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Astrological Forecast for December 2008

by Armand Diaz

At least December begins with a nice aspect. Venus, planet of love and relationship, meets up with Uncle Jupiter, the great grower and expander. These two beneficial planets should help to create a harmonious mood on the 1st. The two are in Capricorn, not exactly the party sign of the zodiac, so the mood might be more restrained than we’d otherwise like and expect. As Hank Hill once said, "fun, within prescribed limits... this is gonna be okay."

Enjoy the harmony while it lasts, because as the month moves on, we’re going to see many more tense aspects than easy ones in the sky. Unlike November, which featured major events like two planetary stations and rare aspects between outer planets, December is all about the local planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This means that the titanic changes which we’ve been seeing around us on a collective level will be rippling down to us on a more personal level. It isn’t hard to see that the result of recent events "coming home" to us might be a little challenging.

Two truths to keep in mind in December are that change is inevitable, although sometimes uncomfortable, and that some-times changes which feel personal are really part of a much larger pattern. It shouldn’t be too hard to see, for example, that our financial system needs changing, and that our individual financial woes are part of a much larger picture. Of course, neither of these two truths will entirely take away the stress and discomfort a person will feel if they lose their job, but it can help to know that not everything is so personal.

With those truths in mind, let’s get back to December. On the day of the always-energized First Quarter Moon, the 5th, we have a tense square between Mercury and Uranus. Communication will be fast, but not necessarily clear. Brilliant insights are possible, but be careful that you don’t mistake your beliefs for facts. Both are important, but we have to know which is which. The Sun is also with warrior Mars, so temper might be hotter than usual.

The next day, the 6th, Mercury and Saturn square off, creating an atmosphere which is less than cooperative. Certainly the 5th and 6th are two days when it’s best not to ask for a raise, buy a car or electronics, and in general avoid making binding agreements (although this might not be a problem, as coming to an agreement could be a difficult task in itself).

On the 10th, 11th and 12th, the Sun, Venus and Mars take turns tussling with Uranus. These days are likely to have an edgy feel, affecting relationships and just about everything else in our lives. The basic tension involves breaking free of patterns which we feel constrain us, which is okay, as long as we are careful in deciding what really limits us. If you are about to get into it with another person, take a few seconds to consider that it might be some-thing in yourself you’re really rebelling against.

We could see the energy as internal more easily if it were not for the Full Moon on the 12th. Full Moons get us to see things, but as the sun and moon are opposite each other, we usually discover our truths through another person. The magnificent "Long Night Moon" in Gemini will be as high in the sky as it ever gets in the northern hemisphere, and if it’s clear, you can prob-ably read Wisdom outside without any artificial light.

The 12th also has two other aspects which can add to the mix, as Mercury joins Pluto in early Capricorn, making sure our words are direct and powerful, and the Sun squares Saturn, cooling our egos a bit. Some of us will take a bruising, while others will be dishing it out.

On the 15th, we might find ourselves jamming on the accelerator while the parking break is on, as Mars and Saturn are in square to each other. Tempers can be raw, although the odds are that anger will simmer a long time before erupting.

The next day, the 16th, the Sun and Venus have some friction between them, as they are about as far apart in the sky as they ever get. The solar principle is about who we are, while Venus describes how we relate to others. When the two are at their greatest distance, we can tend to see the other as opponent rather than as partner. This won’t have a major effect on strong relationships, but we might feel some tension below the surface for the week or so that the planets are at odds.

On the 21st and 22nd, the Sun and Venus take their falling out to Pluto, which may be the time when relationships (and also financial matters) come to a head, if that is going to happen. What could other-wise be seen as a minor tiff can turn into a power struggle, especially if you happen to trigger your partner’s long-buried fears.

The New Moon is traditionally a time of quiet, better given over to meditation than action. Adding to that feeling is the meeting of Venus and Neptune, creating a perfect day to lose yourself in fantasy, and maybe try to make a dream come true.

A different mood prevails on the 28th, when Mars and Pluto meet up in early Capricorn. At best, we’re looking at a controlled and directed release of passions. At worst, anger and aggression channeled all too effectively.

The last astrological of the year is a station of Saturn on the 31st, creating an unusually serious mood for the party night of the year. Jupiter and Mercury join in Saturn’s home sign, reinforcing that we just better have fun, or deal with the consequences. A somber end to 2008 might be in store for us, but part of the message of the new year is that we need to reflect on the past in order to find direction as we move towards the future.

Wishing you all peace and joy in 2009!

Armand M. Diaz, M.A., C.A., is certified as a Consulting Astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). His approach to consultations is to create a supportive context for self-exploration, to help clients make decisions which are in harmony with their greatest potential, offering a truly integral approach to astrology. Armand has practiced divination for more than twenty years, working with the I Ching and Tarot in addition to astrology. He has published in various astrological journals, including The Mountain Astrologer. He can be reached at 917-216-1541 or armand@bluemoonastrology.info, or though his website at www.bluemoonastrology.info.

Armand Diaz

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