s wisdom, generosity and connection to the higher mind. The higher mind operates in transcendent archetypes that spring from Universal values that stimulate the heart to experience Love in action. The heart channels Cosmic Love to support the soul’s earthly sojourn and insure the fulfillment of its purpose.

Often we unintentionally manifest through our wounds’ filter. When in pain, we hold the intention that the Universe stop our torment by providing the opposite of what is causing the discomfort. The Laws of Attraction do manifest the opposite of our pain, but only in a limited version based on the call from the ego to be relieved of the burden of unhealed hurts.

The greatest voltage for manifestation flows through the higher values inherent in the Divine Plan. We’re most empowered to fulfill our needs when holding the intention to manifest spiritual qualities. The dynamism of the higher planes has the potency of a tsunami wave compared to the paltry fruitlessness of the lower mind’s projected cravings. As spiritual giants let’s align with Cosmic Values that reflect our magnitude, not the ego’s stinginess of spirit, and look to the core wellspring of all bestowals. We’re being called to leave the lower mind, explore what feeds our deepest passions and humbly open to the great expanse of the higher mind fueled by the heart’s recognition of what’s truly important. Love expresses the Cosmic Agenda and reveals the values that quench the soul’s hunger.

Let’s convert the ego value of more money to the abundance of all resources needed to fulfill our soul’s mission to uplift the planet. When the ego tries to get money by asking for money we end up broke. The value of embracing our spirituality evokes everything the soul needs including the money/resources to support its physical journey.

The desire for more possessions upgrades to the value that our physical well-being model the birthright of heaven on earth. The ego’s possessive need for relationship refines to a deep sense of connection to everyone. The desire for a better job uplifts to a passion to serve the Divine Plan by making use of our soul’s gifts. Hunger for more free time transforms to open to the internal sense of boundlessness that lies beyond our illusion of time/space. The value of recognition transmutes to recognize the accomplishments of others and feel the joy of sharing of our soul with the world. Finally we’d measure success by holding a steady commitment to go the distance with our soul’s mission to transform the planet.

Although these abstract values may not satisfy the ego’s need to quantify its wants, they are the source of happiness. If uncertain about the spiritual level of the ego’s desires, we can reference the heart wave that brings the greatest joy and lifts us above all worries into the Realm of Knowing that our soul needs are always fulfilled.... all is well. The heart’s approach to a new value system grants access to the bigger picture that shows us how to decide what’s really important. The heart synthesizes all needs to clarify our unique place in this Universe and how to best serve/embody its richness. Fears of scarcity and impotence are washed away by the cosmic waterfall of Universal Love...our only real source of manifestation.

There’s no time to be concerned about fulfilling the ego’s values. Evolutionary pressure is mandating that we frame, hold and feel our desires in alignment with the highest level of service to spiritual principles. When aligned with the Universal virtues that relieve all suffering, we’re immediately healed... uplifted beyond personal fears of limitation and expanded into the sublime. We bask in the inherent bounty emanating from the spiritual values of bringing others support, nourishment, joy/insight, love; full dedication to everyone’s enlightenment; gratitude for the Universe’s full support of the physical temple-body that sustains the soul. Free from the ego’s desires, we can envision spreading joy through the manifestation of spiritual values which ultimately enhance our individual sense of value a million-fold.

The Tibetan, rejoicing in this breakthrough to higher virtues, teaches:

"Many now understand how to manifest their desires through the Laws of Attraction as taught through the film, The Secret. Yet numerous students are experiencing aggravated financial struggles. Increasing awareness and invocation of the Law of Attraction has catalyzed a clearing of the polarities underlying typical manifestation. Instead of open-ended abundance, students are experiencing the opposite in full measure. Imprisoned by impossibility, even their slightest wishes can’t come true. The Law of Attraction magnetizes the entire duality inherent in one’s desire so that the aspiration for more carries the fear of less. Ironically, the wish to be rid of scarcity begets more scarcity.

"The Forces of Manifestation are neutral and mirror unconscious programming. Until entirely discharged from the unconscious, all lingering subliminal fears will surface in form when self employs intentions of manifestation. The collective unconscious is being purified of its entrenchment in duality in order for humankind to truly claim its heritage as magicians...those who apply metaphysical law to manifest Source’s great Hologram of Light.

"How many students are ready to unconditionally receive the full extent of their souls’ bounty, without the need to balance to the opposite of these gifts? The collective ego still distrusts the unconditionality of Source’s Love. Therefore its values dictate that there are dues to be paid for all bestowals. This curtails self’s manifestation ability which results in expressions of undeservedness, limitation, fear and discomfort/overwhelm with the vastness of cosmic energy. Spiritual values will prevail when self releases the agenda stemming from the lower mind’s duality of scarcity/fullness and embraces the vast terrain of the higher mind.

"Open to the Mystery that lies beyond the ego’s "knowing" of what self can expect from life. When struggling with not-enoughness, explore its inherent riddle to gain access to the spiritual value beyond the ego’s fears. If self wants more love, then ask: "What is love?" For more money, ask: "What are the resources needed for self’s mission?" For health, ask: "What is the optimum physical expression of my soul?" The lower mind’s polarity-based analysis cannot answer these riddles. Let the riddle cook in the unconscious as it works its way through old values based on preconceived notions and arrives at the Domain of Mystery that reveals the spiritual values orchestrating this incarnation.

"The accelerated energies are activating a Divine Mandate that requires everything called to manifestation to serve the soul, not the ego. The heart expands — joyfully resonating with the emerging spiritual values guiding humankind into the New World Order. Let these values draw forth complete dedication to the manifestation of humankind as one body, mind and heart. Then witness the power of spiritual values unleash themselves in glorious response to the collective heart call that knows all is provided on the high road to Love’s Fortune."

Moriah Marston, soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice since 1983, combines tools of depth astrology and dream analysis with her intuitive blend with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul’s soul perspective. She specializes in phone sessions for individuals and couples and offers group seminar intensives through The School of the Golden Discs, in Colrain, MA. She is author of Earth School and Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. 413-624-9606, moriah@trans formationaltimes.com. Visit her web site: www.transformationaltimes.com.

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